Thursday, September 12, 2019

A tool for second-guessing their intentions (DRAFT)

This post—a draft introduces the first proven means for shielding you against ambient demonic activity. It stops night terrors completely and enables lucidity in demon-induced dreaming. It drives demons out of your head while you sleep (which is where they are at night), and keeps them out. What your mind thinks about it, what it doesn't think about, and how much or little time it does either should be up to you; but, as demons would have it, it isn't. Your life should also be torture-free; demons would not have that, either.
NOTE | Following is demonic idiom for the above paragraph (I threw it in to be interesting): "I have adamantly stated my disagreement with putting pictures in peoples' minds to think about while they sleep by developing a tool that second-guesses their intentions. Now, everyone can be over-ratingly superior in their mind's eye. Anyone want to take a guess as to what that means in normal speech?

Abductive reasoning ahead...

Demons do a lot of work on people in their so-called sleep, generally, making a fearful and cowardly person by a torture so advanced it rivals any discovery of science you could name. That's the end result of any torture; mankind knows  to have its effect, torture must be conducted while the victim is consciously aware it. What man doesn't know (but demons do know) is that the victim does not have to remember it afterwards for that end result to be the same (or, maybe they know, but they don't know how to incognate a victim afterwards). Man also knows that the torture must cross the threshold of intensity that produces the desired result, and that it must occur with a specific degree of frequency; what man can't do (but demons can do) is cause fatal injuries, repair them immediately, and then cause them again. And, again. And, again.

This tool, I promise, stops that completely and totally, regardless of the level of demonic activity at any given period, right out of the box; it also promises the possibility to create more tools to stop other problems, too, although, for now, it only stops this one. Even so, sweet dreams are made of this—believe it.

Means for data acquisition and defense are the natural "next thing" after the blog, which started eight years ago as a means to inform as many as possible, as convincingly as possible, of a big problem I heard no one else talking about; but, rather, sounding off about it instead (demonic idiom). As soon as I started it, it was clear that my blog couldn't be the same tattle-tell and complaint forum and selfish plea of "help" like others publish. It had to have a point. Apparently, my enemy agreed, giving me one by setting out to mock everything I published, essentially saying no matter how good your proof is, you better be able to beat us in a fight over it. And, by beat, they meant so that no one who wants to believe a lie could in the face of my evidence.

We agreed that being able to make a visible image of an otherwise invisible demon using any smartphone with a built-in camera as easily taking a regular photo constitutes good, and making that available to anyone who owned a smartphone constitutes a fight, and getting people to make such images constitutes beat.

This blog starts off with a story that typifies The Life of a Demoniac as a beater-in-progress in a fight started eight years ago. It's the blog's pinnacle. I took eight years of notes on a lot of things; but, no matter the topic, every post had a crappy image or video that nonetheless contributed to art at its finest we have now.
NOTE | This doesn't mean the blog is over; it just means it has two clearly defined edges that mark a beginning and a definitive end. It couldn't continue without getting muddied. The fruit of its labor was meant to be distributed in other venues; it was meant to push down the walls that were erected to keep people ignorant, and to do so by stifling those who would seek to make people informed. That's anywhere but this blog. If the blog continued in this form, and adjacent to it, then what it is now would be "Chapter One." Most likely, though, just like the images that are the final outcome documented by these notes, Chapter Two will be published in whatever forum or by whatever means tools like the one that is the subject of this post are published and used. That's a more appropriate way to disseminate my notes, etc., than this blog would be.
A few weeks ago, I taught a blog reader how to use a digital video camera to create images of cloaked (invisible) demons. For the first time, he knew—not believed or suspected—but, knew they were real because he could see them with his own eyes by his own hand.

Even though my goal from the very beginning of the blog was to prove demons were real irrefutably, definitively, and globally to such an effect that anybody who denied them would be immediately branded a liar or ignorant or crazy (in other words, any of the same labels applied to me by people who knew demons were real, but wanted to frustrate my handling of the problems demons were causing in my life), being now able to do so isn't so much a blessing for people I had hoped it would be during these past eight years; rather, more like a burden to them. There's an avalanche of hard-to-cope realizations following their new knowledge, the two biggest being after creating one image and after having created thousands.

It only takes one image of a demon in your house captured by your camera by you for God and Jesus to actually become real to such persons about a minute after demons do. That's when it dawns on them that sin and salvation never got the serious priority it clearly should have had their entire lives—just as they were warned—now that Hell and Judgment both are knocking on their door.
NOTE | This gets even to people who are not religious, per se, and those who did not believe in God or what the Bible says of God. That's because it's not a belief that drives the rightful fear of judgment against the sinful, it's the fact that any creature having knowledge of the difference between good and evil can feel naturally, as part of their being of and presence in nature. Right and wrong are not laws made by hands; they are facts proven by the product of wisdom, which is nothing more than pragmatic logic. 2+2=4—you didn't invent that; it's what it is. God made the universe to support these facts; it becomes clear to atheists that there was a plan and design by a higher power when the demon-aspect of the Bible can no longer be dismissed is combined with the lifetime of a natural nagging of inner knowledge that God exists. They are staring a God they mocked in the eyes everywhere they look after my five-minute lesson on "seeing the unseen world" around them. If Airbnb approves my application to host an "Airbnb Experience" that teaches this same lesson for $10 a head, I'll get to see this happen to people weekly.
After making about a thousand of demon images—which, using my technique, is doable by merit of its output of three images every second, with up to a dozen in each—they realize they are surrounded by a citizenry with more power and influence in the world they thought they once knew (but didn't) and that they were both fools and victims of deception their entire lives; they realize that everything they know is not enough and may never be, and they realize that everyone they know is either a liar or a fool or a victim (except me).

The following is but one example of a lie flaunting itself in front of any and every ignorant face that looks at it:

This image showing art produced by the illustration software it advertises is a hand-rendered drawing of a demon totem (a demon totem serves the same purpose as a Jacob's Ladder, and requires that demons to blend like Matryoshka Dolls), which are characterized by the overlapping heads of demons; each whole head forms an individual part of another a part of the a different demon. The passenger pigeon demon—the V-shaped head and pointy chinned demon at the bottom-center—serves an evil agenda; they are the war horse of the Army of Darkness. Their name is derived by their defining role as carriers between realms for other species of demon, and because they are as common and proliferate as any variety of common pigeon. A Core ML model was developed to instantly recognize this particular demon in images [see TECH | Machine learning: Image classifier model automatically, instantly recognizes demons in images]
This image showing art produced by the illustration software it advertises is a hand-rendered drawing of a demon totem (a demon totem serves the same purpose as a Jacob's Ladder, and requires that demons to blend like Matryoshka Dolls), which are characterized by the overlapping heads of demons; each whole head forms an individual part of another a part of the a different demon. The passenger pigeon demon—the V-shaped head and pointy chinned demon at the bottom-center—serves an evil agenda; they are the war horse of the Army of Darkness. Their name is derived by their defining role as carriers between realms for other species of demon, and because they are as common and proliferate as any variety of common pigeon. The

Once all of that hit my blog reader, all he could do is stare at his bevy of images of new worlds, life and civilizations and ask the same question over and over: "They are everywhere, aren't they?"

The answer, by the way, is: "Literally."

There are everywhere and in everything all the time. I had an ultrasound once during a period of unusually high demonic activity once, and you could clearly make out the faces of demons in every major organ in my body cavity. 

There are lots of them wherever they are and whatever they are in. Demons don't walk alone; they can't. The transition [decloaking] from their native realm to ours is a group affair. I don't know how many it takes to make it; it looks like that depends on the number of demons joined in a totem, the ability and strength and size of the demons in the totem with the species of demon being the leading factor with respect to ability. So, when someone says they are possessed by a demon, that may be true; but, if they think that's the only one involved in the possession, they think wrong. I can excuse the error from a demoniac—even the really arrogant ones who call themselves experts because of what they think they know, who also call anyone who actually might be experts anything but an expert; but, when a so-called exorcist talks of a one-demon possession, I have no mercy to give. It's not advanced knowledge that there are always an entire legion anywhere there is one. It's the second thing you realize after your first contact with demons. If you don't know this fact, it means you've never, ever been involved with demons—and, some exorcists call themselves capable of fighting them, even still.

This app creates a figurative barrier against specific kinds of demonic activity that only occur during sleep (such as demon-induced nightmares) by interfering with two requisite mental aspects: focus and concentration. In order to affect a tangible presence of consequence in any non-native realm, a demon must first narrow his thoughts to a single intention and then maintain perfect concentration until it manifests. The effort is the same as focusing on the part of a single musical instrument while an entire orchestra plays, and then singing to and listening to it to the exclusion of all other instruments until the symphony ends.

Regardless of whether a given instrument is the same as or different from other instruments, it is distinguishable by the differences between the notes played and/or their relative sound characteristics.

The random tones generated by this app obfuscate these distinctions in the mind of the demon, in a way analogous to an instrument that produced an identical sound and played the same notes, albeit in random order and to an unpredictable beat. Two sine waves with different random frequencies between 300 and 4000 Hz are played consecutively between 0.25 and 1.25 seconds for a total 2 seconds combined are known to be completely effective for ambient demonic activity.

Although any activity by demons outside their native realm requires the same focus and concentration to some degree, this app could conceivably protect against all of it. The determining factor of the effectiveness and feasibility of a tone barrier is proper deployment (i.e., location, specifically, proximity and positioning), which based on a complete knowledge of the fundamental aspects and dynamics of the type of activity it targets and the limitations inherited by all demons occupying a non-native realm.

The cacophony of the tone barrier’s cadence created by this app was determined to be completely effective against its targeted activity using a single iPhone at full volume throughout an entire sleep cycle within range of a demon’s hearing, and positioned along their path.

Locating a demon at any given site is the only challenging factor, but the possibilities can be narrowed and otherwise readily ascertained by these three keys facts:

(1) close proximity to the target-sleeper is necessary to perform the target activity (usually within the same room or adjacent);

(2) the presence of demons in a non-native realm is only made possible by occupying space from their native realm, which pockets or pools or is otherwise contained in small, enclosed or ensconced structures (e.g., a closet, small bathroom, chimney fireplace, cabinets, drawers, dishwashers, garbage disposals, drains, sewers, washers and dryers, ovens, range hoods, bathtubs/showers, etc.); and,

(3) the species of demon involved in the targeted activity is comparable in size and shape to h. Sapiens (human).

In sum, the position of the iPhone can be logically strategized by the placing the iPhone in any structure known to contain native demon space sufficient for occupation of a humanoid-sized demon nearest occupied sleeping quarters.

Additional reading
In addition to this post, read my answers to these questions on Quora for more information about the problem a tone barrier solves:
These aren't really the questions I would pose myself or usually expect to have, nor are they questions that necessarily promote what I say about ambient demonic activity; rather, they are simply questions posed by the general domain, which by sharing them I am offering an insight into people's concerns and understanding of the problem at this point in time. In part, it demonstrates a due diligence in connecting with the people I purport to help, which is essential for making a determination of sanity in someone who makes the claims this post makes; it also helps me keep track of all the important points of knowledge that I've acquired, and makes it so I can't cut corners by leaving anything I know out. I'm not lazy, really, it's just that without a little encouragement...actually, I can't think of a way to end that sentence.