Saturday, August 25, 2012

#376 - VIDEO | Demons (or other) hinder efforts to post to Facebook

This happens every time I try to post something to Facebook (or anywhere else for that matter) that the Voices Demons say I can't:

First, even to post to my own page, I have to go through Facebook's Captcha security check. That includes each individual edit to a photo or video starting yesterday, including when I pinpointed a photo on the map, tagged it and added a description. Including sharing and adding it to an album, that's five security checks to post one picture.
NOTE | The preview video is above is too low-res to see adequately; to view the video in requisite detail, download the source from MediaFire [74.18 MB].
Tonight, however, was a little different, in that security checks didn't work (they were either not there, disappeared while typing the text, or said it that the entered text didn't match when you can clearly see from the video that it did); and, my connection—which is always reliable—was slow, as you can see.

Another thing was the video upload confirmation e-mail:
"Facebook" Video Upload Confirmation E-mail

Instead of "your video has been uploaded" in the message body, it reads, "you video has been uploaded."

By contrast, the notification to my Facebook account did not contain the same error:
Facebook Video Upload Confirmation Notification
Efforts like these are par for the course for demons, whose first-and-foremost goal is to socially isolate their targets, in order to have as much of their time and attention as possible. Also, by eliminating an adequate amount of social interaction with people, demons are better able to skew perspectives in the minds of their targets.

While social network hacking a way to sabotage (or preclude) relationships, rumor-mongering is by far the preferred method. Demons who attack usually lay the groundwork in the mind, meaning that they are intuitive to the point of actual mind-reading. Insodoing, they can cull your worst fears about relationships and others from your mind, and then report back to you anything they see or hear about those relationships, and then make connections between your fears and whatever ambiguous fact they find (it's happened a hundred times on every episode of every soap opera ever made, so don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about).
NOTE | This tactic also is used to make you feel dependent on them for your safety. Once that's achieved to some degree, they will tell you that you are "indebted" to them, and that you have to listen to them, or else they will allow the things you fear to take place (sounds hokey, but, they will make that happen).