Saturday, October 17, 2015

HOME | Defensive remedies for demonic injury in the bedroom

You will probably not be too impressed with what you read in this post unless you have the problem I do, i.e., targeting of the body by an infestation of demonic entities, which, individually, may result in a barely perceptible injury, but which cumulatively results in no small amount of damage.

In all likelihood, that probably is your problem, too; but, not to the degree as some in this world, and perhaps not for purposes beyond the general culling of the human population.

But, if, like me, you are literally being tortured day-by-day by such entities as sucker demons and the like—and are being told so as it happens—and the cumulative effects of said torture are resulting in stiffness in joints, severe bone loss, and arthritis, you've got nothing to lose by spending a few minutes reviewing these defensive strategies.
NOTE | Even if you don't consider yourself a victim of demonic activity, keep in mind that vermin crawl through open portals all the time [see VIDEO | Glowing, scorpion/vole-like demonic entity climbs, leaps off backyard fence]. You could be inadvertently affected, even in the absence of some nefarious demon plot.
The tips provided in this post for protecting yourself are not just some goofball ideas, a fact you can verify in just one day. If you have the problem they intend to treat, you'll notice results almost immediately. Then, you'll find that I'm no slouch under fire when it comes to development of defensive (and offensive) maneuvers within the demon problem.

By the way, these remedies are particularly suited for nighttime use, and in the bedroom—when and where most demonic injuries are sustained.

Oil and plastic
The bane of every cloaked sucker demon's existence—at least those that intend to touch you—is oil: mineral oil and petrolatum, to be specific; second to that is plastic:
Mineral oil and petrolatum-based products (especially, the ultra-rich, like Eucerin) when applied to skin wrapped in plastic provide adequate protection against cloaked demons intent on hurting you
Combine the two, and you have an impenetrable barrier for incoming enemy fire, and an electric grounding of sorts that prevents those that have already embedded themselves in your body from decloaking, and therefore doing physical harm.
NOTE | This may explain why those considered mentally ill, and who claim to be possessed or afflicted by demons (i.e., a demoniac), wrap themselves in plastic sheeting [see UPDATE | Demons, their people continue to exploit, cause suffering via open portals].
Since the hands, feet and head are the most commonly targeted areas of the body, you will need plastic wrap and latex (not non-latex) gloves. Moreover, you should mix tea tree oil with mineral oil, especially when wrapping your feet (stinky!).

If you are experiencing pain in your feet or hands due to sucker demon infestation, the pain should immediately subside (and not return) as soon as you implement this remedy.

Sonic de-possession of bedding, clothing (including, and especially, shoes and socks)
The next step is removing the infestation from your bedding [see VIDEO/PHOTOS | The Pillow Demons] and clothing, which is where sucker demons congregate, waiting to make their move. Before taking this step, however, you should evaluate why your home is considered a safe haven for demons. The reason is almost always clutter [see Demonic Feng Shui; see also Strangest things, places demons possess]. Make all possible corrections based on the information presented in those two posts before moving forward.

Sonic de-possession employs the use of a constant, loud and obnoxious noise in the vicinity of the possessed material. You can download the noise I use for your own laptop, which is quite effective, or create one of your own. You can also purchase window alarms, and place them with the clothing and the bedding.

My personal setup consists of a plastic bin purchased from Wal-Mart, which I fill with as many possessed objects as I can fit along with my laptop:
The squashed white faces of several demonic mainstays are evident to those made familiar (center); another all-white demon presses his face and hands against the side (left)Same image (left), cropped and enlargedAn orgy of evil, right in a storage bin in my room
By placing my blaring laptop in the bin and closing the lid, I expose the noise to the problem, while keeping the occupants of the house (including me and Scratchen) sane; and, by leaving the noise to play until the battery is exhausted, I ensure that my socks are free from attackers.

Hot iron
Less bizarre and more feasible than blasting your sheets and clothes with loud noises is using a hot iron on sheets, socks, underwear, t-shirts, pillow cases, mattresses and even carpet:
A really hot iron, passed lightly and quickly over the surface of bedding, carpet and nighttime wear (including socks and undergarments) can reduce or eliminate unwanted demonic entities
You don't actually have to iron for presentation; just lightly and quickly pass an ultra-hot iron over the surface of bedding (mattress, sheets, pillows [see VIDEO/PHOTOS | The Pillow Demons], pillow cases, carpets, rugs), nighttime wear (socks and underwear included) should be sufficient to eliminate some or all of the demonic pests shown in such posts as:

Why pillows? Long-time readers should already know the answer to this question, and new readers will learn it well enough based on this old photo:
Talk about sleeping with the enemy...
Demons are, in fact, in everything and everywhere; but, many do not like extreme heat. So, use that to your advantage for a better night's sleep.