Wednesday, November 21, 2012

#460 - CRIME | New York attorney lies for demons, secretly married mother evades service of summons

A New York attorney lies about the status of a collections case brought by me against my mother, who, apparently, avoided service of summons after changing her last name via a secret marriage. The case was for unlawfully retaining a computer belonging to me, which contained evidence intended for use in a federal civil trial against her, as well as others who participated in a demon-led crime spree in 2006.
NOTE | See Demons block money-saving/making, job-search efforts before reading this post.

For months, New York attorney, Gil Kreiter, made assurances that an Indiana case attempting to collect a debt on my behalf was on track, stating on numerous occasions that a pending bank records search stood between me and an expected $7,000.00 pay-out. The case is merely a collections case, the original having been filed (and won) in California against my own mother.
NOTE | Most California state court-obtained judgments can be enforced in any other state without complication; however, Indiana requires that judgment creditors prosecute a separate case for collections for debtors residing in that state, if the judgment goes unpaid.
The original case was for the cost of a computer, which alleges that Ms. Bickel unlawfully retained a computer given to her for storage, and which contained evidence to be used in a pending federal civil suit against her and others believed to be working on the behalf of demon-led organized crime [see BIBLE | Fear should not be a factor for you].

Following are just two e-mails from the aforementioned attorney, in which one claims that judgment was issued.

In the first e-mail, Mr. Kreiter states that a judgment was rendered in my favor; to-wit:
Doing a bank search. Judgment docketed in Indiana.
E-mail to/from Gil Kreiter in re Bickel collection case (#2)
In the second, I expressed my concern about the amount of time that has lapsed since the rendering of the judgment, but was told by Mr. Kreiter that only a few more weeks would pass before progress would be seen:
E-mail to/from Gil Kreiter in re Bickel collection case (#1)

In a third e-mail, Mr. Kreiter once again states that judgment has been obtained in the case:
E-mail #3 from Gil Kreiter, New York Attorney, re status of collections case

In spite of Mr. Kreiter's assurances that the case was proceeding forthrightly and as expected, I decided to take advantage of my proximity to the Indiana courthouse in which the case was filed to verify his claims.

What I found was this: that the case was filed, but that it never even surpassed the service of process stage:
Case Docket in Bush v. Bickel (Johnson County, Indiana)
Contrary to assurances by attorney Gil Kreiter, the current docket proves that the case has not proceeded beyond the initial filing
Moreover, I found that the reason why service was not perfected was because the name of the defendant had changed, unbeknownst to me. The name change was (and is) due to a secret marriage, which was also unbeknownst to me at the time (see note about marriage at end of post):
Return envelope, attempting service by mail on defendant [Bush v. Bickel (Johnson County, Indiana)]
Having kept their marriage a secret, it was unknown at the time that the former Kathy Bickel was then (and now is) Kathy Feldmeier; the difference in the name was the basis of the refusal of service
Employees of the Clerk of the Court of Johnson County, in Franklin, Indiana, also verified this morning that the case has not proceeded beyond the initial filing stages, and that service was refused:
In 2008, the Superior Court of California awarded me $7,500 in a judgment against Ms. Bickel for stealing computer equipment from me, which contained evidence against her and others of her acquiescence and participation in the crimes committed against me at the hands of demon-led gang-stalkers, and which was intended to be used in a pending federal suit against the same:
Judgment Against Defendant Kathy Bickel

NOTE | The remainder of this post contains only pieces of information that will be incorporated more fully into this post at a later time.
E-mail to the referring agency,
E-mail to Mark D. Shapiro, San Jose Attorney and proprietor of re apparent misrepresentatio...

Why the marriage was kept secret
The marriage was kept secret due to the biblical impropriety of it. Apparently, my mother "put away" her last husband without him having committed adultery, which, in the Bible, means you cannot marry again. If you do, that is committing adultery, according to Jesus:
Whoever divorces his wife and marries another commits adultery against her; and if she divorces her husband and marries another, she commits adultery.
Mark 10:11–-12