Sunday, March 31, 2013

#555 - PHOTOS/VIDEO | Wire-fingered, brain-spiking demon attacks via possessed woman

This is a draft, with a lot left unsaid, and a lot of pictures unprocessed. I'll update tomorrow. Search for 'brain' on this blog to get up to speed on the subject discussed in this post, and to see and read the things that make this post all the more believable to the skeptical. If you don't do so, and you're the type who needs convincing, this post be a stretch for you.

I'm sure she knows what a demon is, and that they are bad for me and others; she is, after all, a shadow person [see LINK and LINK] and collaborator of little demon thieves, like the lipstick-stealing demon shown in LINK.

But, what I don't get is why she doesn't consider herself a victim, too. After all, the wire-fingered, brain-spiking demon possessing, which uses her hands to cause brain damage in the people around her, similarly as described in LINK, spikes her brains, too:
Following this still frame, which shows brain-spiking wires extended from this woman's fingers, are three others showing the spatter of blood either cloaked and/or in a time-altered state (keep in mind that her hand is coming towards her, meaning that the fingers should blur shorter, not longer on the way up)
The magenta-colored spatter is blood that is cloaked and/or in a time-altered state, in which wounds heal (and, apparently, cleanup happens) in an instant; it is a result of the wires piercing her head
I discovered this while skimming a video of her, frame-by-frame; in it, you can her hand alternatively going from human to demon, and, on the latter, to yet another demon hand variation similar to the spike-fingered hand shown and described in LINK, specifically, a wire-fingered hand, which is used to inflict the same kind of injuries. The difference between the spike-fingered and wire-fingered hands is that the wires on the latter extend to reach the victim, while the hand arm are merely extended normally; in the case of the former, the entire arm itself stretches, thereby extending the spike-fingered hand to the victim.

There are two observations that lead me to believe that she may be a victim:

  1. In several places in the video, she wafts her hand in my direction in order to strike, which I was not surprised to see; however, to my astonishment, it looks like, at least once, she does the same to her boyfriend; and,
  2. When she adjusts her hair, you can the tell-tale signs of cloaked blood spatter in three frames following one still frame in which you can see the wires extended from her fingers, reaching towards her head.
Surely, she didn't mean to spike her boyfriend; and, definitely, not herself. Demons can (and do) make the possessed perform certain hand and foot movements without their consent, and without having alerted them prior to, during or after the fact that the demon took control of them.

In this case, I believe that both have occurred. Demons are extremely jealous and possessive (the term has two meanings, if it has one, that's for sure), and it doesn't surprise me that it took a swipe at her boyfriend.

As for me, I am certain it was intentional, as they would not be anywhere near me were they not commissioned to commit such an act, i.e., brain-spiking, by other demons, namely, those I fight.

That means she is certainly aware of her ability, and how to use it (and where and when to use it for profit), just like anyone else with such an ability [see LINK].

Some may ask why a possessing demon would harm those they possess while empowering them at the same time. The answer is simple: a demon has clearly shown its disdain to the person it possessed by the act of possession in the very worst of ways; why wouldn't it hurt her like that?

To explain: Possession is the most lowdown, despicable, debasing act of degradation and disrespect that exists, and is otherwise the one true sign of a deranged and diabolical mind [see LINK]; therefore, it should be no surprise that it hates the person it possesses more than any other person. It is certainly hurting them the most. How so? Let's just say that killing a possessed person would be mercy at its greatest when it comes to possession. That's because victims of possession live their lives unaware of what they are losing—the ultimate indignity; moreover, they continue to interact with the people they love, unaware of the injuries they are inflicting on them, while trying to maintain relationships with them under a strain they are unaware of. It's like being on a dangerous drug that you react badly to, and trying to raise your children on your own at the same time. Bad memories, bad choices, etc., are imminent.

Demons know this; and, obviously, that doesn't phase them a bit.

As far as the victim having access to some of their abilities: in short, they have to let them do it; otherwise, it makes it harder for the demon to use the human to use its abilities with their bodies. Plus, they are there to do harm to everyone. So what if she helps out, even when she's hurting herself?

[insert cloaked blood-spatter pics]

#554 - Judge rules in error in eviction case

Last Friday, a Superior Court judge in California denied my motion in the latest eviction proceedings against me, which sought an order requiring the landlord-plaintiff to issue a proper termination notice:

[a copy of the order forthcoming]

The basis of the denial was that a failure to follow statutory noticing requirements is an issue addressed at trial, and not a motions hearing.

This is incorrect for several reasons, which are fully explained in the memorandum of my motion:

Legalese aside, the crux of the argument is that there can be no trial until the defendant is properly noticed; and, in my case, that didn't happen. The declaration below provides the details:

In short, the declaration states the landlord agreed to extend my lease an extra month, and I remained in my apartment into the beginning of that month. The landlord then decided to rescind the agreement, and refused to accept rent; then, instead of providing the requisite 30-day notice, the landlord filed an unlawful detainer (or eviction) suit.

By the way, here's the rent money, just in case any of you were wondering if that was the issue:
Knowing a maneuver of demonic proportions was on its way, I took a snapshot of March's rent at the time I saw it coming (not that it makes much difference now, of course; but, you know how people talk)
A common tactic in Santa Clara County, which exists between judges and lawyers connected vis-a-vis the Voices Demons and the like, is for a lawyer to avoid in their answer to such motions the primary argument altogether, making the issue something entirely different. The judge then goes by the issue in the answer, and not the issue in the motion. Following is the answer to my motion, as filed by the attorney for the landlord:

Plaintiff's Response to Defendant's Motion to Quash Service of Summons

The statements made in this answer are not correct or imply that I don't know what I'm doing.

First, I don't dispute that I was served, of course, just that I was served improperly. The question of service of summons isn't whether I was served at all; but, whether I was served after having received proper notice, too. There are only two motions to file prior to answering a complaint for unlawful detainer (eviction): a motion to quash and a demurrer to the complaint. A motion to quash is where you question to the sufficiency of noticing and service compliance. It's just the law.

If you were served a lawsuit, but were not noticed prior to it (and you were supposed to be, as you would be in this case), then the service of summons is deemed insufficient. You raise that issue before trial because there can be no trial (i.e., the court has no jurisdiction over you) until you have been properly served.

Second, it is not a factual dispute that requires any introduction of witnesses and evidence that could not have been provided with and attached to the answer to the motion itself. You either have a copy of the notice with the proper date on it or you don't. There could not possibly be any witnesses required, if all the documentation is there.

In my case, I had a contract written by the landlord, explicitly extending the lease into March; the lawsuit was filed in March. That's not 30 days.

On Monday, I will prepare and file an ex parte motion to have this error-of-law reviewed.

#553 - New York D.A. declines prosecution of bogus attorney

In a letter received last Friday, the New York County District Attorney declined to prosecute bogus attorney, Gil Kreiter, against which a complaint was referred to them by the Supreme Court in New York [see Supreme Court refers bogus attorney complaint to district attorney]:

As disgusting as it is, it comes as no surprise; rather, it merely confirms what I already knew: that demonic influence exists throughout the entire American justice system, just as it has in every other justice system for thousands of years.

Per the advice in the letter, I have already started the process of having a copy of the complaint forwarded to the D.A.'s office in Brooklyn. A letter to the Department Disciplinary Committee of the Supreme Court in New York was sent a couple of weeks ago, requesting that they send my complaint to the office in Brooklyn, just as they did the office in Manhattan.

Search for Gil Kreiter on this blog for more information about the incident that is the subject of this letter.

#552 - VIDEO/PHOTO | Smoke trails from head where demons burn insides

This is a draft; updates will continue today and tomorrow.

It's the form of violence that habitual abusers prefer; that is, the kind that produces no surface-visible evidence. Men who batter wives prefer to punch them in the stomach versus the face; that way, they can easily deny allegations of spousal abuse, if necessary, and can continue to abuse without any black eyes garnering unwanted attention.

This, however, has nothing to do with the Voices Demons, even though the signs of their abuse are buried underneath my skin. I say this not because I believe their claim that San Jose knows about and condones this form of violence; rather, I say it because it's a coincidence that the meanest and cruelest way to inflict harm on someone just happens to be underneath the skin, and that they, unlike man, can easily cause those harms.

By the way, the specific abuse I'm talking about is the burning of the inside of my head, which happens multiple times a day, daily, and has been going on for almost two months. You can smell whatever they are burning, which I overheard them call a "pituitary burn."

I'm assuming it's just that, too. The feeling makes me sick all throughout my body. My head hurts, of course; but, it immediately tires my body. Moreover, I may have felt depressed before in my life; but, lately, it's been an unnaturally low depression, one that I know isn't necessarily circumstantial or just the way my mind is wired.

Why my pituitary? Well, why have VMC's demonic collaborator, Dr. Krishnamurphy, cut off my testosterone replacement therapy arbitrarily? Both a loss of pituitary function and sudden cessation of testosterone therapy are known to cause depression that results in suicide; and, as I've said before, demons prefer suicide to murder, and the damage to my pituitary gland and testicles are demon-caused (they announced these things before they did them, and even told others). I've already attempted suicide twice because of them, and while they screamed at me and otherwise egged on the attempts [see ].

In a video made just yesterday, you cannot see the cloaked instrument or appendage of some demon (not sure which, as it varies) enter the area inside my head at or near the pituitary gland and burn it; what you can see is a stream of smoke, coming from a red, glowing dot, located between and just above my eyes, can be seen in a video of my ongoing torture by demons:

A color- and contrast-enhanced still frame using the new Google+ image enhancement filters, which shows a trail of smoke coming from a glowing, red dot on my forehead
The video, below, is best viewed in HD quality, and with the brightness of your monitor at its highest setting:

Here are a few still frames from the above video, which were enhanced by Twitter's auto-enhancement image filter:

Enhanced by Google+ Plus image filters

Enhanced by the Twitter image filter

By the way, the smoke comes from both the back of the head, and the only actual heat felt by me is at the base of the skull.

#551 - Judge precludes civil recovery for laptop destroyed in November attack

Last week, I received an order from the Superior Court of California, denying my request to file a lawsuit against the man who attacked me last November [see ], and which sought compensation for destruction of my laptop and cellphone as a consequence [see ]:

Order to File New Litigation by Vexatious Litigant

Normally, damages such as these are recovered during the criminal prosecution process; however, because Santa Clara Police Department refused to prosecute this case, instead, forwarding it to the district attorney's office for "review" [see ], pursuing damages civilly is my only immediate recourse.

This order precludes any such recovery unless I can hire an attorney, which is unfeasible for me in my current situation.

Without the help of the police department or the Superior Court, I must rely on the Santa Clara County District Attorney's Office; however, so far, no one in that office has done anything on this six-month old case.
NOTE | The offense said to have been committed is incorrect, in that it is a felony to cause great bodily injury in an assault. Right now, the assault is classified as a misdemeanor.
Every request to file new litigation has been granted, except for this one, which is highly unfortunate, as I have no other computer to use, and have no means to procure another one sufficient for my needs.