Tuesday, April 2, 2013

#556 - VIDEO | Unidentified object seen through bottom of closed door (plus red-headed demon)

An unidentified object sat itself down in view of my video camera today as it recorded demonic activity through the crack at the bottom of my bathroom door.

This, by the way, is a great way to capture things you could not otherwise. In 2011, I captured my first two demonic entities on video by hiding in my bathroom and pointing my camera at a dress mirror on the door [see VIDEO TIMELINE | Two Demonic Entities Fly into my Apartment]. It was then I decided to share what was going on with others, travesty as that was (and has ever been).

Two years later, I'm sharing another video of something I've never seen before, which I made while hiding out in the bathroom (it appears on the far right; you'll need to watch the movie at least a couple of times):

Only one other person was (supposed to be) in my apartment at the time; and, it isn't her, nor is it positioned anywhere near where she was at the time the object(s) appeared on camera. Moreover, I don't have anything in my little studio that looks like it either.

As you can see, whatever it is, it appears to be in two different pieces. The first of the two pieces to appear on camera looks like a black, upside-down top hat being sat on the floor:
The black "upside-down top hat" is the first of the two parts of the unidentified object to appear on camera
The second piece, which looks like an elongated, maroon-colored balloon made of curtain fabric, lays (or is layed) on top of it:
The maroon-colored "elongated balloon" lays on top of the black "top hat" underneath it, bouncing slightly as it settles
In the video (above), the second piece appears to be filled with air, as it bounces slightly on top of the piece underneath.

If you look very carefully at the first few frames of the video at the point prior to the black thing entering into view, you'll see the head of a demon:
Half the head of a red demon briefly enters into view of the camera prior to the appearance of the unidentified object
When it dodged the camera, the brown thing on top went (more or less) straight up, while the black thing underneath slid horizontally, and at a much faster pace.

If I had to guess, it could be one of the many pieces of equipment that demons and humans are using for whatever it is they are doing in my apartment with me in it. This equipment generally stays cloaked, and people and demons stay the same; and, some of it sits in what look like holes or rooms in the walls, which are spaces within a space, as defined by quantum physics.