Tuesday, June 30, 2015

FILTER GALLERY | Portal in the sky (and more...)

This post contains various images produced by the Chroma Photo Editing Extension, and will be updated with new images as the software continues to be developed and new filters are tested. It is similar to the other gallery posts to this blog, specifically, GALLERY | Demon doorknob (and more...).

Although there's plenty of it, some images may not show demonic activity. These images are provided to be status indicators of the ongoing research and development of imaging filters useful for discovering and uncovering such activity.

Refined surface analysis imaging filters
Granular detail-enhancing imaging filters like those used by medical professionals for surface analysis purposes are required to detect cloaked (semi-transparent) objects and entities in media produced by CCD sensors, hence the development of such filters for the Chroma Photo Editing Extension. Here are some of the most recent results produced during testing, specifically, a close-up images of my leg, both the original and the processed version of the original:
Depending on the settings used and quality of the image, some filters can actually reveal the pores on your skinThe original image (left), unprocessed
Here are a couple of results produced from testing of different settings and other filters, this time using images of my arm:
After modifying the filters, the quality improved quite a bit, allowing for simultaneous rendering of fingerprints, hair and skin, and clothing texture—all within the same frame:

Portals in the sky
A recently acquired video still frame shows a portal opening in the glare from a streetlamp, which looks nearly identical to the one shown in the glare from a mirror in VIDEO | What a portal through a mirror looks like:

The third-dimensional aspect of the portal is visible in the glare of a streetlamp, when rendered by the Prewitt Kernel (an image filter included in the Chroma Photo Editing Extension)There is no indication that a portal exists in the glare in the original, unprocessed still frame
In the original still frame, the portal is obfuscated by the glare of a streetlamp overhead; however, when processed by the Prewitt Kernel, an imaging filter included in the Chroma Photo Editing Extension, not only is the portal revealed, but also its funnel. Applying the same filter to a still frame showing glare from a mirror also revealed a portal:
The same filter applied to another video revealed a portal in the glare from a mirror
The relationship between light glare and portals is not yet clear, even while other elements that determine the likelihood of portal openings at a given location are known [see PICS | Demons grow bolder, prolong appearances].

Cause of Scratchen's deafness discovered
Using my Chroma Photo Editing Extension for iPhone, I found out how demons deafened Scratchen—not just that they did, as described well over a year ago in Voices Demons claim total responsibility for deafening Scratchen:

A processed version of the originalOriginal iPhone image of Scratchen's earAnother processed version of the original
A photo of Scratchen's ear was processed by one of the two dozen surface analysis imaging filters in the extension, and then was enhanced using the recently added morphological operator functionality; insodoing, it revealed the cause: a sucker-demon variety entity, lodged in her ear. It's not clear what the brown, half-globular protrusion is just inside, but it may be a part of the entity itself. I recognize the trail of thinning hair and mottled skin as the result of long-term exposure to the tail (I have identical marks from same), which always leads to an implanted sucker demon or similar variety, like the one inside her ear, and the one captured on video, inadvertently, several months ago in Torture by Sucker Demon:

From another post, an image showing an entity similar to the one lodged in Scratchen's ear, which I believe was introduced by the Voices Demons' people, and which I also believe caused her deafness [see also VIDEO TIMELINE | Scratchen's Ear Turns Into Demonic Snake]
Keep in mind that, although the spiked-back sucker-demon variety entity shown above, as well the similar entity embedded in Scratchen's ear, appear quite visible in these images, generally, they are cloaked, which is to say, invisible and somewhat permeable. In other words, most of the time, their bodies render a tell-tale shimmer of air in their general vicinity, and are felt on the fingers as a soft, rubbery cotton ball.

Sidenote: Who on earth would handle these, let alone deposit them on helpless animals and people, you ask? Sad to say, people, albeit with demonic help and say-so. Who, specifically, you ask? Although the exact number of persons who smuggle foreign entities into the United States and deploy these entities as weapons against its citizens is not known, they can now be easily detected via the Chroma Photo Editing Extension for iPhone. A facial recognition feature will soon be added to it that will create a database of persons having launched such entities as weapons within the purview of the camera of any one of the over 220 million persons inhabiting the Home of the Brave. This database will be made available to all users of the extension, who can use it to identify potentially dangerous situations involving demonically-allied persons.

Refining edge gradients
What in the hell is that crawling up your arm? What the hell did you just throw at me?

These days, the answer to the two main questions you should alway ask when applicable is: a demonic entity, and a demonic weapon, respectively.

Edge detection is key to refining images made of surfaces or cloaked matter so that no details are missed—no matter how small or how "invisible," and this is why edge detection that is the specialty of the Chroma Photo Editing Extension. In fact, this is what gives the software its unique and superior position over any other image processing software widely available to iPhone users.

Testing of new or experimental features related to edge detection usually involves processing of close-up images of an arm or leg during periods of high demonic activity; following are images of such testing:

Hair loss and infected pores are indicate of embedded sucker-demon varieties and demonic-weapon woundingFalse color artifacting can be a consequence of underdeveloped or poorly spec'd and/or implemented edge detection algorithms......unless an object's surface depth varies so widely (like an arm's, which rounds away from the camera) that, without substituting disparate colors in shadow regions, details would be lost
To achieve the false color affect, a tone curve is applied to each color channel separately, each adjusted differently per depth and shadowThe original, unprocessed image of my arm, riddled with evidence of demonic weapons fire and embedded entities, even without special image processing filters appliedThe Prewitt Kernel, one-eighth applied to the arm pic (left), in that the kernel is only applied in one of the eight directions it was intended to be applied
Even though only partially applied, the Prewitt Kernel reveals all of the major detailsThe haloing (or border artifacting) surrounding the edges of the details can be removed......to make room for the borders of smaller details to be enlarged
The same image shown one row up and over two columns, sans the morphological operator HUDA new gradient adjustments feature in testing, which defines the size and skew of nearest-neighbor sampling of each pixel in the processed imageThe final result of tests of the new surface analysis capabilities of the extension using my arm pic, which failed, even while promising
Why of a pic of my arm for testing, you ask? It is a fact that your arm is the most visible and accessible pointer to evidence of demonic activity in your life and the world around you, and surface analysis capabilities in image-processing software is essential to discovering it.