Tuesday, July 3, 2012

VIDEOS | Demonic chroma masking (real-life Halloween masks)

Two perfect examples of demonic chroma masking are shown in two videos from my collection.

Demonic masking is the conglomeration of chroma—the red, green and blue particles of low-level light that fill the air during periods of high demonic activity, and which is seen in almost every authentic paranormal photo and video—into a shape that loosely resembles that of a demon's face and/or body that is superimposed over a human.

It is extremely difficult to capture without expensive equipment, and my cheap cellphone and laptop webcam are generally not up to the challenge; however, in two instances, they have captured this phenomenon well enough to present some demonstrable examples.

In a video made on my cellphone, my body briefly—and inexplicably—leans into the view of the camera near the beginning; but, the face and body are not mine. A review of a still frame from the video shows that the left side of my head has enlarged by nearly one-and-a-half times, and my nostrils are lopsided; I also have white, fang-like teeth, similar to that of a centurion demon, in a mouth that is uncharacteristically hanging open like a slack-jawed yokel.
At first, I appear to be a fanged-toothed demon; but, as I lean back into the light, the
chroma dissipates, leaving behind the real me (Download: Source from MediaFire [15 MB])
The second video showing demonic chroma masking, however, is much more evident. In it, the entire room fills with green chroma, which then fuses into the face of a very angry looking demon; following, that, an elfish, reddish one.
The best example I have of demonic chroma masking on video, which appears to occur only during channeling (Download: Source from MediaFire [56 MB]).
The green demon appears to be barking at someone, and the red demon appears to be talking to someone, too; but, I am in my apartment alone (or so I thought).

In both instances, I have no recollection of channeling a demon; however, clearly, I had an inkling something was going to happen or I would not have had my webcam running.

Note that demonic chroma masking is not the same as morphing, which is an actual physical transformation. I have one video of morphing, in which my face transforms from a younger, pensive version of me to an older, more wistful version.
In one second's time, I morph into a slightly different version of me (Download: Source from MediaFire [161 MB])
Minutes later, though, it transforms back again.
A minute later—and also in about a second's time—I morph back (Download: Source from MediaFire [161 MB])
The expression on either face, and by the way each version holds itself and moves the camera (or doesn't move it, depending), suggests almost two different personalities or persons.

[More on chroma masking later...]