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VIDEO | What it takes to win a soul back from the Devil (and no less)

Update on July 6th, 2017
Read the criminal complaint for sexual battery filed against Charles Langley posted to Criminal complaint for sexual battery filed against soul-stealing groper, civil complaint pending.

About the videos
These videos show the most relevant part of my attempt to rescue a demon person in-the-making the same way as the one who rescued me, who convinced me that "greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends." [John 15:13] So far, my attempt hasn't required a sacrificing my life as did the man who died for me; but, the loss of peripheral vision in one eye and the partial paralysis in my legs are cost aplenty. The 30-minute long recording is divided into two videos. Although there is little dialogue in the first half, there is dialogue aplenty in the second. I'll trim these down someday, I hope.

This post attempts to explain the significance of the videos posted below to those who cannot ascertain that for themselves. Those affected by the same issues they raise will be able to comprehend the meaning and significance of the conversation contained therein, and readily ascertain the basis and occasion for the conversation without it; the circumstances under which the conversation took place and those preceding it should be just as easy to extrapolate by simply hearing it.
The latter half of the two aforedescribed group of persons is comprised of an astoundingly large number of people. For the other half, a summary of the events prefacing the conversation is provided; it is followed by a high-level overview of the actual conversation:

Events leading to the conversation
An hour of receiving a call from a fellow Hoosier and friend of over 20 years, I boarded a train from San Jose to Burbank, where she was conducting business in Los Angeles on behalf of her employer in Indianapolis (our hometown). The call was made from the home of another friend of hers (also a Hoosier, but otherwise a stranger to me), who offered to provide her lodging in lieu of a hotel room. She said she was discomfited by the aberrant behavior of her host. The panic and distress in her voice conveyed a sense of gravity that obviated the need for specifics; however, had that not been sufficient for me to agree to rush to her aid as she requested, the all-too-familiar demonic idiomatic phrases commonly used by demon collaborators in "battle mode" intermittently interjected into our conversation by her host would have been.

Whenever a post to this blog impacts the opposition in a poignant way, such as this post and its accompanying videos, I inevitably receive a message like this
All throughout the 12-hour journey by train and bus, I was attacked with demonic weapons and entities by both demon-allied passengers and Amtrak employees. By the last leg of the trip (from Bakersfield to Burbank), I had to take refuge in the restroom. When that no longer sufficed, I went to the front of the bus, informed the driver that I may need medical assistance by ambulance, and asked for water in the interim (which he provided). Instead, I stretched out across the two unoccupied seats behind him until I arrived at my destination (at Bob Hope Airport).

I regained my strength fairly quickly shortly afterwards; but, lost it all once demon-allied and weapons-laden people, possibly employees at the airport, were summoned to resume the attack. Again, I reclined in the back seat of the cab shuttling me to her host's home in Northridge.

As I was repeatedly informed by Voices Demons during the trip to Burbank, the plea for help was a pretext; the intent was to lure me into a trap. I believed them, but remained compelled by the possibility of salvaging a friend from the same grip of evil that none of my friends and family were able to evade, and which led to their betrayal (as documented in part on the blog).

Conversation summary
My part of the conversation shows a mincing of no words: no prevarication, no allusion to any evil doings with the carefully crafted and arranged words preferable to demons and demon people when describing them in open conversation, and no rundown of the extent of my foreknowledge of the plan—rather, speaking as if I had by cutting right to the chase, never once asking, "Do you know what I mean?" and saying only once, "I know you know what I'm talking about."  Feigning ignorance is not an option for demon people anymore—at least not with me, and that is made clear multiple times by the repeated failure to dilute and frustrate the delivery of  my message, the purpose for which it is used. That didn't daunt her host much, who tried that tactic to the bitter end; but, my friend saw the pointlessness of it right away, trying it just a few times before giving up.

The rest is shown in the videos. They not only recount the conversation, but also show the host constantly launching demonic entities by and through the series of hand gestures known for same (which I specifically demand he stop doing at one point).

My portion of the conversation with my friend consists of my advice to leave a life that has no return beyond a certain point while she still can—information that brightened her face as she heard that I thought she still had that chance, and that nothing she had done to this point was unforgivable; the portion with her host consisted of repeated demands that he stop interrupting, that he honor his agreement to refrain from conversation with me until he was sober, that he stop assaulting me, and an acknowledgement of the veiled death threats and threat of continued violence by interpreting them outright.

More about events prior and subsequent
A couple of other things were said by my host that eluded to an affiliation with demons, some of which were remarks about my legs. Voices Demons (and one, in particular) state often that their goal is to destroy my body; and, lately, the focus has been on my legs and body weight. My host spent most of the day and the better half of the evening complimenting my body, but, each time, would follow up with a remark about low body weight and "skinny legs." They're okay now, but I hate skinny legs; I hope they don't get any skinnier. It's not that those things bother me, per se, or that he was trying to bother me with those things; he was simply trying to needle me the same way demons do, and to otherwise state which side he was on.
NOTE | I never need a cue or hint there; if you're not on the Lord's side, you're not on my side, and I know immediately what that looks like without help. Don't bother with crap demons tell you to do or say if expressing your allegiance is your only goal insodoing.
At one point, he mentioned my interest in the Bible, as reflected by my many Bible-related Facebook postings that provide links to such posts on Quora; but, this wasn't an attempt to connect with me on my level using my interests. Rather, it was the first of many attempts to start an argument—which, by the way, did not happen until later, as shown in the videos; prior to that, I deftly dodged every attempt. It was his use of demonic entities as weapons later that evening (which, in the video, look like black threads falling from his hands as he waves them around) that was the straw that broke the camel's back. But, it was not for lack of trying, particularly as he claimed these things:
  • that God can't have a Son, and that Jesus was called that as a term of endearment; when I asked how could God identify and reason with man, and to otherwise empathize with man, and who would be man's advocate in the judgment better so than a human could be, and how I could relate to God and how could He relate to me if we had no common bond such as our respective experiences as men, as well as how else would I connect to God to a degree to establish the tenants of a true relationship (familiarity, comprehensive communication, a shared framework of common experience and experience), he stared at me blankly; 
  • that the Law didn't come from God, and that we are not obligated to obey it, claiming that it was only fabricated for the idiot people who lived at the time. When I asked in what ways the prohibition on lying, cheating, stealing and killing were antiquated, he could not say; and,
  • that the only commandment we must follow is to love God, but not keep His commandments; these words are not in the original Greek translation, so they don't apply, and all we really have to do is love God, and nothing more. When I suggested that keeping God's commandments is the only means by which we can show our love for Him, even if were not explicitly written, it would stand to reason that we should do just that; he disagreed strongly, but could not support the basis of his disagreement.
Just like he is shown doing several times in the video, whenever I started to state my disagreement, he widened his eyes, squared his shoulders, breathed heavily and leaned forward with an angry look on his face, simultaneously daring me to disagree and to face physical consequences if I dared.

When that didn't work, he tried to force himself on my physically, in the sexual sense. Soon after the Bible discussion, he resumed his litany of body compliments, all while pressing himself against me, and by grabbing my ass. When I lunged out of the way and otherwise made attempts to avoid him, he became even more aggressive with the touching and rubbing, and, sometimes, would effect the same angry stance and stare as he did during our Bible discussion after each rebuff.

Following at least a dozen rejections (I just wasn't horny, I guess), he started screaming at me to tell him what was wrong. I had already told everyone that, if I seem shaken up, it's because Long had lunged at me several times with a kitchen knife earlier that morning, which was pretty much his version of the same demonic schtick employed by my host. I reiterated that there was nothing more to it than that.
An e-mail sent to my grandmother by Long on the same day he jabbed a kitchen knife mere inches from my face
That satisfied my friend; but, not my host, who continually insisted that I scream at him and to start crying. When I didn't scream at him, he screamed at me, presumably, in order to cause me to cry, which he stated that I needed to do, and that must happen in order for me to be able to leave the kitchen (in which he stood also, and between me and the exit). For my part, there was no screaming or crying—just the intervention of my friend, who pried him out of the kitchen as he glared at me, coldly.

That's a few things that happened before the video; then, there's the event shown by the video, in which you can hear me scream, but not cry.

The events after the video are pretty interesting, too, and involve an encounter with a very aggressive demon, who attacked me in my sleep. In short, I was awoken by a nightmare within a mere second of falling asleep, every time I fell asleep. That's not new to me, and I've learned that this always heralds the presence of a specific kind of demon, particularly, the kind that DemonNet is meant to detect and track. After about ten or so nightmares, I was gripped in the neck by the outstretched hand of a demon, which emitted blue sparks on contact. The shock paralyzed me from the waist up (not down), although not completely. I was able to push enough air out of my lungs to make my words audible, even though they were muffled and barely articulate due to the paralysis of my mouth and face. My legs were working, though, and I was able to deliver a series of quick, sharp kicks to my friend's butt in order to wake her up (we were burrowed in my host's bedroom with the door locked while he slept off his drink). Once she turned on the light for me, the ordeal was over. I was able to sleep, uninterrupted, after that, even while the demonic entities lobbed at me by my host continued their assaults, which resulted in partial paralysis (loss of feeling) in my legs and feet, pain in my hands and loss of peripheral vision in the eye most targeted, my left one.

Although the feeling in my legs has returned, as has my peripheral vision, my host is fairing poorly. Since yesterday (today is March 29th, 2017), he has been admitted to Kaiser Hospital with uncontrollable shaking and interminable vomiting; he expects to be a resident there for at least the next two days. This began immediately following an anxiety attack that, apparently, transpired the next morning (which I did not witness).

Update on June 1st, 2017 (from Burbank-Hollywood)
In spite of what the title of this post suggests, I could not tell you what it takes to win a soul back from the Devil, having failed to do any such thing as I originally intended when I set out on May 29th. I can tell you what makes it a virtual impossibility, though, I can tell you with greater precision than I ever could before just what make a person fall to begin with.

If you're a parent, I can tell you how to prepare your children to escape the fate of the weak and the lost—those who have allied themselves with the Gates of Hades in order to avoid inconvenience, and to gratify their desires, and who have done so out of ignorant (or righteous) fear. Generally, it's too late if you haven't grown up without a solid foundation in what the Bible teaches; the arguments and reasoning that would otherwise persuade you to change course have no meaning whatsoever without the context the Word provides. You're speaking a foreign language—even when you're speaking in their native tongue—when you attempt to communicate on that basis and on that level with those who have not established a faith built on works (or the reality created by faith).

I won't elaborate on what I mean here; if you get it, you get it. If you don't, you don't (as heartbreaking as that can be for us who do).

Anyway, I'll be back in that despicable place among those despicable people (i.e., home) in just under two hours—this time, without hope for those I had hoped my patience would one day serve them well in any effort to recover them from the gaping mouth of Hell.

Interesting analytics insights
I can't account for why, but recent analytics suggest that females are more interested in domestic violence- and sexual assault-related posts than males, and they age above the average of the typical male who more frequently read this blog (18-24):

A recent surge in female readers, on the same day of this post
But, I can account for why the continued interest in this post from Los Angeles:

Readers from my neck of the woods (north) are expected, but in Los Angeles (south), the city where all this went down, not so much unless something's cookin'

I'll venture that retaliation of the legal kind is in store based not only on the unusual, but light, interest in my blog from that area, but also based on the spider app that's been crawling my blog page-by-page. Doesn't that sound like something a lawyer would want to do?

Anyway, I intend to heartily counter, regardless of whether my suspicions are correct. Already, I made requested to file a complaint against the soon-to-be-defendant that is the subject of this post, Charles Langley, with the Los Angeles Sheriff's Office; however, since complaints cannot be filed over the phone, I was instructed to request the filing of a courtesy complaint at my local sheriff's office in Santa Clara County.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

iOS Dev | Watching the same demon in different ways

If you ever wonder what I fight about with demons the most these days, believe it or not, it's whether I can do and succeed at stuff like this...

Today, I wrote code that splits a single iPhone video camera feed among multiple displays, each of which can be processed separately and individually and simultaneously, in real-time, without affecting app performing or significant increases to memory and energy consumption using multicast delegation. It displays video as it is acquired by the camera in multiple windows, but with a filter applied at a different setting in each one.

The point of that is to be able to monitor the same scene for different types of demonic activity simultaneously; that would require separate windows, each displaying video processed to reveal and/or enhance visibility of the specific type.

In order to process or filter a video feed in your app, you need the image data. Although you can set up multiple preview layers to display the image feed, the video is going to look the same in each one. That's because the camera supplies the image data required for processing an image (e.g., apply filters, etc.) to one recipient. It doesn't make copies and reroute them to multiple objects in your app.

To do that, you'd have to copy the data, and then redistribute it yourself; but, that means consuming way too much memory and using lot of processing power (and energy) to redistribute (or forward) it. Add the two together, and you end up with performance bottlenecks. On top of that, you'd have to create and maintain separate, custom views. Even without piping video to them, multiple views always means more overhead.

Not just any iOS developer can split video from an iPhone camera into multiple windows, and then process the video in each individually and differently in real-time—and with de minimus impact to resources
With the solution I implemented today, you can create multiple recipients of the same set of image data without expressly copying it, and you can create multiple views of the single class type.

Four views, but of the same class; no references (outlets) to the views were created. As far as the app is concerned, there is only one view
In spite of quadrupling the video feed, and quadrupling image processing tasks, the energy impact was negligible:

Energy use and memory consumption were both low, in spite of four video feeds displaying in real-time, each processed separately, and independent of each other (the exposure was set to a different setting for each)
Performance from the user's perspective is flawless—even when eight windows are displayed—as shown by this video of the app running on my iPhone:

Even while processing eight videos feeds individually and in different ways (an exposure adjustment filter was applied separately to each using a different EV setting), the app displayed them at 120 frames per second.

Update on May 23rd, 2017
Even better than that was a Grand Central Dispatch (GCD) variation on the same theme I tried later:

The highlighted area of the source code editor pane (Xcode) is all the code required to do the same thing as the protocol checker/multicast delegation solution shown first in this post

Thursday, May 11, 2017

'Finding demons in the stills' finds demons in the groups

Granted, I could have (and should have) picked a better still frame to use in my video demonstration, showing how to find demons in still frames of videos made during a period of high demonic activity; still, this is a bit much:

One of several, recent tirades on Facebook, all of which are characterized by a flood of criticism, accusation and a decrying my psychological health for having posted "fake" demon pics
The only reason why I didn't spend a lot of time searching for that "perfect" still frame is because I intended to demonstrate how quick and easy it is to find demons with a camera-enabled mobile device; if I spent a lot of time, that wouldn't be very quick, would it? I like to be authentic.

Unfortunately, as you can see from the above, not everyone is convinced of that; however, fortunately, that's not a problem for me when it comes to demons and what-not as it might be for any other thing. My constant connection to that whole business allows me to demonstrate nearly anything I've photographed or recorded to video, face-to-face, anytime, anywhere, regardless. Whenever I feel challenged by someone to prove myself, I offer to do so. So far, I've delivered every time.

I suspect, though, credibility is not the issue in most cases—certainly, not recently; rather, I think I simply stumbled upon a group of persons tasked with diverting people who aren't in-the-know from becoming otherwise. I'm not all that worried about it, or I'd point out other key things that suggest this, my decade-old experience with such persons notwithstanding. I will, though, define what I mean by in-the-know, in case you don't know, and explain what these groups do.

Disinform, dissuade, deter, discomfort...
It's not a new fact that demons divided the world whose population they intended to "reduce in numbers" into two categories of persons before they started culling it—those in-the-know, and those to-find-out—and, that those who know are placed at various points along the road to safety, recourse and recovery for their victims. Such persons do so as a means to an end—literally—in that, by precluding help, victims are ushered more quickly and efficiently the fate that awaits them—the fate that is called The Exclusion. In 2006, I documented some of my encounters with such groups on The Sunnyvale Knock.

Back then, I was routinely surprised to encounter the problems where they existed—police, courts, family, friends, mortgage companies, banks—you name it, the problem was there right when you didn't need a new one. Now, I've adjusted somewhat, and work around such problems as best I can (with varying degrees of success). Searching this blog for attorney (or lawyer), doctor, judge, landlord, or family using Google will bring up a plethora of posts in which I recount struggle after struggle to receive legal help, medical care, due process, etc., that should have gone smoothly in all cases.

The blog is just as much about the human contributions to the demon problem as it is about demons
So, those are examples that show what I mean by groups of people who disinform, dissuade, deter and discomfort those who need help, albeit help they would never have needed were it not for demons and people like those described in the posts.

I think the Facebook criticism campaign is the same thing, although I do not think it was intended for me, per se. I don't even think it was intended to serve the same ends as those served by demon person described in Demon-people drama: "I think I'm finally getting to him"]. As I said, I think the two groups who carried on as shown above, and also below are there to keep people in the dark about the true nature of some of the phenomena they witness, or even problems that arise from them.

A few of the comments on a recent post to Facebook Group, S.P.I.R.I.T (Do you believe?)
In Human technology is not always the demonic inferior, I posted a series of comments by Facebook users to a woman's post of a picture of her head, semi-transparent. The picture looks utterly ridiculous; everything said to me about my blog and the posts that took the beating could be said about it; nevertheless, everyone fawned over it. It garnered dozens upon dozens of comments and branched out into nearly as many conversations that are still ongoing over a week-and-a-half later.

She wanted to know what people thought, and they told her, en masse. What makes me suspect this as a group of disinformers at work is what they told her they thought. Their explanation includes involvement by a whole host of magical creatures, including fairies, ghosts, spirits, angels, the tooth fairy, Easter Bunny and nearly all else—except demons.

And, that's the thing: if her head was really see-through at one point, that would have been a sign of demonic activity. I said so, and nobody believed me. So, I took her pic and highlighted where the demons were in the pic. Still, that didn't explain the head, half-missing, for anyone; even the poster brushed it off, having responded to the effort with her slight intention to take a closer look at the problem someday in the future. So, I posted about a half dozen or more of the videos showing various limbs (including heads) disappearing and reappearing that I've been fortunate enough to acquire over the past five years to prove that this was a demon thing.

Now, with all the interest expressed in the head pic, you'd think that actual video of this happening (one of which showed my own decapitation, for goodness sakes) might have sparked even more conversation and interest. Instead, I was thanked by the poster, and people who couldn't deny the facts anymore simply stopped commenting.
NOTE | That's fine with me, by the way; I'm don't have a need to prove anything more than what I've proved so far, and I don't think I could prove things any better than I do with the blog, nor do I think the ability to bring the problem to your doorstep so you can eyeball it yourself to be less than adequate proof-ability on my part. I was just mentioning the disparity between the expected and the actual interest to point out the narrowing of efforts by the commenters to focus oh the poster.
Anyway, here's the video that did get interest, albeit the wrong kind:

As you can infer, my readers are the primary audience, and I posted the video to all the places I know them to be. They are past any proof or credibility issues, and are on to learning the means and methods for producing what they see on my blog. I also posted the video to some of the paranormal groups I joined recently, where members are relatively unfamiliar with me and my blog. Under normal circumstances, it might stand to reason that I assumed too much credibility in those groups, not having established myself first before putting things like the video out there; but, in this case, I think the members of these groups and I know each other all too well, so it must be something else.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

TECH | Apple approves DemonNet App for Beta Testing

New to DemonNet? Read about in TECH | "Demon net" iPhone app prototype and PREVIEW | DemonNet for iOS Developers.

The first build of the DemonNet DAQ Client App for iPhone is now available for beta-testing:

The first beta build to be tested is actually 1.4Apple approved the DemonNet DAQ Client for distribution to either beta testers (or even the App Store)Use the TestFlight app to install the app after you receive an invitation to be a beta tester
If you own an iPhone and want to participate in the beta testing program, e-mail me at Once you receive an invitation, download the TestFlight app from the App Store to install the software:

Version 1 (1.4) is the latest test build, and can be installed with the TestFlight app
Since the client app is relatively solid—much effort went into getting it right the first time—I'm not going to hold out for too long before posting it to the App Store. If you're interested, the best time to act would be right now.

For beta-testers...
If you received an invitation and have successfully installed the app, launch it to verify that it runs; then, leave it running for approximately one hour. After launching the app, place your phone down and do not move it. The app will not record data while the phone is in motion. If you accidentally move or bump the phone, the app will stop collecting data until the phone is motionless again. This ensures data integrity by reducing bias error.

The app is self-operating, requiring no user interaction or monitoring. It works like this:
  • after launch, the phone verifies whether it is in motion;
  • when the phone is motionless, the video camera will display sample frames in the upper-right window;
The video (sample frames) window will not display until the phone is motionless;
  • approximately one second after the video starts. a bias frame is captured and displayed in an adjacent window;
The bias frame is displayed between the video (sample frames) window and the user-location map
  • metrics data is calculated as both the sample frames and the bias frame are compared, which is temporarily stored on your phone (the data is displayed in the table and by the graph at 30 records per second);
  • after collecting 400 records, the records are uploaded to a centralized database while being deleted from your phone; then, the process is repeated until interrupted;
  • this process should continue until explicitly stopped by pressing the Hone button twice, and swiping the app window upwards to exit the app;
  • if the phone is moved at any time while the app is running, the video (sample frames) window and the bias frame window will disappear, and data will not be collected until the phone is motionless again.
If the phone is moved, data collection will stop until the phone is motionless again

Friday, May 5, 2017

Human technology is not always the demonic inferior

If I wasn't developing software to extend my purview of my demonic enemies to as wide as its future users will permit [see TECH | "Demon net" iPhone app prototype; see also DemonNet for iOS Developers], I'd be a full-time computer nerd. This world has gone to such admirable lengths to build products capable of making effective changes to matters of consequence, which is not the case in all worlds (and, hardly less true on this one than any other). In spite of my situation, I'm compelled to fold such products into the solution somehow, to make use of them (and give honor to them), to make sure they don't go unappreciated, and to herald the selfless charity they embody, everywhere. As a user of such products, I like being at least vicariously associated with the people who build them, if in no other way.

It's hard at first to get demons to appreciate a great human product, primarily, because mostly such products are not designed for any problem they have, and they do not accommodate their physiological characteristics to make them useable, besides. To explain, I'll provide a few usability issues demons might encounter with mobile devices:
  • touch screens on mobile devices are great for people, but a demon's touch will short out the screen and phone
  • what the human eye sees as a sharp, brightly lit LCD display is obfuscated by the glare of the unseen portions of the spectrum of light it emits to the demon eye (not always, but in many cases)
Aside from a couple of specifics, a more general issue demons have with human technology is their deceptively primitive appearance. Most demon races are pretty advanced; and, even the less-advanced races are well-travelled and -exposed enough to know the difference.

Who needs an iPhone when you've got wormholes?
The demonic equivalent of nanotechnology, artificial intelligence and working knowledge of quantum physics has enabled some races to build intelligent, mechanical forms of life out of off-the-shelf parts, which, among many things, can move from one point in space to another in the blink of an eye, and which are durable and savvy enough to single-handedly wage war as an unseen enemy against any world less capable (and therefore vulnerable). This fact leads to a disinterest by demons in anything built by humans hands—at least until a human-built product bites them in the ass by surprise.

The peek-a-boo wormhole demon, at various stages of emergence from a oft-used wormhole to the left of my desk (the same desk with the another wormhole on its right, as shown in active and proliferous use in VIDEO | Super-high concentration of chroma-producing radiation show demons emerging from picture frame)
To a large extent, that's already been the invention of the same imaging sensors that are used by astronomers, and that are built into every digital camera manufactured. The lack of parity with our demonic foes due to our inability to detect cloaked matter was mitigated by the extended visual range afforded by the CMOS sensor, as well as their placement in nearly two billion hands.

This has led to several historical events considered noteworthy of mention by Wikipedia, specifically:
  • The 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake was the first global news event where the majority of the first day news footage was no longer provided by professional news crews, but rather by citizen journalists, using primarily camera phones.
  • On November 17, 2006, during a performance at the Laugh Factory comedy club, comedian Michael Richards was recorded responding to hecklers with racial slurs by a member of the audience using a camera phone. The video was widely circulated in television and internet news broadcasts.
  • On December 30, 2006, the execution of former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein was recorded by a video camera phone, and made widely available on the Internet. A guard was arrested a few days later.
  • Camera phone video and photographs taken in the immediate aftermath of the 7 July 2005 London bombings were featured worldwide. CNN executive Jonathan Klein predicts camera phone footage will be increasingly used by news organizations.
  • Camera phone digital images helped to spread the 2009 Iranian election protests.
  • Camera phones recorded the BART Police shooting of Oscar Grant.
To the end of this list, I want to add:
  • In 2017, the DemonNet DAQ system devices was developed and distributed for camera-enabled mobile devices, which was used by nearly all owners of such devices to detect and track cloaked entities worldwide in order to develop defenses against any harmful incursions by same, and to otherwise protect everyone on the planet.
There may be lots of worlds where dreamers dream dreams like that, but I'll bet there's only a few where dreams like that come true, and probably only one where it could come true in due time. I'll bet one more thing, too: that in all of the worlds where demons do to its inhabitants the things it does here, it's not so much a dream as it is a dire necessity.

Case in point: A pregnant mother recently posted to Facebook what even I thought at first was a faked image of her head, half of it transparent. It garnered a lot of interest—more so than my own of my head completely and factually missing, shown below:

Four still frames from a video showing my head removed in one instant, and then replaced in another
It was so popular, in fact, that I think that, eventually, my software will take off once people discover just how common decapitation is (and has been, as evidenced by an image provided by another decapitation victim, which is posted to Demon people fail at attempt to use powers on their own).

If you read the Facebook post, you'll find that I had a lot prepared beforehand to offer someone with concerns such as hers, namely, these videos:
I was also prepared to use her own media to support my conclusions, as evidenced by these edits to her original image:

Two demons (out of many), circled, as seen in her original imageA color- and contrast-enhanced version of the original imageA mirrored copy of the enhanced original
A slice from the mirrored copy and the enhanced original each, joined together at the seams, reveal a grinning face of a green-headed demonThe two halves of a white-faced demon on either side of the green-faced demon (left), joinedThe join inadvertently revealed another demon below the white-faced one; which appears to be dressed in an ornate ceremonial, almost Arab-esque garb
Both of these things helped me weather the surge of responses from everyone else who commented, all of whom tried really hard to ignore me at first—including the original poster—but, by the end, could not help but take notice.
NOTE | Although the inadvertent discovery of the almond-eyed demon at the bottom of the two slices was interesting, even more interesting is the fact that the half of his face lines up perfectly with the half of the demon's face above him. Not sure what to make of that yet.
Once convinced that her problem was the one I claimed it to be, the poster asked: Is there anything I can do to protect myself? My reply was: I'm working on that...

That work, by the way, looked like this today:

This video is a demonstration of the most efficient means (in terms of memory and CPU usage) of generating a live graph view of data as it is stored in a database at a rate of 30 records per second for the DemonNet DAQ system client. It supplements my answer to another developer seeking advice online as to how to do just this very thing, and who had received literally the worst of answers from other developers. The answer was provided in lieu of an answer he already accepted as useful, but which included no information whatsoever as to how to draw a graph, and ill-advised the questioner to maintain a secondary container of data in addition to a primary one. The extra container would have burdened the questioner with unnecessary data management, and the app with excessive memory and power consumption. You can view my answer and see the code that draws the graph on

A real-time graph makes it easy to sift through the mountain of data the app collects to find the specific EMF-interference signature left by a demon's cloak when in proximity to the camera sensor. Presently, that signature is defined only as a change in the readings overall, which can be brought about by any number of sources in addition to a demon's cloak.
NOTE | Changes in readings can also occur with such sources in tandem with a demon's cloak, making the two indistinguishable from each other without further research.
To refine that definition into one that clearly identifies interference from cloaked molecules to the exclusion of (and while in the presence of) any other source, data from multiple DAQ system clients must be collected, combined and analyzed. That's why widespread use is essential, and is why I make the effort and otherwise take notice to the postings such as the one to Facebook.

The vital importance of digital camera imaging sensors
The reason digital camera sensors are uniquely qualified to be a vital part of the solution to the demonic plague can be explained by the primary differences between cloaked and non-cloaked molecules with respect to visibility and their respective interaction with light.

A non-cloaked molecule absorbs almost all of the light that strikes it, absorbing some of its properties, and then emitting its own light from the portion the molecules did not absorb. That explains and defines variances in color, and why we can see things comprised of non-cloaked molecules.

By contrast, non-cloaked molecules absorb very little light, which probably flows right past it due, in part, to the difference in the relative flow of time between cloaked molecules and non-cloaked molecules (it's not just matter that is a factor here, but time, also). The molecules are probably moving too fast and the light too slow to interact in the same way normal light and molecules in normal time do. Although some light is absorbed by cloaked molecules, that light is emitted at a frequency outside the spectrum of human visual range.

More about the app
More information regarding the purpose of the DemonNet DAQ System, and how the data collected by clients will be used for the aforestated purposes, is available on this blog at:

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That is what makes cloaked molecules relatively invisible to people, but not the CMOS sensor, which has a visual range that extends well beyond that of humans. That is why they are used by astronomers, who observe phenomena in space that the human eye cannot see—things that are evidenced only by their emissions of gamma rays and X-rays and the like—and that is why they are used to detect cloaked demons (the "interference" that is the evidence of their presence isn't really interference to anyone but the human observer; it's just the camera's rendering of the imprint left on the sensor by the unseen light).

The concept of light being transformed into something vastly different than that which is most commonly seen in nature should not be unfamiliar to anyone. Fluorescence works just like cloaked molecules, in that it is a property some molecules exhibit by absorbing light of one colour and emitting it at a different color (that's not the same as absorbing all colors and only reflecting a subset; fluorescence make a new color).

Fluorescence occurs when a photon of high energy from the UV or blue end of the visible spectrum is absorbed by a molecule, which excites its electrons into a higher-than-normal vibrational state, albeit temporarily. Once the energy that caused the excitation dissipates, the electrons return to their normal state by releasing a photon at a lower energy than the energy of the photon it absorbed. That results in a different color to the light it emits than that of the absorbed light. In scientific research, fluorescence is used as a fingerprint to identify different molecules present in a substance; in cloak detection, the same principles and means will be applied to the equivalent ends.