Friday, September 21, 2012

#408 - VIDEO/PHOTOS | Sucker demon pierces my neck with tendril

A video made several days ago during a Voices Demons-initated attack by sucker demons shows a tendril of a sucker demon piercing my neck in as I (try to) lay in my bed; and, it shows a second tendril lashing my eye after I pull the first tendril out of my neck. Because the video is difficult to follow, these two still frames from that video are provided below, showing both of the aforedescribed events:
A tendril of a sucker demon pierces my neck (enhanced) A second tendril lashes my eye after I pulled out the first (enhanced)
This is the video, which is still being edited:
The following still frame shows a sucker demon similar to the one that attacked me in my bed, as shown above:
The tendrils of a sucker demon, spread out over the top of my head as I reach to pull it off, while at a beach in San Gregario Cuts and scrapes from earlier attack by sucker demons at the behest of the Voices Demons, which have lasted for hours each, and have continued for several days at a time, for nearly a year
Previous posts also complain of needle-like pain in neck and trapezius
Although this is the first video showing a sucker demon piercing my skin with its needle-like appendages, it's not the first time I've complained about it, as these posts prove:

And, as shown by these posts, sucker demons are not the only demons with a propensity towards needling people, and, in particular, in and around their heads:

For more information on sucker demons, search this blog for sucker demon.