Friday, December 15, 2017

Finding demons using an iPhone X, from start to finish

The following video is a screen recording of the entire process of finding demons using just an iPhone X, from configuring the camera settings to enhancing the still frame that captured a demon:

NOTE | There are several techniques for recording demons on digital video; this is just one of them, specifically, the high-duration exposure/in-motion camera technique.
This is the still frame that is enhanced by the end of the video:
The still frame reveals in sharp detail the white, shrouded face of a demon [click to enlarge].

The steps shown in the video are best summarized by this conversation with a Facebook user, who asked how to produce images like the above:

Steps for finding demons using the high-duration exposure method
NOTE | A collection of images made during periods of high demonic activity sans demons is available in the Liquid Chroma gallery; they are provided to illustrate the differences between the way light behaves under fourth-dimensional influence.

Other videos showing demon-finding with an iPhone X
The next video shows how altering the white balance of a still frame reveals demons based on their color:

This video was shot in the dark without any adjustments to the camera's duration of exposure:

The last videos in this how-to series of videos shows enhancements as they are made to a still frame (below) taken from More Ultra-High Levels of Demonic Radiation [see VIDEO | Super-high concentration of chroma-producing radiation show demons emerging from picture frame; see also How demons, their people manufacture victims to ease murderers' conscience]

Enhancements made to the still frame revealed an opening just underneath my armpit (right); a similar opening can be seen on video in Hole opens in left armpit
The video shows how to use the Selective Edits feature of Adobe Lightroom CC to make enhancements to images like these: