Monday, April 8, 2013

#563 - PHOTOS | Close-ups of sucker demons and eye spider demons

This weekend, my body was carpeted with eye spider (but not sucker) demons [see HOW-TO | Removing eye spider demons from your skin; see also VIDEO | The body-hair variety of sucker demons, decloaked], which is nothing unusual. After all, the Voices Demons love to attack this way; in fact, so much so, that they even place these on their human collaborates without telling them.

What is not so usual, however, is the high quality of the images I obtained. Until I got a higher-resolution camera, the interference from the cloak of eye spider demons distorted the images, primarily, because I had to hold my lower-resolution camera closer to them to compensate.

Even still, they are small and fine, and much of their bodies are semi-cloaked, if not cloaked entirely (the spider-like portion of their bodies that you can see is not the entire eye spider demon). These images, then, are neither perfect nor what you'd expect, quality-wise. But, they still will give you a better idea of what these demons look like:
They look like hairs until you zoom in (see below) ; eye spider demons line the top of my forearm, planted like a row of garden vegetables
As you can see, these demons look like a crop of hairs growing out of the same follicle—like a spider with no head:
An enlarged and contrast-enhanced version of the original image (above); best viewed on a Mac or iPhone
Their legs feel like soft-metal wire; and, there's a tightness to your skin in the area where they dig in, and sometimes they itch. Even without the tightness and itching, you can still tell they are there, and you feel compelled to remove them for that reason, if not for the fact that they are alive and should not be on you at all. Unfortunately, because their legs break off rather easily, they are extremely difficult to pull out. If you grab at the head, they cloak it and move through your pinch. If you're fast enough, however, you can get a good enough grip to pull them out—that is, if you do it as soon as you get a grip. Prepare to pull hard; they are stronger than normal hair. But, then, they will probably burn or shock your hand when you succeed. Moreover, they "absorb" into your fingertips, and then swim to another part of your body.
NOTE | Use toilet tissue to remove eye spider demons and sucker demons from your body; the added pressure, as well as the friction from the texture of the toilet paper, which is unfamiliar to them, weakens their ability to maintain their cloak.
While they mostly remain still, particularly, if you're looking at them, they can and do move. When on the surface of your skin, they crawl like a spider—and about as fast; however, when below your skin, they move quite slow (if the yellow-tinted circle that appears on the surface of your skin above their bodies is any indication).

Sucker demons, attacking eyes
My camera also captured better images of sucker demons. Although I have captured a few images of these worm-like critters that are fairly clear, these show them at work, doing the bidding of the Voices Demons.

In this still frame from a video of a sucker demon attack, you can see a yellow-whitish sucker demon on my eyelid:
A sucker demon, attached to my left eyelid and cheek, bends its middle into my eyeball to burn and poke it; you can also see several on my lips, which they do to complicate and interrupt speaking and chewing (see close-up of eye in pic below)

A sucker demon,
attacking my eye
In much less than a second, the sucker demon in the image above attached one end of itself to my eyelid, while attaching the other end to my cheek; then, it bent its middle into my eyeball in order to burn and poke it, which adds a haze to my vision.

Like my neck degenerative disorder they caused, blindness is meant to be inflicted gradually, and after much ranting and raving by the Voices Demons. Sucker demons attack my eyes like this all day, while the Voices Demons come up with reasons why they told the sucker demons to do this.

They are being used to inflict other injuries, too, primarily, something to do with removing some of the ligaments and cartilage in my fingers and toes. They are doing the same to my jaw, which I found out is meant to make chewing nearly impossible, as my mandibles will not meet at the proper contact points when biting down.

The eyes and brains, however, remain the primary targets, and are the ones of most concern, of course.
The same sucker demon shown in the still frame above, this time, touching my eye with one end, and coming from my tear duct (which sucker demons damaged to prevent proper eye irrigation)
In fact, numerous holes and caverns have been drilled in and around the eye sockets in order to harbor sucker demons and the like.

Although, most of the time, one would have to take my word for it that sucker demons are doing this to my eyes, sometimes, that fact can't be denied:
Evidence of internal injury per a cloaked tendril of a demon, which are nearly identical to sucker demons, except that they are attached to a bunch of other tentacles that intersect with the body of the demon
For more information about this particular image, read PHOTO | Puss oozes from eye after pierced by cloaked demonic spike.