Sunday, April 23, 2017

TIP | Using Google to search The Life of a Demoniac


One thing I've learned over the course of my problematic existence is that tackling a big problem (such as living the life of a demoniac) becomes more manageable when broken down into its constituent parts. By examining its intricacies, I can group smaller problems by similarity, and then work on one problem independently of the others; and, by revealing any connections between them that were once concealed in their combination, I can free up time and effort by formulating strategies that not only solve more than just one problem, but that also complement each other so that they can be combined into one big solution to the one big problem I started with.

Data analysts call this the split-apply-combine strategy; and, if you're reading this blog because you have a problem like mine, you'd do well to become a one-man, splitting-applying-combining strategic machine real fast. If that is, in fact, your problem, you've come to the right place to eventually become just that, in that this blog is long-established as a solid foundation for developing strategies that are well-informed strategies (know thine enemy, and all that). The only viable solution to your big problem is big information, and this is a big blog.

Unfortunately, that's it's weakness, as well as its strength. On its face, the blog conveys too much that's too far apart, which doesn't compel anyone to make an effort they don't have the bandwidth to make, at least not given the nature of their problem. And, yet, they can't afford not to make the effort, either.

Hence, the introduction of a new kind of post, which is described by the label, Search, which will provide guidelines for maximizing the benefits of around-the-clock, up-to-date access to a multiplicity of vital information in order to make the split-apply-combine strategy approach more useful. Generally, there are two steps to making the most of what is offered by this blog, which are:
  • Identifying topical relationships among the multiplicity of data posted to this blog; and,
  • categorizing collections of (or grouping) related topics by subject—first by priority, and then by interest.
These steps are collectively known as the map-reduce approach, for which we have a tool: Google. Posts labeled Search will each provide a different example of using Google as tool to create a body of comprehensive information on a topic most relevant to you from all the little pieces of data scattered among nearly 1,000 posts, which were written over the span of over five years.

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My first choice of topic for the first installment of Search posts is penis, which I based solely on the fact that it continues to be the only search term in over five years to remain in the top three, everyday.

Five years after the initial publication of The Life of a Demoniac, search terms joining demon and penis still rank higher than all others
Not that I wouldn't have justification of my own for choosing it, considering such images as the one of a demon in possession of that particular part of my anatomy (above and below), which number more than one;  but, in all likelihood, you would never see such a post for any reasons less than these four:
  1. my penis had been, in fact, possessed at one point in time;
  2. it appeared to be either a widespread problem or, at least, concern to others, and was a problem that no one would deny me due appreciation for having made them aware;
  3. search terms used by seekers of information on the problem still ranked among the top three queries throughout its entire history; and,
  4. my claims were supported by the mountain of evidence provided on this blog, which consists of 346 posts establishing penis possession as a real problem, and all other posts that solidly proves that demons exist, and that they do many other things like that on a regular basis, and as a matter of course and campaign.
As I said, because so many readers have sought information on my p.p. problem for so many years, it would likely be enough to rest my case on the image above, alone; rather, I've gone further—much further—by providing more than a single still frame, more than just one movie, and couple all of them with sound, verifiable explanations for the means and circumstances by which these images were acquired, and for the occurrence of the phenomena shown by them.
NOTE | I could also justify it based on a means of promoting more traffic to the blog, even though I don't (you would think a big problem advertises itself, but it doesn't; heady topics like this one tend to be a draw, as evidenced by the popularity of the blog's all-time, #1 post, for which traffic counts outnumber a distant #2 by 5-to-1).
After this one, most topics will be chosen by their ability to move many of man's scientific theories into fact (from social sciences to physics) by demonstrating them as such; others will provide heavy emphasis on threats to health and safety that were overlooked or inadequately addressed (from human-nonhuman interaction safety guidelines to war). Others will group posts that support the Bible as the Living Word, and answers the question as to whether it is fact or fiction for persons who believe it to be the latter, having been dissuaded by the incredulous claims it seems to make (like, how the earth was created in such a short time, and why it predates the estimated time of its creation, for example).

That may not be as fun or interesting to readers, but these are all the elements of success in a world increasingly occupied by members of the Gates of Hades. They are advanced and powerful; but, we are not (yet), for one thing; and, the only level on which we are on a par with them is the knowledge of what's right and wrong, and of the means to apply that knowledge to our defense.

Regardless of the topic, all of what you read and see in its supporting posts will be definitive proof for any sound mind that makes an effort. The media contained in them alone is sufficient; but, what falls short can be demonstrated personally by me—and, that, for anything you see and read about on this blog, at anytime, anywhere and for anyone.

Posts presenting complex topics will be supplemented with additional information in addition to a list of related posts to help readers understand them. Others will frame information in a way that invites readers who may have been prevented from seeing anything more than what was evident on its face.

For example, take this image of a demon in possession of a certain part of my anatomy, which, in all likelihood, you would never see under any conditions less (and other) than these four:
  1. it was so possessed;
  2. it was a widespread problem of which no one would deny me due appreciation for having made them aware;
  3. it was still among the top search queries for information on my blog for no less than five years in a row; and,
  4. it was supported by a mountain of evidence provided on this blog that not only supports my claim of the problem that is penis possession (or, p.p., for short), but evidence that supports my claim that demons exist at all, and even more proof that they do many other things quite similar to this:
Because so many people have been seeking information specifically on my p.p. problem for so many years now, it would almost be enough to rest justification on its popularity alone; but, I go further—must further—by providing more than a single still frame, more than just one movie, and sound and reproducible explanations for the means and circumstances by which these images were acquired, and for the occurrence of the phenomena shown by them.

Just one the many still frames from a video made during a period of high demonic activity, showing just one example of many of the unparalleled degree of depravity that is the practice of demonic possession; slow playback of some sections of the video even show multiple removals and reattachments of the possessed body part (not shown)
But, before I get further into that, I want touch on the kinds of topics that may have slipped your attention, aside from those that beg your full attention by merit of their bawdy subject [mention topics like HIV, which may cause fear or are associated with stigma)...

The universal significance of a picture or video of a demon in a mirror or reflection is completely lost on most people, and most people who would understand the implications of such an image rarely would visit a blog such as this one appears to be on its face, regardless of which of these two persons you are. Were the situation not violently thrust into my face on a constant basis, I sometimes think that I would be a negative qualities-only combination of a typical blog reader and a physicist and winner of the Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Award for my work in nonlinear and quantum optics: I wouldn't be the type to visit this blog; and, if I did visit it, I wouldn't draw a parallel between what is highly theoretical and what is otherwise yet to be accepted as scientific fact, and an image of a demon's reflection in a TV screen that was not present in the room; nor would I comprehend the potential impact to every facet of the life of every human on earth and the introduction of a very powerful and intelligent form of sentient life in an image of such emerging from a swirling wormhole in someone's bedroom.

Not only would I be unable to apply that knowledge, but even if I did, the world provides no infrastructure for capitalizing on the confirmation of (and access to a live demonstration of) any one of its advanced scientific theories. It's not that it never will, but it definitely won't happen in short order—and didn't.

The previous examples prove my point perfectly about the world and its crippling handicaps. First, it lacks the requisite unity among its peoples to respond to incursions by non-human life correctly and safely, and given the ever-widening dichotomy between one group that kills and one group that is killed, it certainly has no business being anywhere else until that situation at least  stops growing. Even still, the planet is full of sentient life that's been around as long as man, which has a long track record of selfishness and oppression, snatching up for themselves any opportunities that arise before man can move a single muscle in its direction—and, then, inventing ways to leverage it to...

To search for all posts that relate to a given topic (in this case, penis):

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NOTE | This isn't how popularity is evaluated on a blog like this; although, page hit counts do sometimes provide a fast way to measure the appeal of a post. Generally, it is determined by the number of hits only; other metrics are also considered, such as the number of subsequently read posts, the number of users who exited the blog after reading the post (bounce rate), how long a post compelled a reader to continue reading the blog, and whether the reader went directly from a link in an advertisement of the post, or whether they navigated to it by chance after having read other posts.