Sunday, June 26, 2016

Reader wakes up to the reality of the Apocalypse

For my part, the demon problem has advanced from the occasional photo- or video-sighting of things that go bump in the night of 2011 to the elbows-deep engagement in a literal war against the powers-that-be of 2016.

But, for some, that is all just beginning—even 5 years after mine—as is the case for a reader who recently shared his (overt) encounters with demons with me and readers of the Wordpress version of this blog. Yesterday, he wrote:

About six years ago, if someone had referred me to the web page, The Truth about Meth, Witchcraft and Demons, I would have …
I am 20 years old. I started reading the Bible in late 2015. I wanted a relationship with God and tried my best to be a Christian during the week but on the weekends i would party with my friends. I asked God to give me dreams about what I was doing wrong and for months i would have dreams of partying. Dreams of me walking out of the church to go party. I knew i needed to stop partying but i thought "its okay i can stop later, the blood of Jesus can forgive my sins" so i kept doing it despite the warnings in my dreams. I had a dream that i went over to get drugs at this persons house and these fat people on the couch said "have you ever done meth?" And i said no why and they said "it allows us to know your thoughts and how you think" and i said i didnt know what that meant and they said you will see. I then went out to my truck with my friend and busted out some coke we got and before the dream ended i saw a lightning bolt in the coke. About a week later i actually went and bought coke with the friend that was with me in my dream. We got 2 grams and did half a g and later that day i was reminded of my dream and i was like wow there was a lightning bolt in the coke thats probly not good so i poured it down the toilet. Then i had a dream that i was at my aunts house and i went to go ask her a question then came outside and a cop walked up and said "what are yall doing?" (btw the cops in my dream are what i interpret as God aka authority) and i said we are just hanging out and he handcuffed me and then uncuffed me and i look over at this hill by my aunts house and fire came rolling down the hills and i stayed with the cop and said "bye drunk people yall have fun". About a week or two after that dream i went out to my aunts and invited some friends of mine to drink and take what we thought was molly. A friend gived good light shows if he has glow sticks so he asked me to see if my aunt had any so i went into her room to ask her and all of the sudden i remembered my dream and was like okay i dont want this dream to come true. So i walked back outside with my friends and im standing around thinking and all of the sudden my whole body got chills and it was if this voice was speaking into my brain with a microphone. It said "you have the holy spirit, you have the holy spirit. You need to leave" and i freaked out and was like "are the cops about to come?" And it said "not actual police but something bad might happen" and i was like well its 3:30 in the morning and i dont need to leave so i went inside and was talking to these 3 distinct voices that seemed to me like the trinity. I was talking to them and they told me what i had done tonight was methamphetamine. My legs got really hot as if i was getting burned and i didnt put 2 and 2 together. I thought since i stayed with the cop in my dream i would be okay. But i was excited that this voice was telling me i had the spirit so i texted my friend and said hey i just got the spirit and all of the sudden those 3 voices went away saying "we still love you" and this evil voice took over and said "wow! What a shame! I tricked you! Youre going to hell now" and laughed this evil laugh and i just lost it. I was scared beyond belief. Ever since then my dreams have been scary and basically showing me im going to hell. I am almost positive i committed the unpardonable sin by saying what i thought was good was actually something not good. I just wanted to share my story in an attempt to save those who still have an addiction to meth or any drug for that matter. Drugs are the devil. Its a way in for him like a portal. He is very deceptive. But fortunately there is a way out and that is through JESUS CHRIST! Please people turn to Him because He loves and cares about you! Dont make the mistake i made. Once you turn to Him dont turn back. Finish the race strong! Just because i killed myself spiritually doesnt mean i want others to be doomed to hell for eternity. Seek Jesus while you still can. There is a war going on for our souls whether you believe it or not. Eternity is a long time. Dont figure out hell is real after its too late. Jesus says seek and ye shall find! If you dont find Him immediately keep seeking! He WILL reveal Himself to you. The door will be opened. God bless!

My response:
Thanks for your post to my blog; I approved it for publication, and you and other readers should now be able to see it. 
Please note that the Wordpress version of The Life of a Demoniac is a periodical backup of the Blogger version at Visit that site for the latest posts, and for more about God, the Word, and how these relate and apply specifically to persons in your situation. 
Please also note that I make myself available without limit to those who seek a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. In fact, I actively correspond by letter with prison inmates seeking same, some of the letters to which you can read at:
If you still read the Bible, you should peruse my online collection of Bible notes at:
Like you, I pray, and you can read a couple of my prayers at:
Also, in addition to helping you along The Way, I'd like to address any demon-specific concerns you may have, and would also like to impart on you some advice and a heads-up based on what you've told me so far. You have clearly been in contact with Voices Demons (the sayings you quoted tell me that you have, as well as their intent for you).
This means you are—and have for a long time been—in danger. I cannot possibly stress that enough; but, know that it is true, and even while it may feel less so over time, it becomes even more true everyday (you can get "more used to it," but you shouldn't). The only fatal mistake you can make is to ignore the problem, and to fail to act decisively.
In short, my advice to you would boil down to this: If you can find another place to live far from where you live now, you should move there immediately. Doing so moves you off their stage, and forces their actors and the like to set up and otherwise accommodate a new venue. That is a gargantuan effort on their part, and it takes considerable time. With the extra leeway provided you by your relocation, you could get sober, and develop a deeper relationship with God and others who seek same. You will have the latter in any case, but, sadly, sobriety is not likely possible in your situation. 
You sound young, which means you may need assistance with relocating, or explaining to others your situation and your need to take definitive, corrective action. I'll do what I can for you with respect to any limitations you may have in those regards. 
Finally, I know of such persons in identical situations to yours; if you'd like to talk to some of them, I can make that happen anytime, any day, 24 hours a day. Regardless of what you decide to do, you should at least hear what they have to say, and, of course, tell them what you know. That would only make sense to do, even if you were really enjoying what was going on; it is unlikely that your nascent comprehension of the Word and symbolically laden dreams will be adequate companions in a journey that is quite the lonely one. 
Thanks again for sharing; I hope to hear from you soon.