Wednesday, November 28, 2012

#468 - CRIME | Complaint filed with NYC Bar Association against demon-allied attorney

Gil Kreiter, New York City Attorney, lied repeatedly about the status of a collections case, and, for over three months, ignored the fact that the defendant evaded service of summons
Based on the circumstances described in CRIME | New York attorney lies for demons, secretly married mother evades service of summons, a complaint was drafted for subsequent filing with the New York City Bar Association against attorney Gil Kreiter:
Complaint to the New York City Bar Association against Attorney Gil Kreiter for Negligence, Misrepresentation
To read the criteria for filing complaints in the New York City against an attorney violating rules of conduct and the ethical standards set for them, read:
How to Complain About Lawyers and Judgesin New York City For more information on the money-restricting agenda of the demonic agenda, read Demons block money-saving/making, job-search efforts