Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Video shows 'blanket demon' blending face with bedspread

Blanket Demon, Blended, is the latest addition to the growing collection of examples of demons blending with objects. This video clip shows the blanket demon blending his face with my bedspread:

Although blurry, this video shows the blanket demon's mouth moving. At the time, you could hear distant, muffled—and constant—talking, which did not seem to originate from the blanket demon's mouth, but, based on the mouth movements, were clearly its words. Unfortunately, the audio track has since been dampened by the demons, and the ramblings of this lunatic can no longer be heard.
NOTE | The appearance of blurriness of demons—or parts of demons—in digital media is explained in Invisible Demons Detectable by Radiation Emission.
This is the first video of the blanket demon itself; in the other two videos, it is hiding under the bedspread:
  • In Blanket Demon I, the blanket demon, hiding under my bedspread—while in my bed—throws my bedspread at me as I try to get comfortable; and,
  • in Blanket Demon II, with the bedspread on the floor this time, the blanket demon, again hiding under my bedspread, suddenly leaps up at me before scurrying out of the room.
The blanket demon was once called the blanket monster. As it turns out, this demon was the one responsible for pulling my bedspread off of me, right before another demon jumped in to scare me, when I was kid. Back then—and now—I could always tell that a 'monster' was about to jump out because my blanket would suddenly become tight on one side of my body, before being pulled to the floor.

Sucker Demon Round-Up

Sucker demons: demonic worms that are small enough to hide in the tread of your shoes, yet strong enough to anchor them to the pavement—even if you're running.

They even fly:

And, there are as many of them as their are flies:

They prefer not to be seen by humans:

But sometimes they do consort with them, often for transport to other locations:

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