Tuesday, February 17, 2015

SOFTWARE | Real-time, configurable chroma video filter

A new image-processing filter is available for download that allows you to focus on demonic activity occurring in the chroma (or color noise) and map it with near-perfect clarity in digital media made during periods of high demonic activity. This filter is far more advanced than past versions, in that it is configurable in real-time; any changes you make to filter settings are automatically applied to the filtered media, even if that media is a video that is playing at the time.

The chroma-focus (middle) and chroma-map (right) versions of the original (left) are automatically updated as filter settings are configured
The configuration options allow you to focus on the chroma, which is where cloaked demonic activity is detected. By adjusting a single slider, you can amplify and sharpen the chroma, the results of which are superimposed over the original as a side-by-side:

Find every sucker demon and similar entity swarming on your face (or wherever) with the focus slider [see results, middle]; then, sharpen and enhance your findings with the shadow and highlight sliders [see results, right]
Once the catch-all procedure for focusing on the chroma in an image and mapping the demonic entities found it that chroma was established, the task of processing video and images en masse was automated in Quartz Composer, which processes an average of 30 images in one second.
NOTE | Compare that to the rate of five frames per minute for images processed by GIMP (via a Python-fu script).
No more skimming frame-by-frame, and then culling the frames that look demonic for subsequent processing. Now, I can simply play a video, adjust the sliders as it plays, and find and process all things demonic on-the-fly:

This newly-acquired efficiency and speed brings a fundamental change in my view, approach and handling of the problem that is the demonic plague. Before, it was enough to take a single still frame, enhance it and post the creepy-crawlies that I found on the blog; but, now, because I can watch the behavior of these creepy-crawlies live, and have terabytes of existing video that are telling me a lot more now than when I first made them (thanks to these video filters of mine), I'm obligated to do something with what I know.
A razor-back sucker demon, embedded in my trapezius, was spotted (middle) first by focusing the chroma, and then confirmed by the map output (right)
So, my routine has shifted from telling to doing. What exactly, I do not know, other than putting this tool into a more convenient, easier-to-use form, and then distributing. After all, this problem is everywhere, so this tool will useful (or at least applicable and relevant) to everyone.

My face in-the-ether, pockmarked by sucker demons emerging from beneath the surface of my skin, not to mention repeated abuse and demonic mutation