Tuesday, October 16, 2012

#434 - Voices Demons take a second and third swipe at freedom

The Voices Demons, which vowed to incarcerate me falsely just three days ago, took a second and third swipe today at my freedom. In Voices Demons' rumor mill at work, these nefarious demons discussed with other demons—as well as Bay Area citizens—their intent to incarcerate me; and, less than one day later, they made their first attempt, as described in Voices Demons make good on yesterday's threat.

The exact wording of the intent of at least one of the Voices Demons was:
I'll take that tweaker out of society; I don't want him in my face anymore. Pedophile charges are not an option for us; but, we can make problems. If pedophile charges aren't forthcoming; then, what can I do? I can make problems for him in a hurry.
17 years is ours for the taking.
This morning, I found out that a pawn of her own horde of Voices Demons, my probation officer, had intended to ask the D.A. to incarcerate me at my next court hearing for a violation of probation; just like from AUDIO | Voices demons harass visitor to my apartment, she is also harassed by these insidious and foul creatures, and had apparently been cajoled into helping them incarcerate me.
NOTE | Once, after leaving her office, I heard at least 5 Voices Demons screaming in unison, in the most shrill voices I've ever heard. I'm assuming she didn't do as they had asked in her meeting with me that day.
It appears, however, that this issue has been resolved in my favor; however, on my way home, I was stopped by a deputy of the Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office and cited for crossing against the light.

I intend to fight this in court, as this alleged violation of law was not even witnessed by him; rather, it was reported by a demon-allied VTA light rail operator, who are all blatantly and unabashedly allied with demons, specifically, Voices Demons.

This particular alliance is crucial for demons, as the very first thing demons do to their human victims is deprive them of their mobility, i.e., steal or wreck or repossess their vehicles. This forces them not only to stay within a general (and manageable) area, but also pushes them into the demon territory that is public transportation. There, employees operating buses and trains and the like are used to make false implications against victims in order to progress the agenda of demons.

Sounds weird, and is weird; but, it's true. It's simply how demons do it, and how it works.

In my case, the light rail operator told the sheriff's office that I was walking along the tracks, and that I had crossed the street into oncoming traffic. Simply not true. Had the officer believed the light rail operator's story, I would be in jail right now, facing at least two misdemeanors for railroad-related violations, including trespassing, and one felony count for a violation of probation. Given the trend in sentencing structures lately, that would be at least one month in jail.
The number of attempts to deprive me of my freedom in such a short amount of time makes it clear that the Voices Demons are in a panic about something. Their reputation notwithstanding, I believe that it is directly attributable to the pending suits against several of their human collaborators, which I am all but assured to win.

These cases include:
  1. J. Bush vs T. Ziemkowski [Case No. 1-12-SC-049842]. This case seeks monies owed per city, state and federal my former landlord, Khoa Nguyen, having rented me an illegal, substandard apartment, which is approximately $4,000.00 by law. For more information on the circumstances surrounding this case, see:
  1. J. Bush vs V. Salazar [Case No. 1-12-SC-050039]. This case seeks reimbursement for the value of property stolen by former roommate, Victor Manuel Salazar, who also stole important court mail, which cost me an important suit against Khoa Nguyen. For more information on my former roommate, and to read about the egregious circumstances of my tenancy with this individual, read:
  1. L. Cao vs. Heaven's Gate Recovery Homes [Case No. 1-12-SC-049953]. Although not a party to this suit, the circumstances from which this claim for the return of rent unused arise from my interaction with Lee Ayers, manager of the aforementioned business. The shenanigans related to this individual and Heaven's Gate Recovery Homes can be read about in:
NOTE | Read Voices demons say, "They'll offer you 105 (years) to life [in prison]" for the most comprehensive background and summary on the Voices Demons' intent to incarcerate me.
UPDATE | A regularly scheduled follow-up hearing went smoothly yesterday; the judge was pleased with the reports he received from probation, the treatment program in which I am enrolled, and the fact that I tested clean on my last round of drug tests. I walked out of court a free man, and to applause by the judge and the audience in the courtroom. The demons, and, in particular, the Voices Demons, have been near silent and non-visible since, although their connection remains.

#433 - TECHNOLOGY | Highlighting demons possessing a human as shown on video

These instructions show you how to use GIMP to highlight demons that are possessing you, which are sometimes revealed in video shot in partial darkness. A real-world example is used, particularly, a still frame from a video shot of me in the dark about a week ago:
What I looked like in the light on the same day the darker image below was made;
in the dark, an entity that does not resemble me in any way, shape or form appears

The above is a demon possessing me at a time when a hyperdimensional portal was opened in my apartment.
NOTE | To see what a room looks like when a hyperdimensional portal opens into it in the daylight, see VIDEO | A room in which a portal from Hell opened.
How do I know that the demon's face in the video still frame isn't your face with the flashlight-under-the-chin effect on it?
When you process some still frames in GIMP, my face doesn't line up with the demon's face at all. This will be more apparent as I process more still frames from other movies.

Why can I see the demon's face, but not yours?
The demon is both reflecting light and emanating it at the same time. Polarized light combined with reflected light is more light, and makes the demon's face more visible than my face, in that my face is only reflecting light. This was more fully explained in SCIENCE | The ethereal glow and semi-transparency of cloaked demons explained.

Following is a portion of the video the still frame used in the example (below) was taken from, including both the original and a slightly "enhanced" version:

  1. Open an original, unaltered still frame in GIMP, and select the layer in which the frame is contained:
Use a still frame that is saturated with red color
  1. On the Color Menu, click Levels; then, click the Auto button:
Using the Auto feature of the Levels command results in a slightly brighter version of the original still frame
  1. Drag the Red channel onto the image to create a layer copy:
The colors of a channel copied into a layer are grayscale
  1. Set the mode of the layer copy of the Red channel to Dodge:
The image color returns to red, and the image itself appears brighter
  1. Duplicate the layer copy of the Red channel approximately four times:
Stop duplicating the layer copy of the Red channel when the image (or a portion thereof) becomes too bright
  1. Set the mode of the top layer copy of the Red channel to Addition; repeat for each layer until the demon is fully revealed, starting with the second to the top layer, working downwards:
Addition fills in the dark spaces by spreading out the red spots without brightening the image
  1. On the Layers menu, click Merge Visible Layers; then, on the Filters menu, point to Enhance and click Unsharp Mask:
Use the default settings of the Unsharp Mask filter
The result is the chroma mask of a demon in possession of a human, as captured on video:
Compare this to the original still frame, at the beginning of the set of instructions
Following is the video from which the above still frame was taken:

More instructions for enhancing images of demons
Other instructions for enhancing images of demons and the like can be found in TECHNOLOGY | Enhancing photos of demons (and the like); for videos showing an example of still frame capture and enhancement using GIMP, see PREVIEW | Unedited screen recordings show procedure for enhancing blue-light demon photo.

Instructions for using Photoshop