Saturday, January 30, 2016

The sinus infection from Hell

As I've said ever since DIGEST | (TECHNOLOGY) Tips and Techniques for Processing Demonic Digital Media to Save the World, demons are the primary cause of all of the human world's major maladies, especially, physical illness and disease, and that in order to even begin to address the problem directly, one has to be able to see what the problem actually is, something the demon cloak makes nearly impossible.

To that end, I've been working on digital camera software that enables people to see the hidden causes of some illnesses, particularly, by demonic entities that are placed or otherwise lodged on the outside of the body, whether intentionally or through negligence.

While testing that software last night, I think I found the cause of my recurring sinus pain, which for the past 20 years, has always been diagnosed as chronic sinusitis:

Processing this still frame, taken from a video made during a period of high-demonic activity, revealed the underlying cause of the pain felt in and just outside my right nostril, specifically, that spoke-ringed wheel-shaped demonic entities
The same still frame (above), halfway through the image-processing pipeline, in which every pixel within a 3x3 block of contiguous color was darkened to make it easier to find any creepy-crawlies through the chroma
The original still frame, unprocessed, which seems to show nothing particularly abnormal, but actually shows otherwise, as shown by the same still frame, processed (left)
As you can see, the chroma caused by the emissions of the demonic entity has revealed a spoke-ringed wheel-shaped demonic entity on the right side of my nostrils (that's your left). I'm sure there's more somewhere on my skin, but I chose this one because it's the easiest to spot and point out due to its symmetry, which you can also see in another still frame from the same video:

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Usually, entities shaped like this one are found on and in my eyes.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

GALLERY | "Spun"

Yet another gallery of interesting (but uninformative) pics of demonic activity, which don't tell enough of a story or have an explanation sufficient to warrant posts of their own, but which couldn't be ignored, either. They are just neat to look at, especially knowing they are not only one of a kind, but show a phenomenon unique to demons, particularly, their ability to morph and transit between dimensions (for lack of a better term). The still frames posted to this gallery (aptly named, "Spun") show one or both of either of those things, wherein objects and surfaces are literally whirling like a pool of the same name.

They were captured by my iPhone while recording video during a period of high demonic activity (the only time when such images can be made). That which spins in a given still frame spun without any spinning of the camera; the videos from which they were taken might show movement, but no circular motion of any kind, whatsoever. Look closely enough, and you'll realize that, even if the camera was spinning, the images could not have rendered in the way they are. Try it with your own camera, if you don't believe it.

Bedroom carpet

Scratchen's fur

Walking at night

A possessed T-shirt 

Image characteristics showing demon-possessed blankets
There is another indicator of demonic activity in digital media in addition to spinning, which indicates movement. When a demon possesses, say, a blanket, they fold it (or, themselves, depending on the perspective of each of the pairs), even while they possess it. They can also use the blanket to smother, trip, entangle, uncover, and cover you. The following images show the midpoint (or so) of such movements:
The blanket shown in these still frames appears to be reknitting itself whenever the possessing demon(s) molded it to exhibit characteristics of their original form (such as their heads)
In the above still frames, the blanket appears to be reknitting itself, which happens as a possessing demon(s) molds it into its own shape. Threads elongate and separate, cascading from one part of the blanket to another, which looks like waves crashing onto the seashore [see still frame, bottom-right]. In this still frame, part of the blanket/demon-possessing-the-blanket juts upwards, right from the middle of the blanket:

Near the upper-right, two ropes are shown interwined as they rocket from te 
Near the upper-right corner, you can see two, intertwined ropes, likely made out of the threads in the blanket, which can be seen shooting out from the surface of the blanket in the video:

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At the very beginning of this blog (2011), I posted three videos, each showing an attacking blanket demon [search blanket demons; search also demonic radiation]:
Since that time, I've posted numerous videos and images showing molecules in transition from cloaked to non- and back again [see How demons alter matter (and what it looks like when they do)]; I've also posted others showing objects in the near-vicinity of demonic activity concentrated at a single point, which, in digital media, causes them to take on a unique and unusual appearance as compared to objects further away [see Effects of High-Level Demonic Radiation on Digital Image Sensors (from Demonic Feng Shui); see also VIDEO | "Zap" emits EMF radiation visible to digital camera].

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Demon handyman

What I thought would be a human handing a chair to the person making repairs in the bathroom turned out to be a demon. He was captured on video just an hour ago, walking into the room that connects to the bathroom wearing what, at first, looked like a towel, but what is actually akin to the saffron robes worn by the Hindu religious elite:
A still frame from the video showing a demon bringing a chair into the bathroom
The video yielded three solid—and two less-so—still frames showing the demon's face. In those frames, his face appears to be in a state of transition, morphing from 2-D (or flat, which is the dimensions all demon possessing a textile assume) to 3-D:
Only a portion of the demon's head is visible as he emerges from the towel-like robe he wore, which was likely morphing from flat to roundHis head is revealed in full about halfway through the clip showing the demon's face, which is made quite unique by an unusually large cranial cavityStretching upwards to a demon is always heads-first, as shown in the last frame containing the demon's face and head 
Like nearly all videos showing demonic activity, the face comes and goes so fast, you wouldn't know you missed it unless you skimmed frame-by-frame:

Not every video gets analyzed this thoroughly, and 99% of footage gets tossed from the blog—in part, because if you've seen one demon, you've seen them all, and in whole, my situation just doesn't allow much time for that kind of work. This video almost became so much refuse like most other videos; however, it managed to get my attention when I noticed two things:
  1. How the wearer of the robe entered and exited the bathroom on two points: the demon's height remains level throughout the entire clip, thereby implying he's walking on legs—something he no doubt worked very hard to pull off successfully; unfortunately for him, no one told him to hide his legs at all times, which I figure based on the fact that you can see that he has no legs. Then, there's the fact that he didn't turn around when exiting the bathroom, yet he didn't step backwards either. His "legs" walked forward into the bathroom, and then forward out of the bathroom. You can tell by his motionless robe that there was no pivot between entrance and exit.
  2. How the demon moved. A demon's movements give them away when they are asked to move physical objects or when they feel caught by, say, a video camera [see VID | Hooded, shadowy intruder peers into iPhone slid under door]. Because weightlessness is a property of cloaked molecules, when a demon tries to move like a human in any other way besides the way a human would move while calm and under calm circumstances, they flit instead. That's because inertia is not a factor; they can go from 0 to 60 in less than a second—and they do.

Two orbs fly into wall, disappear beneath

Over three years ago, a hobgoblin demon suddenly emerged from my apartment floor, right in front of where I sat, and then ran into an adjacent wall where she disappeared somewhere beneath its surface [see VIDEO TIMELINE | Maskless Hobgoblin Demon Springs From Floor]; and, tonight, two green orbs did the same (disappear into a wall, that is) except that one came from the ceiling and the other from my ear:

At the time of the hobgoblin's intergalactic lane change, I speculated that the verticality of walls in opposite relation to floors somehow had a connection with hyperdimensional portal transfers (exiting one portal and segueing into another). Having seen many a transfer, it was a good guess. Unfortunately, it remains so after all this time.

Why the wall and not the window? Or the ceiling again? Where does a wall lead? How do you know which wall to go through? are a few of the most obvious questions people would generally ask, but I'm more interested knowing about the aspects of the transfer that are common among all those I've witnessed.
NOTE |  Why my place? Why me? are two questions I would also pose for pondering by those to whom they are posed. They know why.
Aside from the opposing angles of the entrance and exit points, I've also witnessed these commonalities:

  • Weightlessness upon exiting the first portal
  • Running towards and into the second portal (they all run at approximately the same pace)
  • Emerging towards and observing in the direction of the second portal prior to exiting the first portal is (no one ever looks around for the wall; they come out of the floor knowing exactly where to go)
  • The travelers make very little noise, but some; and, they are visible (both are highly unusual, otherwise)

Monday, January 18, 2016

TIP | Sharpening chroma sans oversaturation and overbrightening

This post outlines a quick and easy image-processing technique that can be applied to digital media saturated with color noise called chroma,  which is a consequence of the EMF interference to CCD sensors in digital cameras by the cloaked state of demonic entities and cloaked equipment.
A still frame taken from a video made in semi-darkness during a period of high demonic activity reveals the skin texture of an inner demon
The challenge is to find cloaked entities and equipment using an image-processing technique that works for all chroma-saturated images, one that can be applied across multiple images (such as frames in a video) without requiring manual adjustments to each.

In short, that amounts to developing a technique that sharpens the chroma in an image while maintaining its original saturation and hue, as well as its overall brightness, which is no small feat. Graphics designers and all others who work with images struggle with overblown brights and colors to one part of a sharpened image and detail-hiding darkness to the other parts.

Not so with the technique described here, as shown by the following screenshots:
A still frame, saturated by chroma, from a video made during a period of high demonic activityThe same still frame, enhanced by sharpening the chroma
A close-up of the original still frame (above)A close-up of the enhanced version of the original still frame (above)
The mean and standard deviation of the original was 0.030 and 0.064, respectivelyThe mean and standard deviation of the enhanced version increased only by approximately 0.005 each, a negligible change in overall image brightness and color

As you can see, not only does the image retain its original color and brightness after the enhancements are applied, but it can now be reasonably said to those attempting to acquire their own images of demonic activity that, to get the best chroma imprint, position your digital camera and/or orient the subject so that the image contains partial darkness and partial light, which is actually how you have to do it.

Technique: Finding cloaked demonic entities in three steps
Cloaked demonic entities that are evidenced by chroma in digital images can be rendered using the following procedure (illustrated using GIMP):

Step 1
Dilate a duplicate of the original

Step 2
Difference the original and dilated images
Step 3
Subtract the result from the original
Optional: Substituting the Color for Saturation blend modes
For increased sharpening, substitute the Saturation blend mode with the Color blend mode:
A close-up of the original, unedited still frameThe first-pass enhancement technique, applied to the original (left)
An additional enhancement using a desaturated copy of the result of the first technique applied to the still frame (above, right), blended using the Saturation blend modeAn alternative additional enhancement to the result of the first-pass technique (above), blended using the Color blend mode instead of Saturation
The trade-off is far less pronouncement of the red-colored tendrils of chroma; the gain is far greater detail of the remaining (blue and green) chroma artifacts.

Optional: Invert the dilated duplicate, set to Divide
Instead of disabling the dilated version of the original that was differenced with same, invert it and then set the blend mode to Divide:
Invert the dilated duplicate of the original, and set the blend more to DivideThe enhanced still frame, without dividing it with the dilated duplicate of the original
The result of dividing an inverted dilated duplicate of the original with sameThe original still frame, for comparison to the result of dividing it with an inverted, dilated duplicate (left)
This will brighten the darker parts of the image, although too much in some parts.

Once a still frame is processed, they can be analyzed for the source of any problems demons are causing (or intend to cause). In my case, it's blindness by putting cloaked entities on, in and around my eyes; and, in the still frame, you can clearly see a yellow, worm-like entities stretching from my eyelid and onto my eye.
A worm-like entity, stretching from my left eyelid, and down to the eye 
Same image (above), magnified by %150
Magnified by200%
Magnified by 300%

That entity may be invisible to me in a mirror, but is something I can actually feel with my fingers, as well as on my face and eye; and, it is something that is damaging my eyesight.

Coming up...
The same technique, applied to video:
Original videoThe same video with a prototype of the technique described above applied

And, another technique for sharpening differences in chroma (check back soon).