Wednesday, July 25, 2012

VIDEO/PHOTO | Flying red sucker demon

It flew just like the white sucker demon in Sucker Demon Flys [sic] into My Apartment, but had an elastic-like quality to it like the gray sucker demon in Sucker Demon in My Bed. In fact, the only difference was that it was red.
A red streak shoots from a pile of clothes on the floor and towards the camera
That's right: sucker demons come in gray, black, white and red; and, yes, colors do matter. White sucker demons are the least shy, and are the most likely to be seen flying; black and gray sucker demons typically reside in clothing and bedding, and do most of the heavy lifting when it comes to moving body parts (like knocking your feet from under you, etc.). Both white, black and gray sucker demons are plentiful; however, I have only seen a red sucker demon twice, and not since I was first "introduced" face-to-face with sucker demons in October 2011.

Today, at The Watergarden, however, I inadvertently caught a red sucker demon (I think) on video, in spite of their elusiveness:
What is as unusual as an appearance by a red sucker demon is the fact that I didn't see it with my own eyes. All sucker demons, when on the attack, make their presence known by appearing for a split-second in your peripheral vision; if they fail to catch your attention in this way, they'll try again and again until they get it. ("It's part of their program," the Voices Demons would say, which, in their moronic vernacular, means that they think that sucker demons do this to cause some sort of additional psychological stress, perhaps in the form of panic, to the already stressful routine of tripping you up, pulling your covers off of you, moving your fork into the side of your face while you try to eat, etc.).

This red sucker demon is shaped, and moves similarly to, the gray sucker demon shown in Sucker Demon in My Bed, in that it flies in a straight line, and appears to stretch towards it target landing site. Both the red and gray sucker demons look like elastic that was slingshot on video, which was then played in reverse.

VIDEO/PHOTO | The bathhouse blanket demon

A series of video clips made in my room at The Watergarden show the face of a blanket demon that was formed with such precision it is discernible from a much wider angle than most. This expert craftsmanship is rare, in that most blanket demon’s faces are only viewable from the initial angle at which they were originally discovered.
Half of the face of a blanket demon is blended with a pile of
clothes on the floor, and looks like the grouchy face of an old man
The videos themselves were made as soon as the tell-tale signs of the presence of demons started, and mostly show the camera panning the room, looking for signs of demonic activity. The blanket demon's face is revealed whenever the camera is pointed at a pile of clothes on the floor.
From another angle, so you can see that it's not a coincidence that a face appears in the pile of clothing (it is truly 3-D)
In them, you can see half of the face of a blanket demon, which looks like the face of a grouchy, old man:
Until I watched the videos later, I did not even notice the blanket demon. Like all demons blended with objects, particularly when only a part of them is visible, one must focus their eyes on only the part of the object that the demon is blended with in order to see the demon. As is the case with nearly all blended demons, this blanket demon shows only its head, and only half at that.
As for all blended demons, you have to visually block out the portions of the object with which the demon is not blended by picturing in your mind imaginary borders surrounding the demon’s face. You should also shift these borders around, making sure they overlap, in order to uncover other demons hiding in the blend. Of course, other than for the sake of curiosity, you would do this in order to get a complete list of demons making an appearance, should you actually be able to use that information to do something about it. In this case, there appears to be two other demon faces overlapping the most prominent one, which, as I stated, is not unusual; however, unlike that face, these two are half-formed.

Like all demons blended with objects, particularly when they are blended with only a part of the whole, you must focus on just the part of the object that is blended with the demon. In this case, it was just the head, which is the most common body part demons blend with objects, and only half of the face, at that:
Half a face of a demon (upper left of center), with misshapen nose and eye not fitted to head correctly
When the camera is in motion, you can see the areas of its face the demon is working to complete based upon the amount of blurriness, not indicated by the streaks (those will be the same), but by the darkness of an area

VIDEO | Specter of Skull Behind Me

At The Watergarden, a specter of a skull slowly approaches from behind:
Other entities with skull-like faces and/or heads are shown in the following videos: