Tuesday, August 26, 2014

PIC/VIDEO | Close-up of tendril-firing demonic hand weapon key for finding possession victims

A frame-by-frame skimming of a video made during this latest period of high demonic activity, i.e., last night, uncovered the best still frame yet of those electrified, irradiated tendrils launching from a demonically mutated stump of a human hand (albeit right into my own hip from my own hand).
NOTE | The tendrils are called wires by demon people.
Although various pics of this weapon and its variants have been posted to this blog for over a year now, this newest image reveals details and clarity the previously posted pics do not:

A close-up of a tendril-firing demonic hand weapon, deployed by demon people by flinging their arm, wrist and hand in the direction of the target; the tendrils penetrate the target at a specific point on their body, allowing the demon person to define the effect of the injury (note the hand has become a demonically mutated stump, which acts a launch base for the tendrils)
For example, now that the exact shape of the launch base and the location of the border between the mutated and non-mutated portion of a demonically mutated arm is known, persons who are unwitting demoniacs can be identified as such by the unique set of medical differences between them and non-demoniacs (presently, only a demon or demoniac can identify a demoniac, which requires both parties to be within range of an area where demonic activity is high):

A close-up of the demonic weapon
Whether those differences amount to evidence of surgical or biological/chemical alterations that are manifested by the mutations and alteration inherent to demonic possession would be the next question, which is more easily answered now that we know what and where to look inside a demoniac for such evidence.

The following video clip shows the full deployment of the weapon, which gives readers a better understanding of the nefarious nature of the weapon:

As you can see, this demonic weapon is totally concealed by a perfectly normal human arm; then, in less than 1/30th of a second, the weapon can be activate, guided and deployed, before being concealed right afterwards.

More information on do
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VIDEO | Wrestling with a Demon-Possessed iPhone in the Dark (DRAFT)

As you'll be able to tell as you read this post, I'm still writing it. I posted it early because I was eager to share the video clip, and to get useful feedback on its presentation of the issue at-hand, specifically, little demons committing acts of mayhem that, if they weren't perpetrated non-stop, for days, weeks, months and even years, would simply be rude, annoying, surprising and sometimes refreshing and totally unexpectedly creative. 

Not only am I still hashing out the text—which is being slowed by a post I'm writing about Scratchen's recently discovered hearing loss—but, I'm also working on a cleaner version of the video. The one posted is awful, and if you don't know what you're looking at, it counters my goal to provide convincing and indisputable evidence of demonic activity.

The difference between an original (left) and a noise-reduced still frame (right) per Adobe After Effects; I'm switching from Apple Final Cut Pro
As you can see if you compare the above still frames to the video shown below, it's possible to clean up a really bad video quite a bit; but, to get it into watchable form, each still frame must be examined individually to ensure that the few that show the action look as good as possible.

Getting better results from Adobe After Effects (vs. Apple Final Cut Pro)

The original still frame (above), unedited

Consequently, much more time is needed.

Keep checking back...

A new video clip made early this morning adds a perfect example of what has been the greater part of my life over the past eight years—demons making everyday life both arduous and stressful, sometimes working around-the-clock for days at a time; specifically, it shows a miniature hobgoblin demon—black hooded cloak, four to six inches-tall—trying to keep me from picking up my cellphone. You can see him flipping around in the palm of my hand, trying to keep my fingers from grasping it; and, when I succeed, he teleports the cellphone back onto the table, and himself into my hand. When I reach for the cellphone again, the cellphone moves a few inches away, while the demon puts the USB cable in my hand instead.

This work is left to any number of small demons, which range in size and shape from little thread-like worms to Jawa action figures, but all small enough to go unnoticed by anyone who doesn't need (or wants to pretend they can't) see them. They hide and wait in your clothes and body orifices, on utensils, shoestrings, and generally anything else you wear or use, and then spring into some kind of obnoxious or injurious action whenever you actually try to wear or use those things, complicating or preventing their use.

In Demon-induced stress key to gaining strongholds in the mind, I wrote:
The demonic agenda is meticulous; it's one reason why they say, "the devil is in the details." Knowing that it's the little things that add up, demons will cause seemingly small problems—all day and night long—in order to create a level of stress that makes you more vulnerable to later attacks of both the mental and physical kind. 
One way to discretely cause stress is cord-tangling. In order to tangle cords, demons move cords through each other, which is demonstrated not only in the video below, but also in the Angry Cords video; they can also change the flexibility of a cord, i.e., make it stiff or pliable.as shown in both videos, they can simply jerk the cords around as you try to maneuver them or reach for them.
These demons have incredibly elaborate schemes for adding stress and anger to primarily three activities (although I am confident they have at least a loose idea on how to make anything you want to do difficult), which are listed below, and are followed by examples from own experiences:
  1. Dressing (or wearing clothes). text
  2. Sleeping. text
  3. Eating. For example, my spoon has suddenly turned upside-down right before it reached my mouth, usually, by a black-cloaked, inches-tall miniature hobgoblin demon—the same variety shown in the video clip below—who will leap into the palm of my hand, and then, with surprising strength and speed, spins around inside it to loosen my grip on the spoon, before flipping it upside-down. The demon does this so fast, that the spoon almost always reaches my mouth before I realize what happened. Another example is involves a different variety of demon, specifically, a very long, wall-dwelling variety of black sucker demon, which is used by Voices Demons to torment their targets by stealing food from their plates, bowls or even their mouths.
NOTE | The Voices Demons' program—their word for what is effectively complete dominion over every area of a target's life, including even eating, sleeping, social communication, recreation/hobbys, occupation (if allowed), housing (if allowed), and anything else a person does—and involves limiting or restricting and directing and scheduling such activities; 
Two years ago, the thin, blurry line that is a black sucker demon streaking through the air like lightning, shot in and out of the baseboards of my old apartment, snatching cereal out of my breakfast bowl, bite-by-bite, until only the milk was left; I was told that day that I "wasn't allowed" to eat for a month, and this was my first meal since that declaration (although this was only time the meal-restriction was enforced in this way, Voices Demons may have used other methods to deprive me of nutrition, as they have other, amazing methods for working inside people, even to the point of having the ability to deprive people of food they've already eaten, without their knowledge).
NOTE | If a demon makes a weight-loss "prediction" for you, it's likely they are not using some sort of demonic fortune telling, but actually plan to make you lose weight by one of the methods aforedescribed; the same goes for their weight-gain predictions, which probably involves either discontinuing stealing food from your gut or preventing its absorption in your intestines (or what have you)—which most people don't know about, but has gone on most of their lives—or damaging a specific organ or gland in the body in a specific way to cause the weight gain that is symptoms of the injury incurred, most likely by destroying the thyroid gland.

—a sucker demon snaking out of your nose to pull your phone away from your ear, and so on.

--- snippets below ---

but, it is the kind shown in the video that actually appears to transform into an object they want to vex

This morning was no exception; demons like the black-cloaked, inches-tall miniature hobgoblin demon shown in the video had been at it for days on end, complicating every movement wherever possible.

In the clip, I pretended to pick up my cellphone in order to demonstrate the kind of interference demons cause...

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