Friday, June 29, 2012

California paranormal societies, groups, investigators and ghost hunters asked to weigh in on demonic activity

There is a fairly comprehensive list online at California Paranormal Societies, California Paranormal Groups, California Paranormal Investigators, California Ghost Hunters of persons who investigate and otherwise take an interest in the paranormal; I am in the process of contacting each one of them in order to get help ascertaining what in the world is going on here.

Following is the general message I'm sending:
I'm contacting as many paranormal experts as I can in California because I'd like to find someone—anyone—who knows what's going on.
I have a collection of notes about my recent paranormal experiences at:
And, I have nearly 80 videos of what I believe are demons at:
Would you please take a quick look and see if you can make heads or tails of this stuff?
I am posting the results as they come in. Here's what I've received so far:

From: (6/30/2012 4:26 PM)
Thank you for contacting CCPI. Unfortunately, we can not help you Mr. Bush. Demonic activity is beyond our area of expertise as we deal specifically with ghosts and hauntings. Good luck and take care.
My reply:
Sorry to hear. How does one make the distinction, by the way? That way, I know the difference when I'm asking around for help...
His reply: (6/30/2012 7:54 PM)
there is a big difference but I would have you find an expert for a definition and explanation.
My reply:
I'm sure there's a big difference; but, I would like to know how you made the distinction in my case. The reason I ask is, another paranormal investigator asked me how I knew what I was recording were demons. So, how did you, specifically, make the determination that I was recording demons, and not ghosts?

From: (6/30/2012 11:45 AM)
If your going to seriously try to capture video evidence I would suggest you use another source of video equipment. The reason I say this is because all the videos I watched had slow frame rates. I would suggest you use something that can record at least 30 frames per second, that way you dont get the lag or drag feeling to your videos. Also all the videos I watched seemed to have some kind of processing or effects, meaning that you edited/altered the videos from the original state by placing white flashes in between cut frames ect. This kind of stuff leads me to believe that its not genuine, meaning you mistaken the video footage or simply are trying to create a hoax video. We do NOT & will not have anything to do with hoaxing or falsifying evidence. Our main goal is to provide proof - If something paranormal is happening and/or a way for the client to deal with it, if they so desire. Personally, for me finding proof that the human soul survives after death is challenging but reassuring if it can be proved. After all we will ALL find out sooner our later. Its the uncertainty in the NOW state of mind that is a driving force for us. This is why we do not deal with fraudulent claims. Thanks for your interest in POST.

My reply:
Thanks, I appreciate the feedback. I assure you this is no hoax; but, regardless, based on your response, you've never encountered entities like these, so a request for help would be unavailing. Again, thanks for your time and attention to this matter.
By the way, the video footage was made on a Huawei Ascend M860 or a MacBook Air. They are all I can afford as far as camera equipment goes. As far as all the editing you apparently see (I don't), I did none of it. But, to alleviate any concerns you have, I can provide you with the source file—as produced by these pieces of equipment—for verification purposes. I really do need the help; so, I don't mind dealing with the paranoid, as long as they have the information I'm looking for.
From: (7/01/2012 11:40 PM)
Ok...So assuming what you are experiencing & recording is genuine. What exactly are you seeking?
My reply:
No more than I asked for originally: any information you might have on these types of entities. What are they? What can be done about them? That type of thing.

I guess I'm just really stuck on what to ask for or what to expect because, quite frankly, of all the things I've asked for and expected in life, it was never this.
From: (7/01/2012 12:51 PM)
So why exactly do you believe this to be demonic in the first place? Have you ever played with an oija board, or summoned any kind spirit?
My reply:
To the first question: Perhaps I'm guessing.

To the second: I had access to no such things at age 5.
From: (6/30/2012 3:30 PM)
Ok alot of people tend to jump to conclusions about the paranormal. They say things like "its evil" or "its a demon". This is a natural feeling for most people due to being scared. Its a natural reaction for people to fear what they dont understand. So maybe its possible that what your dealing with is not demonic in nature. Since you never summoned any spirit or played with oija boards, that rules out YOU bringing something in through that kind of door way. Are you currently doing any kind of drugs or ever had any mental issues, either with your self or family members??
My reply:
My camera is sober and sane.

From: (6/30/2012 12:05 AM)
Yes we have no prob looking at what you have as evidence.
My reply:
Then, thank you so much! My notes and photos and videos are mostly on But, a quicker—but dirtier—way to view the videos without fishing through a bunch of blog posts would be on
By the way, if there is anything in a video viewed on Vimeo [that you can't see very well], it's due to Vimeo's compression scheme; however, you can download some of the original videos from MediaFire. If you can't find one that you want to see, ask, and I'll post it.
From: (6/30/2012 8:23 PM)
Do you need a place investigated?
My reply:
Of course; but, would you be able to help? I need to be sure...

From: (6/30/2012 12:47 AM)

What makes you think it's demonic?

My reply:
There was the time when they etched '666' into my skin (which has since healed, by the way).
Then, there's all the times they've announced their arrival with that triton logo thingy...
But, they are not the traditional Satan worshippers or whatever. They're just monsters climbing out of portals, mostly. They are always mean (except for a few, who have sympathized with my situation a time or two).
I've been hurt. A list (and photos) of my injuries are on my blog. They include lacerations and broken bones.
They demonstrate behavior, thinking, and capabilities of angels/demons (not Holy Angels, but you know what I mean if you know your business). Clearly, it's what they are.
But, I don't think they are actually "demons," in the literal sense. Did the devil create his own beings? These seem like managed entities that are just demonic in nature...
There's just so much more to say; but, you'll be better served by reading my blog and watching the videos. I know it's a lot; however, I doubt your time will be wasted.
I'm looking forward to your thoughts; and, please, don't hesitate to call or e-mail.

James Alan Bush
(408) 791-4866

VIDEOS | Demons use my bedspread four times to frighten

No wonder I can't get a second date.

The same bedspread that the mother demon and its baby blended with two days ago has leaped up at me twice, and formed the face of a talking blanket demon once—all of which is on video.
In Blanket Demon I, my bedspread leaps off my bed and into my face
Does that make it a haunted bedspread, or do demons just use whatever is available?
In Blanket Demon II, my bedspread leaps up from the floor
At the time, there wasn't much in my apartment to use, and blankets are far more malleable than other materials, and hold their shape better. I assume that demons expend more energy forming their faces and bodies with glowing light, and less by shaping blankets.
When viewed through a light tunnel aperture, the blanket demon's face is revealed
The mother-child demon video makes the fourth video that shows my bedspread in demonic action; it can be seen in Hobgoblin Demons birth offspring.
A mother demon and its child blend with the bedspread, which was folded up and stored on a shelf
The other three videos that show my bedspread animated by a demon include:
  1. Blanket Demon I
  2. Blanket Demon II
  3. Blanket Demon, Face-to-Face
All of these bedspread possessions occurred at 471 East Julian Street, in San Jose, California, where the bedspread is used. I now use new bedding, which has remained unhaunted so far (the table lamp, though, still slowly moves by itself).

HOME | Police report detailing tirade by former roommate

The police report documenting the crazed antics of Victor Salazar, my former roommate at 3311 Princeton Way #5, in Santa Clara, California:
Santa Clara Police Report (Victor Salazar)
As partially described in the report, after the third day of my initial tenancy at the apartment, Victor Salazar kicked open the front door, and launched into a tirade of threats and expletives until police arrived.
The chain lock was destroyed when my roommate suddenly
(and inexplicably) kicked our front door open
He was escorted from the premises for the night, after I declined to prosecute.

A complaint for damages for the property stolen by Victor Salazar has been prepared (it is on this site) and is pending review by the Superior Court; a temporary restraining order was declined, but will be refiled until issued.

Related postings (most recent first):

HOME | Police report detailing landlord's failed attempt at instigating false arrest

On June 11th, Kirk Moye, landlord of 3311 Princeton Way #5, in Santa Clara, California, lies to Santa Clara PD about the legality of my tenancy, stating to officers that an order evicting me from the apartment was issued by the Superior Court and served on me by the Sheriff's Office.

When police arrived, they placed me in handcuffs—and then investigated. Eventually, they uncovered the lie and released me.

Following is the police report made in regards to the incident by Santa Clara Police:

Santa Clara Police Report (Kirk Moye)

In the report, the landlord lied about the source of the damage to the window, stating that I had "kicked in the window," even though he knew better (and he knew why):

A civil suit is pending the outcome of a complaint made to a supervisor at the police headquarters (evictions are a sheriff's matter; paperwork should be verified before yanking someone from their home in handcuffs and dripping wet shorts); the landlord will be sued on several grounds (see related legal research posted on

Crystal methamphetamine use common denominator among demon-led local terror groups

About six years ago, if someone had referred me to the web page, The Truth about Meth, Witchcraft and Demons, I would have rolled my eyes, sighed in disgust and hit the Back button on my browser immediately.

Who cares? is the first thing I would have said. And, I doubt any of this is true is the next thing I would have said.

But, as of today, I have nearly 100 videos and audio recordings of not just crystal meth addicts (i.e., the gang-stalkers) committing crimes at the behest of demons (see Demon-possessed, self-professed pedophile recounts crimes against children), but, astonishingly, I also have videos of the very demons they work for crawling out of hellholes and helping the gang-stalkers commit their crimes.

In fact, even the gang-stalkers all but admit this in the recordings in these posts:
As is clear from the gang-stalkers' own words in the audio recordings in the above postings, crystal methamphetamine was the reason, the cause, and the pay-off for them when working for demons; but, to assume that is the only connection—or a requisite one—is foolish, naive, and dangerous.

The connection between crystal meth and demons is not definitive, as evidenced by my initial exposure to demons between the ages 5 and 8, which resumed at age 32 and until present. In fact, even though it had noticeably aged somewhat, I readily recognized the demon in Specter of Demon Illuminated by Light Glare from my childhood, and I was not a 5 year-old tweaker when I first met it.
The specter of a demon which I have known since age 5 reappears nearly
30 years later in the glare from a nearby table lamp
Yet crystal meth use still makes a handy excuse for the lazy and cowardly for not helping those in need, which, specifically, is anyone who is kept in the grip of demons by an addiction that may be purely physical, but is aggravated by the mere touch of a demon's hand on the head of the addict.
NOTE | When I say the "grip" of demons, I mean that quite literally, in that I have personally witnessed a demon touch an otherwise sober man's head, which immediately caused him to crave to the point of trembling. Having seen this, I now discern between good people and bad people, not on their drug use, but on their willingness and effort to do good, as evidenced by their actions and the results.
That's probably what sites like the aforementioned get wrong: they insinuate, or come right out and say, that crystal meth use is the reason for demon appearances and the like; but, based on my knowledge and direct experience, it would appear that the only thing they got right is that crystal meth is a drug used by the devil himself for his purposes; however, it is not the reason for working his purpose. It also makes a great cover for his handiwork.

In sum, the prudent will never use crystal meth to begin with, and the ones who do should not beat themselves up—or get beat up—for using, but should make every effort to relocate out of range of any demon that might be causing cravings, as demons are limited in range, and requires years to re-root in new locations—100 or so miles should do. But, if you live in San Jose, where crystal methamphetamine use is ubiquitous among all classes, races, etc., especially among working professionals in the tech industry, the civil and criminal justice system, and federal, city and local law enforcement, move east—not south or north.

That's because the Bay Area and L.A. have been saturated with demonic entities; you will not escape them going in either direction.

And, speaking of the Bay Area, here are some interesting Bay Area drug use statistics, based on both my personal knowledge and on the demonic scuttlebutt (remember: I'm in constant contact with the demon rumor mill all day and all night—even when I wake up in the middle of the night to pee):

Worst among government agencies and law enforcement (in drug use, starting with the most prevalent)
  1. Santa Clara County Office of the District Attorney
  2. Sunnyvale Department of Public Safety
  3. San Jose Police Department
  4. Santa Clara County Office of the Sheriff
  5. Federal Bureau of Investigation
  6. Campbell Police Department
  7. Superior Court of California, County of Santa Clara, San Jose Division
  8. United States District Court for the Northern District of California, San Jose Division
Best among government agencies and law enforcement (in abstinence and monitoring, starting with the most vigilant)
  1. California Highway Patrol
  2. Secret Service (San Jose)
  3. United States District Court for the Northern District of California, San Francisco Division
One of the Prophesy Demons (formerly called the Voices Demons) just said, "You generally got it right; but, I would have to say that San Jose is pretty much where the problem lies." In other words, saying that the district court in San Jose did not have a problem would not be the consensus.

I agreed, but stated that it is so much less than the other places, I felt the need to put it in the "best" list.


Argh! As usual, they're right; here's the new list (it's not fair to the clean-cut highway patrol to put them on the same list with those who are so much less disciplined):

Worst among government agencies and law enforcement (in drug use, starting with the most prevalent)
  1. Santa Clara County Office of the District Attorney
  2. Sunnyvale Department of Public Safety
  3. San Jose Police Department
  4. Santa Clara County Office of the Sheriff
  5. Federal Bureau of Investigation
  6. Campbell Police Department
  7. Superior Court of California, County of Santa Clara, San Jose Division
  8. United States District Court for the Northern District of California, San Jose Division
Best among government agencies and law enforcement (in abstinence and monitoring, starting with the most vigilant)
  1. California Highway Patrol
  2. Secret Service (San Jose)
  3. United States District Court for the Northern District of California, San Francisco Division
You may ask: What's the connection between law enforcement and gang-stalkers?

Listen to the last thing gang-stalker Jon Harrington says at the end of this compilation of audio clips: