Thursday, May 31, 2018

Authenticity of demonic insignia confirmed

A demonic symbol sent to me by a member of a paranormal-topicized Facebook group combined with a still frame from a video made during a period of high activity, for which a special technique was applied that is required to capture such activity in digital media
There are many symbols ascribed to the demonic by humans, but none confirmed as authentic by demons until today. The following still frame was taken from a video made during a period of high activity using the high-duration exposure technique:

Elements in this still frame match most (if not all) of those in the insignia below; not only are the lines and curves the same, but so also are the angles
I immediately recognized a match between it and a symbol sent to me several months ago by a demon person with membership to a Facebook group that focuses on the paranormal:

This is the first piece of solid evidence in my collection presented on this blog that confirms human-demon collaboration, not just knowledge. An insignia would not be given a human by a demon absent a partnership beween the two parties.

A still frame taken from a video made during a period of high demonic activity, which shows a demon fashioning itself from items in its immediate vicinity, but not yet formed into a cognizable entity; even still, it is sporting perfectly matched the angles and curves of the insignia
The still frame shows a conglomerate of demons, each stacked one on top of the other. This is called a totem, which is done for at least two reasons:
  1. to assist each other in the "transit" from one realm to another, demons form a chain of sorts; this allows "syncing" of a demon's molecules with that of the destination realm by syncing with that of a demon with one foot in his realm and one foot in ours when unable to do so alone or when requiring a faster transit than otherwise possible on their own;
  2. in order to maintain a stronger presence in the destination realm, e.g., greater tangibility and visibility, while maintaining the benefits inherent to their own realm.
In other words, these demons aren't just here to look around; they are here to leave a mark of some kind; and, given the use of an insignia, and considering the egregious circumstances under which this insignia was given me, I'd say that mark is not intended to be a good one.

A perfect match between a still frame taken from a video made earlier this year and the demonic symbol
Following is a video also made during a period of high demonic activity, showing many matches between the insignia and the demons (or what-have-you); most are near perfect: