Sunday, November 11, 2012

#455 - VIDEO | Flimsy demon hand flails in front of camera

It seems like a lot was going on right in front of my face unnoticed two nights ago. First, there was a parade of floating phantom demons, none of which I saw until a subsequent review of video footage made that night [see VIDEOS | What demons look like when they float (instead of walk)]; in it, you can see me staring blankly at my laptop screen.

Then, there was a hand that leapt right out of the floor in front of me, which, again, I didn't notice until reviewing that night's video footage later:
The portion of a video clip showing a demon's hand rising and falling from the floor
In this clip, the flimsy, cold-blue hand of a demon shoots up from the floor:
NOTE | The woman in the video is the one shown as possessed by a demon in VIDEO | Second woman possessed by demon wearing clown-like makeup.

This is not the first video to show arms and hands coming out of nowhere. In Demon Swings Arm from Above, a demon, perched on an overhead shelf, swings its thin, hairy arm right into me:
Unlike in the new video clip, in which an encounter with a demon was not expected, I was expecting a demon to be somewhere, just not right above me where I couldn't see it.