Tuesday, August 9, 2016

DRAFT | What the hell other demoniacs are up to these days

I spend more time communicating with specific victims of demonic activity than I do with any random victim by and through my blog; however, in order to keep it from suffering by less frequent and scanty posts, I've periodically released snippets of my personal conversations with victims I speak to directly.

Here's a new one from a reader who posted the following comments to ...:
Hey, we need to talk demons ASAP. I'll see if I can contact you tomorrow, but I think I have some edumacation for you on basic demon booting that'll save you a lot of, er, manual warfare.
Tis a spiritual battle, not one you can win with a towel XD
So here's the steps to basic out my method (that worked to deliver me from incurable diseases, btw )
  • Find out the demon's name ASAP. This is easy as the symptom, you don't have to tie it in with the type of demon or anything fancy. You just gotta designate the problem with a title. (DEMON OF COUGHING!)
  • Tell that little sucker to do insert thing in jesus name.
It really is that simple. Hordes of demons will literally STOP COLD and retreat.
IF THEY DON'T LISTEN, YOU ARE CURSED AND NEED TO REPENT THINGS. Curses are a pronouncement from God that allows a hole in the hedge around you. For instance, if you never formally repent of an action, that mark is always there. That mark is a "portal". I have had to quit weed, porn, sex.. Etc. It's a work in progress.
Contact me thru facebook at facebook.com/mcbanhammer. You can also call me, but ill send my number thru there if we talk.
I like your way of finding them, but I also have a better detection rig for you that might save you some work. The vaticans been working on this a long time.
Here's my response so far, which could be applicable to anyone with a demon problem, long-term or otherwise:
You can call me anytime: 408-685-4049. After chatting, we could start an ongoing conversation via Messenger or Hangouts (you decide); then, as either one of us has something to say or ask, we have a direct line of communication between us for doing so.
As to the information you offered and the issues you've spotlighted: all I can say is that we do indeed have much to discuss. There isn't anything wrong with what you said, per se, but it doesn't infer a complete understanding of the demon problem the world faces today; and, even if it did, the fact that you chose this means (this publicly accessible blog) to introduce yourself as an enemy of the kingdom of Belial, and as an impermeable singularity among its members of both human and demon alike, shows that you haven't fully comprehended that understanding.
It is so difficult to introduce a person to a world they didn't know existed, but a world as it really is. Everything you tell them, they want you to prove. I can, and always do; but, it's a lot for someone to process all at once, and then come to the same conclusions with regards to action/inaction, planning, living, etc. as those of us who are already in-the-know and have been for a long, long time. Rather, they want to try things they think will work better than what you did when such-and-such happens or whenever they want to do such-and-such. It's painful as you watch them eat up their time and money and dissolve their ability to enjoy life.
Moreover, the role of explaining everything establishes one as a sort-of guide into a new world for the person things are being explained to; just telling someone "like it is" and walking away is akin to the most disgusting and deadly prank you could think of—something like what demons and their people do daily to other humans. By introducing someone to the facts, you have shouldered the grave responsibility of shepherd. Problem with that is, nobody with demon problems wants a shepherd they found from a blog on the Internet, and nobody who blogs about demons on the Internet is necessarily looking to be a shepherd. And, even if, the shepherd might be the head of the flock, but he's just as screwed as the flock (unless, of course, the shepherd is the Door, which is an entirely different thing).
NOTE: If the Lord is your shepherd, a demon can still harm and otherwise kill you like anyone else; but, doing so could conceivably make them feel slightly guilty about it afterwards for a short time. No one's free will is taken away, demons least of all. God will intervene on behalf of your life, and I would swear this to you on my immortal soul were it possible and not a sin to do so (my soul does not belong to me, and therefore cannot be wagered by me). God will certainly spare the lives via direct intervention through the Holy Spirit, as sent by Jesus Christ, to those who have demonstrated and are committed to continue demonstrating a willingness and some progress to achieve virtue solid enough to live forever and ever with people living same. A bad habit today can turn into a war between Satan and God tomorrow in Heaven; you have to quash all the things that stem from hatred and pride from the get-go. If you're on that path, God will see to it that you reach your destination without any hiccups, such as death.
Then, there's the things that are hard for newbies to talk about. Demons don't want people talking, so they employ means of establishing an inhibitive reservation in their victims for talking to others. Realistically, whatever that may be and no matter how such a reservation was established (lengths can be gone to, believe this), it makes sense to throw everything out there right from the get-go. It's your life being drained by demons; so, spill it.
And, there are some people who do just that—look at my blog; it holds little to nothing back, saying things said to me that most people would not repeat in polite society. Unfortunately, sometimes such persons get caught up in what's being said and done to the point of detracting from contemplating and taking definitive action. For example, one victim of demonic activity, who has a hold on my heart and who I communicate with nearly daily via Messenger, bears the label of accusation, "baby killer." It appears that yours has something to do with HIV/AIDS.
Anyway, he kills no babies, but it was difficult for him to share that with even me for obvious reasons. But, since he finally did, he's struggled with letting that go in his mind. It bothers him a lot to the point of thinking and talking about it, instead of packing his bags and leaving his demons behind. It's not just him—it's everyone that does this at first. I point that out so that you can be prepared to interpret any dismissal on my part of the particulars of your situation in favor of immediate and definitive action. Demons don't mind what you do, so long as you stay put. They can work with any talk or walk you have, so long as they can go where you go.
You see how hard this is so far? Now, stack on top of all that all the pain one who has had a long-time, overt demon problem has and does feel from their own situation to the pain they know they are inflicting on a person such as yourself or the other guy I just mentioned by telling them what's up. It's unavoidable, and yet telling someone what's up is unavoidable, too.
Ideally, I would tell you what I know, and then what I think you should do after I've heard everything that has transpired and maintaining contact with you for a short time in order to see how things are progressing. This, even though I already know what you should do, and that, to move. You will have to pick up and transplant to another state. If you're aware of demons, it means they've been with you your entire life. Where you've seen 12 demons, there are actually 1200 (not literally, per se, but you get the point). Surviving and thriving comes down to tactical maneuvering that exploits the physical and social limitations of your particular demons, which, generally means limited mobility for far distances, and family and friend ties that won't bear severing or long-distance maintenance. There's also resource constraints for them to consider. Most of what demons do to people involves equipment of some kind: equipment that has to be manufactured, acquired, distributed, maintained, operated, and most of all, transported. They don't keep these things on-hand; they are stored in places only they can get to, and they cannot transport equipment storages and related staff easily (or, in some cases, at all). Simply moving places a show-stopping burden on your demons, and gives you breathing room to achieve and maintain right-standing with God.
That being said, you have my number, and Facebook and Google usernames; use any of those at your leisure.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

DRAFT | What in hell this demoniac is up to these days

Another update: A basic prototype of the "skimmer" in Chroma, which lets you skim videos frame-by-frame by sliding the row of frame thumbnails left/right to rewind/forward:

Update: code that lets you play *all* your videos on your iPhone, simultaneously:


I hate writing about demons when I'm writing software. So, like most posts for the past six months or so, this is also a draft, which contains some blurbs I intend to wordsmith someday—but have no firm plans to actually do so soon—but with photos and videos of the software I've been writing.

One component of the upcoming Chroma app is the video asset chooser, the prototype for which is shown here. The requirements were to list each video on a user's iPhone, with each video playing simultaneously in a multi-paned window. I went beyond that, having not only achieved flawless playback for all 16 concurrent operations allotted to iPhone 6s Plus, but also by adding a reflection effect under each video window, which simultaneously mirrors the playback of all 16 videos playing in the video window. What's more, is all these things, in addition to smooth scrolling and instantaneous video loading and playback—there's no lag when a user scrolls through the collection, regardless of scrolling speed.

That may sound like a nerd-thing; but, it's really more like a giving-it-your-all-thing. Second-rate software for a problem like the one Chroma intends to help solve is unacceptable, and any developer writing such software should know literally everything about iPhone development and its hardware. That is almost what you would have to know to do what you see in the video (even though it may not look like much to a non-developer.

At the end of this post are specifications for the next version of the asset chooser, which will enable simultaneous playback of all videos in a user collection that will fit on their iPhone display, with smooth scaling (in addition to all the above features, of course). Using the pinch gesture, the user will be able to adjust the number of videos displayed at one time.

A feat of software-engineering prowess: a collection view, listing all videos on an iPhone, by which you select a video (in this case, within the upcoming Chroma app) first by scrolling to it, and then touching it—while each video plays in its preview window in real-time, as does the mirrored reflection below it, and while achieving perfectly smooth scrolling performance and instant playback as each videos slides onto the screen:

A solid understanding of threading (concurrency) and blocks is required to achieve this effect, not to mention an equally solid ability to implement concurrency in an app so as to actually improve performance without adding unnecessary complexity to the app's design. Per Apple, "implementing a correct threading solution [is] extremely difficult, if not impossible to achieve."

No shit. This took me forever, the time taken having postponed the release of Chroma for another month. My programming background was of little avail. iOS programming is not MacOSX programming, the differences greater than just cellphone vs. desktop.

But, the detour was necessary, in that, at the onset of Chroma's development, I lacked the requisite knowledge for deploying an app that would and could perform up to the standards set for it.
Horizontally scrolling collection view, showing a partial listing of all iPhone videos
The video preview cells play their respective videos in real-time, while the reflection simultaneously mirrors playback
By contrast, Apple's Photos app uses static previews (non-moving poster frames) for each video:
The stock Videos folder (Photos App), installed by default on all iPhones

The collection view can play up to 16 videos on-screen, at-a-time
The source code is available via MediaFire.

Specifications for next revision

Here are the specs for the next revision of the asset chooser collection view shown above: