Sunday, February 17, 2013

#514 - Human collaborator announced my death by the same head injuries now being incurred

Just like others who have predicted—or, rather, announced—injuries demons and their followers planned on inflicting in the past, namely, damage to my penis [see AUDIO | Demons announced plans to damage penis to gang-stalkers as far back as 2006], another human collaborator has rightly anticipated damage to my head with injuries similar to the ones shown in the picture he sent of this corpse [see Fourth death threat contains another gory photo]:
The bizarre head injuries evident on this corpse's skull are the same that are increasingly possible on mine
The way those injuries are now being inflicted are shown in VIDEO | Demons strike head twice from across room, around the corner and VIDEO | Demon pierces skull with tendril, which contains videos of white-colored tentacles from demons lashing out from various hiding spots in my apartment to strike me in the head.
A still frame from a video showing a tendril of a demon striking me in the head from behind my couch

As a consequence of this repeated striking, which is also happening to my eyes, the topography of my skull has changed significantly:

Given the true strength of these tentacles, it could be only a matter of time before demons decide to make the same fatal blows as the ones it made against the dead man in the photo.

#513 - PHOTO | Demons infatuation with penis evident in video still frame

In the past, they've damaged it, mocked it, slandered it, and have otherwise made the topic a fixture in the minds of their people, including demons and their human collaborators.

Regrettably and ever-so-unfortunately, I'm talking about my penis, which you can see the damage to and read the sick fantasies sent to me by demon worshippers in the following posts:
Lately, this infatuation has become evident in photos, in which the same video-modifying magic—usually used to destroy evidence of demon foul-play—is now used to prove it.

For example, in this solo sex video, a close-up of a still frame showing the head of my penis, also shows that it was replaced by the head of a demon:
A still frame from a solo sex video was modified to replace the head of my penis with the head of a demon
A close-up further reveals the detail that went into the recreation of a demon's head:
Complete with horns and a devilish grin, this may or may not be a recreation; rather, it may be the real thing
Elsewhere in the video is the tentacle of a demon, extending upwards from behind the toilet, grabbing my forearm near the wrist, in order to interrupt the scene (it's the blurry, semi-transparent, flesh-colored thing you see coming up from behind my hip and to my forearm at a 45° angle):
Tentacles like this one "stick" to skin, anesthetize the contact point, weaken the muscle by impeding nerve impulse, and guide the body part (arm, leg, head, etc.) in the chosen direction, usually without a person's awareness
These tentacles don't just pull on the body part they attach to; rather, they numb and weaken it, so you can't resist or feel it. Often, you're not even aware of how your arm or leg got where it did.
NOTE | Demons cause joint and ligament injuries in this way, too, by slowly twisting and turning spines, arms and legs to positions they know will, over time, when pressure is applied in a certain way, cause permanent, debilitating injury to those parts of the body. Ever woke up with a back ache? It's not your mattress or pillow; it's demons.
More later...