Wednesday, September 26, 2012

#411 - The two weaknesses of sucker demons: static electricity and clear plastic

Two observations made while watching and interacting with sucker demons has shed light on two biological characteristics previously unknown about this demonic entity, which has already led to the discovery of two exploitable weaknesses.

These weaknesses have only been observed in the flying variety of sucker demons, which can be seen circulating around the bell of a lamp in Sucker demons flee scene of red horde attack [34 MB].
NOTE | For those 18+ and who consent to viewing adult material, Swarm of sucker demons invades bathhouse in second sex video shows a horde of sucker demons that are clearly visible, and require no extra effort to see.
Sucker demons run on electricity
Based on past observations of the electrical properties of sucker demons, and on their susceptibility to capture and dissolution by trapping them between two pieces of metal (specifically, pliers) and/or between your fingers, one could conclude that a sucker demon's strength is dependent on its electrical charge and/or its availability for use to contract in order to pull objects between its tendrils and the like, and its electrical current is short-circuited by contact with an object or material that conducts electricity (e.g., metal). Specifically, this appears to occur under one of these two conditions:
  • if the object or material cannot hold a charge, then the material must be applied to the sucker demon in two places, for example, by pinching them with a pair of metal pliers; and,
  • material that draws electricity by nature, such as the human body when holding a piece of metal, will act as a magnet to a sucker demon, once contact has been made with it
NOTE | This suggests that the material or object must be grounded so that the flow of electricity from the sucker demon will not be impeded by an existing charge in the material or object.
Pulling them off of your skin is now as easy to placing a grounded piece of metal on your fingers while skimming and pulling (or trawling) hairs to which they are attached. So, instead of the fingertip-numbing exercise of pulling them off of you or your sheets in the manner described in Vanquishing sucker demons from the bedroom and Removing eye spider demons from your skin, which entailed a hard pinch, followed by a fast jerking motion, you can now lift them off once a grip has been established by simply placing your aluminum MacBook Air, for example, on the back of your hand first. In fact, if you pick up a sucker demon tendril, it will stay between even lightly pinched fingers, and will dissolve once detached from its body.

Flying-variety sucker demons' radar is absorbed by clear plastic
The agility of the flying sucker demon is astounding, and is on a par with both the dragonfly, hummingbird and a bat, combined; but, when it comes to clear plastic, they're about as blind and confused as a fly that is repeatedly banging its head into a window, trying to get outside.

That's because clear plastic either absorbs—or fails to reflect—whatever radar-like emissions that, like a bat, serves as its eyesight in flight.

It stands to reason that a demonic entity would use such a method for seeing, particularly, because it has no eyeballs and because it mostly feels around between two sheets and inside people's clothing, where there is no light.

NOTE | The sucker demon videos above are nearly unwatchable due to YouTube's video compression scheme, which removes details from videos uploaded to their site. To see any sucker demons clearly, you must download and view the video source, which is available at Sucker demons flee scene of red horde attack [34 MB].