Tuesday, January 15, 2013

#489 - PHOTO | Frontal cranial plate detached from head, looks like hobgoblin demon mask

Skimming a video made this morning frame-by-frame raised the possibility that my face is not my own, but, rather, a flesh-colored hobgoblin demon "mask." The following still frame clearly shows my face detached from my head (shown below), which looks exactly like a hobgoblin demon's mask when viewing its profile (also shown):
My face, detached from my skull, near the front cranial plateProfile view of a hobgoblin demon's "mask," which are actual faces that can bear any kind of facial expression
Evidence of other people wearing hobgoblin demon masks
It would seem that I am not the only lucky one. Last spring, a still frame of a video of a woman helping demons hack my laptop revealed that the woman was sporting such a mask []:
A still frame from the video in which a woman borrows my laptop, in which the camera is not in motion
Next, is another still frame from that video while it was in motion:
A still frame of the same woman, taken while the video is in motion
Here is the same still frame with corrected color, and with the proportions adjusted to compensate for the skewed perspective the motion caused:
Skewed back into proportion and color-corrected to re-create the mask as it would appear when not in motion (note the top of the woman's forehead peering from behind the mask)
At the time, I thought she was simply possessed by a hobgoblin demon. That confused me as to what I thought I knew about hobgoblin demons, specifically, that they were demons already possessing the clothes they wear (or worse). In other words, I never looked at them and said, "That's the body of a demon." So, to see one of their masks seemingly superimposed over the face of a woman was bewildering.

Having seen this new image of me, however, leads me to believe that the woman didn't have a hobgoblin demon inside of her; rather, that she is wearing a hobgoblin demon mask.

In sum, she's not wearing her own face anymore, and neither am I.
NOTE | More talk about the two-faced nature of this woman at ; to see photos of another female version of a hobgoblin demon mask, see .
Recent photo plus past observations show hobgoblin demon masks are removable faces
I always thought hobgoblin demons wore masks because their faces look like masks; and, I've only once seen one of them change its facial expression, and it looked like it took a lot of effort. That was a long time ago, and I had forgotten about that; but, now, after seeing a hobgoblin demon mask slung over a fence outside my window the day before finding out about my face--coupled with everything you see here--it's safe to say that hobgoblin demon masks are removable faces worn by their owner.
A discarded hobgoblin demon mask, draped over a fence just outside my window, from

Seeing face removed on video nothing new
This is not the first time I've witnessed my own face detached from my head. In a video made late last summer, in a much-too-dark room, you can make out my shirtless body, prostrate on the floor of an acquaintances' apartment in Santa Clara, with three demons hovering overhead; the lower half of their bodies were invisible, as if concealed in pockets in the air. Like hand-of-mischief demons [see link], they were anchored in the ether, only extending the portion of their bodies needed to conduct and/or observe an apparent operation involving my face into our realm.

In the relatively small segment in which they appear in this homemade video, you can my one of them pushing my face back onto my skull, from which it had obviously been removed. At first glance, it looked like some sort of party hat in the demon doctor's hand, in that it looked bordered in fringe around its rim; however, once the "hat" made contact with the rest of my head, the streamers, if you will, instantly came to life and attached themselves to the skull, and then pulling the edges of my face over the border of the exposed areas. It was also that I realized that I had been looking at the inside of the skin covering my face; it was because of the camera angle that I couldn't see the exposed area where my face used to be.

At the time, I wrote this in an unfinished post:

It appears that different levels of light reveal different levels of reality(?) on video in location and during periods of high demonic activity.

To demonstrate, the same video clip is used twice, with each played back at different brightness (i.e., the original, plus a brightened version).

When left alone, the original video clip appears to show a shadow demon(?) removing my face; it is a mask of some kind, fringed around the border by black strands of something (sucker demons?):

In the final post, this video will be played at a much lower frame rate so you can study each frame to see what's going on. Right now, use your imagination. You see me, rendered unconscious and unmoving. Several demons are working on me to the side of and behind me. My face changes into a less detailed one after the mask is removed (it's gross).

In the brightened version of the same video, it simply appears to be me, adjusting my pillow behind my head (and routing out a few sucker demons at the same time):

You can see why I didn't post this; it doesn't look like what I described at the time; but, I assure you, what I said happened, did.

Timing of hobgoblin demon activity consistent with moon phase
Two nights ago, the sky revealed a perfect sliver of moon, which is always when hobgoblin demons strike. For more information about hobgoblin demon activity and the moon, read . For more information about the correlation between the phase of the moon and demonic activity in general, read .

Man's morphing face likely a hobgoblin demon invention
The morphing face of the man who's face changed from that of an orlock to his own might also be a hobgoblin demon invention [see ]:
The point of such an invention, though, is not clear, unless you consider the fact that the hobgoblin demon's customers, who are demons possessing their victims, might want their own face in place of said victims when expressing themselves. But, that's just a theory.

Hobgoblin demons' ties to human medical experiments well-established
It is no surprise than whenever evidence of human medical experiments surfaces, hobgoblin demon activity is also present [see, for example, ]. In fact, the photo of the hobgoblin demon at the top of this post was acquired at VMC hospital.

#488 - PHOTO | Tiny hands return for more mischief

The tiny hand of a hand-of-mischief demon, just like the one shown in VIDEO | Tiny hand rests behind head, one of many that pushed and pulled on my ears and arms all night, poked my left eye, as well as tangled sheets and tossed my pillow, was caught on video early this morning. It can be seen in the following still frame, which was taken from a video showing the hand appearing out of nowhere and then pulling my hand down:
The tiny fingers of a hand-of-mischief demon, next to the far side of my face
In the video (coming soon), you can see it try to pull my own hand down and away from something it assumed I was reaching for (or to redirect my hand into my face as I lowered it onto the bed).

This hand is similar to the one shown below [see ]:

My ears do not span four fingers high
This type of behavior by this demon is similar to that shown in Demons can alter the (rate) of time, in which another hand-of-mischief demon redirects my hand as I try to adjust my sock:
In one video, a tiny, misshapen hand appears out of nowhere and deflects the path of my hand, which I had to just used to scratch my leg, and was then pulling it back to my side (download from MediaFire [516.32 KB]).
In both of these videos (and to one's eyes), the demon appears to be nothing more than a lightning-fast hand appearing and disappearing out of nowhere. Today, however, one of these demons projected its image in the reflection from my iPhone. I could see the hand (or, rather, fist), face, and a very small length of torso before it snaked into the horizon in a blurry trail.

The head was rather large for its body, which wasn't much bigger than a baby of less than a year old. Its face, on the other hand, looked like an elderly (but robust) man, but mixed with babyish features.