Sunday, November 30, 2014

UPDATE | Demons, their people continue to exploit, cause suffering via open portals

Oops, I did it again; I opened certain kinds of doors, which people and things with evil agendas and insatiable lusts for blood have made prodigious use of in the past—albeit unwillingly, even though expectedly, I do confess:

Believe it or not, going forward, I own the problem you see in those images, which were made by Haarp Ti, the woman mentioned in Demon people fail at attempt to use powers on their own, and which describes specifically how I own the problem (and how I own a couple of other things, too).

Here's what's going on in her post to Google+: When demons attack during periods of high demonic activity, she takes photos of them, but that with far less success than me. That's due to the complexity involved in acquiring a decent photo of a demon—you have to be around a lot of them, and at the very core of their activity to get the once-in-a-lifetime, one-and-only shots that I do (that is, if you're not a friend to them, I should point out). On top of that, you have to work around actual magic, if you will, specifically suited for avoiding camera detection. Finally, you have to be able to process your images so others can see what you saw [see Enhancing demon faces made anywhere, at anytime, from anything], or to see what you didn't [see Automating mapping of demons hidden in digital media].

The method to her madness
But, those factors aren't the most applicable to her situation; rather, the fact that she's being hurt is, hence the plastic wrap. I'm not sure if it's helping; but, I know some thought when into her choice to wrap herself in it. I base that on these facts:
She clearly made a connection between those facts and the static electricity inherent to plastic sheeting, a connection bought at a steep price, I can guarantee (and, as you can tell by her photos). At one point, she observed that certain conditions must be in place and/or absent for certain kinds of physical transactions between demon and human [see Objects', persons' electrical conductivity limits demonic power]. The photos show the results of her effort to take control of those conditions.

I believe her to be stuck on this one, though, as she is clearly still vulnerable; the fact that she still does this after having done it unsuccessfully for so long tells me that her vulnerability has subjected her to the demons' and their peoples' preferred method of inflicting injury, and that is injury to the mind:
Haarp Ti's Google+ profile page contains thousands of images made during periods of high demonic activityAll images like those shown above were posted at the same time as my blog posts and never any other time
The apology and the promise
I, however, have made it just slightly further than she in my efforts to countermand human butchering by demons and their people; to encourage her, I tell (and show) her that, and share my own suffering and losses at the same time in my comment to her most recent post:
My bad on this one, that is to say, the circumstances resulting in your atypical use of plastic wrap and picture-snapping bonanza [see Haarp Ti's photos]. I take responsibility for it, just like last time, and nearly every time before, as is explained in this old post from way back (which I've shown you before, and which also explains why and how this happened to you recently):
All I can say is: hang in there. I'm making much progress on the problem— groundbreaking progress, in fact. For example, there are now ways for anyone and everyone to detect demonic activity on their own:
...there are now ways to find demons in hiding:
...and there are now ways to predict attacks and their degree of power and influence: 
I doubt these are new; but, to us—those of us who would never be anyone but us—I believe it is.
As you can surmise, I will have full attention on this problem at some point in the very near future, one way or another; nothing you've suffered at my hand will go unrepaid (God says so, even if I don't—but, I do). I think those three posts alone lead to that very thing, not to mention the data in my private notes.
I hope to make it so that the lazy and afraid no longer benefit from the demonic cloak as the demons do, and so that the falsely pious can see that they are immune to nothing the Devil throws their way. (All that, plus possibly end most disease and strife by cutting it off at its source; but, I digress...)
A picture you sent me is in the first of the those three posts, by the way; I am using it to demonstrate how to verify the authenticity of third-party photos showing demonic activity; your image passed my new Fourier-transform-wavelet-scale analysis scheme. 
So, enjoy those posts, knowing that, for you and others like you, these things are being done, and at no small price; rather, at the expense of my own blood...literally. [Matthew 16:25a]
Eventually, you will be able to show to whoever asks that you were in the right, that you were injured and beleaguered—not crazy. That you were not irresponsible or inattentive in and to your life, but quite busy with a problem no one person can handle alone.
By the way, I'm looking to move my demons away from their native territory—sort of like when I took them on a timeout to Indiana recently. They are unruly, and it's time to quash them. How can I find a home in the desert that won't leave me dead in less than a week? Doing so should put an end to 99% of the drama that crops up in peoples' lives far too frequently, as it does in yours.
It's time, I figure. I have all the data I need to turn the tide, and my hand is still on the throttle. I decide who gets to go where, and what they have and don't have, power- and influence-wise that is (you know what I mean by that...).
That is a problematic position to be in. Some people are taking the wrong kind of advantage of demons and their power, and they are hurting me, themselves and others. My little family is in shambles because of them.
There's Long, whose face can be seen mangled in the ether by his own demonic weapons (that he shouldn't have) in photos at the end of this post:
Then, there's a new video showing the deafness they caused Scratchen at the end of this one:
They are threatening to do other things, too; and, I believe it is within their power to carry out those threats (things government- and industry-related).
So, please let me know if you can help with the move in some way; planning and implementing things like that are next-to-impossible for me, as I'm sure—of all people—you would know best why.
We hardly think of helping others when we are as overwhelmed as you and I are; but, I think the key to solving our own mutual problem is to reach out to each other, regardless of our respective circumstances. I can't back it up, but I believe this to be a God-given test we must pass. So, I'll keep working on my end; let me know what you can do on yours.
I intend to walk through those pearly gates having never given up on my sense of and God-given right to personal dignity, having humbled and tempered it with an intimate awareness that I need others for that.
P.S. — You're not alone in your response to this latest period of high demonic activity; others did the very same thing—take pictures, post them online, and offer their insights, albeit not as effectively as the they deserve:

NOTE | For anyone doubting the veracity of my claim that I central to hyperdimensional portal activity—that my person can be utilized for the purposes of opening such doors—a demonstration can be arranged. Just ask. Until then, I'll keep them closed. Wrong use by the wrong people, and all that.
Background Summary
In order to follow this post—and, quite frankly, to follow the blog—with any degree of understanding, you must know something about me that is unique among all: that I (magnetize and transmute energy of some unknown kind to another unknown kind that allows demons to come to us, people to be taken to them, and physical interaction between the two possible.

It does much more than that, though; it causes the fourth-dimension to overlap our dimension, giving people, places and things fourth-dimensional properties, which, by and large, means your perceptions become reality, your senses and intellect are shareable and forceable...I don't know exactly how to say it, but, generally, things get what they would call in the olden days magic. This is not significant to demons, who are born and raised in a magical world, but to humans who only dreamed of having powers such as those they now can possess as pseudo-fourth dimensional citizens.

The problem is, humans are all bad, and are doing all bad things with their powers. They are influenced by the demons who taught them how to use them; whether the original intent was to be malicious is not likely, but looking at the teacher, you can't be surprised that things turned out that way.

Demons are superior in intellect, physical prowess, culture, wisdom, experience as galaxy-wide citizens and eons of history that put them so far above humans, that they cannot see humans as much more than one of the inferior races they have conquered and enslaved.

As a consequence of the attitudes and viewpoints of these betters-in-all-ways when it comes to lower life like humans, the humans paired with the demons have adopted a new set of right-and-wrong, and have extended their purview to their sense justice outside of what our society and every society on earth has granted individuals.

In other words, they are using the really cool powers demons taught them to throw their weight around this world, launching physical attacks against anyone who steps over the line in the sand drawn by their "anger." The list of things that anger them grow by the day, and is the biggest list of any list out there.

Moreover, the problem is complicated by telepathic and verbal communication with demons, who, even while their voices may sound like human voices, broadcast part of their meaning, emotion, sense of importance or gravity telepathically. To other demons, this simply clarifies the words, and gives them the full life of one who experienced the events the words describe; but, to a human—and perhaps it's because they are untrained or new—they feel these words as if they were their own thoughts on a subliminal level, I think because their minds were not made to handle that kind of telepathy without having learned to handle it from birth (your mind chooses to rely on your wealth of experience and knowledge more and more as one ages; it is difficult, then, to adopt a new way of processing, visualizing, storing, and recalling information like that conveyed in demon speech if you haven't been doing it since you were young. Interesting to note is that this is why most people cannot remember details of their encounters with demons as well as they can with people; it is also why people are tired after dealing with demons, even when the encounter was not particular intense or unusual. The brain requires much energy, at least three times so to verbally interact with demons. NOTE | That's why the Voices Demons are put on the front line of any offensive against a human. They are simply deadly to listen to.). They feel internal consternance when they disagree with something they hear a demon say.  The consequence of keeping up the fight to disagree is well known to humans who talk to demons: exhaustion, depression, anger, and the like. As a demon person, you not only fight the demon, but your own mind when you disagree.

Unless I do this with specific intent, it doesn't happen;