Wednesday, September 19, 2012

#406 - VIDEO/PHOTO | Newly discovered demon variety prone to voyeurism

A new variety of demonic entities were inadvertently discovered from two videos made a couple of days ago, two of which can be distinctly seen in this still frame (look at the upper-left corner to see two smiling faces, peering to the right):
An color-enhanced and sharpened still frame taken from a video showing two newly discovered demonic entities of a previously unknown variety (picture-in-picture shows the original)
Nothing is known about them, except that they are comparable in height to the average hobgoblin demon and Jawa-lookalike demon, and appear to be the approximate mass of a Jawa-lookalike demon (which, unlike their nearest cousin, specifically, hobgoblin demons, are all nearly the same size and weight).
A color, contrast and sharpen-enhanced still frame, showing the two new demons (left-bottom)
They appear to be cloaked, in that they were invisible enough that I didn't notice them at the time the video was made or the video itself until I applied the color-enhancing and sharpening procedure outlined in TECHNOLOGY | Enhancing photos of demons (and the like) to individual still frames:
A second video clip follows the first, which was made with my Huawei Ascend M860, showing a different face that is a "blend" of the two. Blending is the overlapping of facial features of each demon in a horde that collectively possesses inanimate objects. It is most evident in hordes of demons that possess blankets and pillows due to the abundance of pliable fabric, and any patterns and stripes thereon [see PHOTOS | Horde of blanket demons captured on video in Fremont hotel and VIDEO/PHOTOS | The Pillow Demons].