Wednesday, August 1, 2012

PHOTOS | Horde of blanket demons captured on video in Fremont hotel

The Islander Motel in Fremont, California, participated in a demon-led Anger Management Ritual this past weekend, which is a campaign of harassment and stalking perform by demons and their human collaborators that lasts around the clock for days at a time. During such, a horde of blanket demons emerged from the bedspread in one of their hotel rooms.

A blanket demon is the blending of a demonic entity with fabric, generally, a blanket, but can also be clothing.
SEE | Second blanket demon captured on video and Demons use bedspread four times to frighten.
Here are just a few of the many still frames featuring the most ornate blanket demons I have seen to-date:
Clown-faced blanket demon in a stocking (upper left)
Blanket demon in a bishop hat, lying face-up (bottom center) 
Blanket demon in a bishop hat, lying face-up (bottom center, enlarged)
Porker-faced blanket demon, wearing colonial hat (upper right)

Helmeted blanket demon, lying face-up (bottom right)
Blanket demon in bishop hat, reforming into a slope-nosed blanket demon (bottom left-center)