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VIDEO | Close-up of man's mutating hand; sucker-demon swarm poses as tattoo

An e-mail sent by grandma, after reading this post
The Voices Demons and their people got their way in this world—once again—in that I went to jail, not too long after having wrote this about seeing my serial stalker for the first time, wearing all-too-familiar jail attire, in Court postpones release of serial stalker, cites danger to community:
He's wearing the same clothes I've worn any number of times since the (overt) attack by demons and their people, the very same clothes I wore four out of the past six years, and the clothes they continue to vow I will wear again in the near future—that is to say, jail clothes [see Voices Demons' weigh options to deprive me of freedom].
Two nights ago, while submerged in a miasma of demonic activity unparalleled in history, San Jose police apprehended the demon person I was tailing [at the Townhouse Motel] for outstanding warrants, and snatched me, too—albeit only for a day, and only for failure to pay (restitution, that is, on a misdemeanor case from 2012). I was told repeatedly by demons all the night long, right beforehand, "Go home; the police are coming."

I stayed anyway, and, as a result, was able to record most of the police encounter on my iPhone, starting with the ranting and raving of my would-be hostage-taker—my host and subject of the video in this post—followed by the forced entry by San Jose PD, and the subsequent search and questioning, and, of course, arrest; by clicking the following link, you will also hear a very strange—but familiar—exchange between my host and the police officers involving talk of 'pedophile' and 'balls being chopped off', once the Voices Demons' and their people's most frequently discussed topic, apart from anything else related to me [see Excerpt: 15 seconds of Voices Demons threats, rambling].
NOTE | If you listen to the recording with Apple earBuds for iPhone on an iPhone, you might hear Voices Demons talking to the police: one expresses her satisfaction at my arrest to my arresting officer; another Voices Demons chants at a police officer, something to the effect of "Get off the phone, right...get off the phone, right...get off the phone, right...get off the phone right now; someone wants to talk to you in their dreams. I have no idea; Voices Demons know how to speak normally, so, when they do this, it is usually an encoded directive to demons possessing the listener.
Also, ever get cornered into a conversation with someone about the Illuminati, Free Masons and the like? The Voices Demons say those words and others like them (such as police) are encoded directives by a demon person to your possessing demons (i.e., demons in or around you), which instruct them to manipulate your emotions, attention, health, etc., in ways predictable to the speaker and problematic to you. To hear the kind of talk you should avoid as soon as you hear it (in order to prevent problems you couldn't otherwise explain), download the audio recording made prior to the one above.

It turns out that getting arrested was not such a bad thing, especially when considering that I was only i custody for a day. That night, at the motel, I was injured, and getting even more still:
A metal prong stakes itself into the side of my head at the scene of my arrest, as shown in this still frame from a video made that nightThese two still frames are reminiscent of those shown in Metal prongs hook, stretch face earlier this year
Those pics offer but a sample of the cloaked (i.e., faster-than-normal time, semi-transparent, semi-permeable) items that stabbed me everywhere, all night; the following video (which has yet to be post-processed) shows the mutation of his hand-based demonic weapons engaged in same:

On top of that, my unconscious form apparently had to listen to things like this from my host, John Taylor:
This world has a lot of problems, doesn't it? There are good people helping—like, you—people. You can be the noblest of people; but, life passes through very quickly.
I only know that he said this to me, and that I was unconscious when he said it, because I rigged his cellphone to capture video for me—just in case (glad I did; knew I should've, and that I needed to). You can watch three of them on my YouTube channel; scores more are coming up once they are released from police custody next Tuesday.

So, there were not only these things, but the fact that I was tired and hungry and drained. The one-and-a-half-day break actually did me some good, and kept me relatively safe for a day while the fires burned down.
NOTE | My cellie was none other than one of the former fellow residents at Little Orchard; more on that later [see AUDIO | Homeless shelter staff fag-bashes via loudspeaker].
Even still, it was so worth it, considering the quality of the photos and videos that were made and stored on my iPhone and MacBook Air, which, having been kept in police custody, were far safer than they would have been otherwise. That's because so much never-seen-before and sensitive data is contained in them—more than anything I have ever had to offer, and more than anything that has ever been offered, more than anyone wants told. The jail stay was a mere inconvenience.
NOTE | There will be a slight delay in posting due to the length of time it will take to finish and apply the new post-processing enhancement procedures [see METHOD #3 | Finding hidden demons in digital media | Aberrating image positives and negatives; see also METHOD #2 | Finding hidden demons in digital media | Differentiating consecutive still frames], which are essential, and worth the wait.
This post, by comparison, then, is going to be a bit of a let-down, in that it's about my jailhouse tattoo, specifically, the one on my butt—something I think we can all agree we've all seen way too much of lately. Even still, it's important because it introduces a topic I've postponed discussing for way too long: the fact that swarms of sucker demons often pose as tattoos on demon people and their victims. I've proved that sucker demons can pose as hairs and possess shoestrings; but, even though I've known about sucker demons posing as tattoos since 2011, I failed to address it fully, which I consider a gross act of irresponsibility on my part, having only said this in Man with demon hand sports morphing demonic shirt pattern:

Demons not only change line drawings and other forms of artwork into their likeness, but, they can animate it, as well. And, not only do they do this to prints and patterns on shirts and the like, but, they can do it to tattoos on a person's skin, too.

The only rationalization I can proffer is this: my general policy is to wait until I have some sort of evidence before making any claim; plus, I figure, how much more do people need to see before they acknowledge the problem, anyway?

First and foremost...
In regards to the sin of tattooing, I offer no excuses—only sorrow and repentance:
Ye shall not ... print any marks upon you. I am the LORD. [Leviticus 19:28]
Here is an interpretation of this verse, as provided by the Jamieson-Fausset-Brown Bible Commentary:
nor print any marks upon you—by tattooing, imprinting figures of flowers, leaves, stars, and other fanciful devices on various parts of their person. The impression was made sometimes by means of a hot iron, sometimes by ink or paint, as is done by the Arab females of the present day and the different castes of the Hindus. It is probable that a strong propensity to adopt such marks in honor of some idol gave occasion to the prohibition in this verse; and they were wisely forbidden, for they were signs of apostasy; and, when once made, they were insuperable obstacles to a return. (See allusions to the practice, Isaiah 44:5; Revelation 13:17; 14:1).
You may think at first that my tattoo and the tattoos referred to in the Bible aren't the same thing, and therefore this verse doesn't apply. If that's you, then let me say this: mine's worse, it applies double, and let's leave it at that.

My evidence is nothing more than a homemade porn video, in which my tattoo is on the opposite side (right), whereas in all other videos before and after, it's on the side in which it was made by a fellow inmate at the county jail a year or so ago (left):

As shown in this video—as well as in every other video—my tattoo is on the left side......however, in one video, it's on the right side; but not in the other videos made that same day
Demons often do things like this with media I make during periods of high demonic activity—that is, leave their mark. Sometimes, I lose great footage due to destruction beyond repair; other times, I keep it, but spend inordinate amounts of time cleaning up damage to it. Rarely, do they just let me have what I obtain untouched or unmolested or unhindered.
NOTE | When I can conclusively prove they use dopplegängers to reshoot some videos—just to freak me out—(and, once I can call my body-doubles what they really are), I'll post that fact, plus evidence supporting it, too.
In the video in which the tattoo is on the wrong side, the tattoo stays on the wrong side throughout; however, in the other three videos made on that same night, it's on the "correct" side.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

BIBLE | The Study Notes of a Demoniac [Proverbs 17:4]

An evildoer gives heed to wicked lips; and a liar listens to a mischievous tongue. [‭Proverbs‬ ‭17‬:‭4‬ AMP]
A lie is not only constructed by the telling, but also by the listening; failing to disclose a lie is equivalent to telling the lie itself:
The one who conceals hatred has lying lips. [Proverbs 10:18] 
The duty of a wise and virtuous man is to counter [quash, inform, disclose] every lie told and heard with responsive [expedient, effective, thorough] action.

There is no small, white or harmless lie, in that there is no harmless sin. Small fires can turn into big ones; responsible people – people who concern themselves with others, as Christ commands – put all of them out, regardless. "Small, white and harmless" are words that disguise the true and hideous nature of evil, and otherwise further its agenda, even if only in small steps; moreover, they reflect your judgment, and not the judgment of God.

In fact, it was man's own judgment in variance to God's followed by a lie that separated man from Him [the rift Christ was sent to close].

In sum, having any role in a lie – whether hearing [failing to disclose, refute] or telling [initiating, relaying, repeating] – you are separating yourself from God, and acting as an agent of the anti-Christ.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

METHOD #3 | Finding hidden demons in digital media | Aberrating image positives and negatives

I've been busy staring at my screen day-and-night, playing with GIMP scripting to automate the process of applying the scientific imaging methodologies discussed in this post and elsewhere for finding hidden demons in digital media. Of course, the problem of constant violence on the part of demons notwithstanding, there's the problem of making discoveries so fascinating, that I can't part my eyes from them long enough to post much.

Because of the three methods introduced on this blog so far, even I, as one who has seen much, am enraptured; you would be, too, if you could sit behind me and watch. I hope to pass that experience on to readers as soon as I can—that is, if I, my equipment, and the digital media sources survive.

Tonight, after a tip-off by the Voices Demons—the very same who claim responsibility for deafening Scratchen—I overlapped two blended still frames in Photoshop randomly selected from a video made during this latest period of high demonic activity, and then slid the top frame up, down, left and right, finding demons hiding everywhere and in everything.

What's even more interesting, is that as you slide the frame past the point you first saw a given demon, it often morphs into a new one:

The white-bearded elf-like demon on the bottom left evolves into a little-old-lady type as the top copy of the video frame is shifted upwards (shown in the video, below)
The following video shows my very first discovery using a still frame of that very kind, as I slide one copy over the second:

The video shows how it was done in Photoshop, albeit not very thoroughly; eventually, it will be updated to show more sliding overlapped frames pairs, highlighting of demons found, and detailed instructions for doing this yourself.

Watch the circled locations as the video plays
While well on my way to developing a similar technique, which would have consisted of blending two overlapping, stretched still frames—the same used to create chroma-masked video, minus the stretching—a Voices Demon suggested that I hold the arrow key I was only nudging a still frame layers; half-knowing what she was going to say, I was already holding the down-arrow, watching once-scattered chroma melt into the shape of the demon emitting it. The result is what you see above.
NOTE | The face of the entity on the left side of the above-demonstrated still frame changes drastically, multiple times as the top frame moves upward, similarly to the face of the scarf demon shown in VIDEO | Demon shapes scarf into multiple variations of face on-the-fly, whose face can be seen changing at least once every 30th of a second as the scarf he possessed flapped in the wind.
Results reproducible in every frame showing demonic activity
Chroma must be all demon bodies—not just some kind of irradiated snow. If you see a cloud of red, green and blue snow in the air, that's likely thousands upon thousands of different demonic entities, overlaying and intertwining with each other. That is the only explanation for finding a demon in every frame of every video made during a period of high demonic activity—and in which chroma is present. Here's a second video showing a single frame from the same video; like the first, it was chosen at random, yet even the thumbnail shows two entities very clearly: one wearing a green-pointy hat (left),and a giant-redheaded one (right):

Follow-up e-mail to paranormal investigators, researchers
A follow-up e-mail was sent to the same paranormal investigators and researchers who, a few weeks ago, were contacted about another discovery related to the application of scientific imaging to digital media, introducing them to this latest:
A few weeks ago, I e-mailed you about ways to find hidden demonic and other entities in your digital media, and sent you a link to my blog, showing a real-world scenario in which the principles of scientific imaging were used to uncover a little three-foot tall, blue-scaled demon, standing in my bedroom doorway. The original footage showed nothing but a dark, empty doorway until I screened the blue channel of the RGB video in the way described in the related blog post:
A blue-scaled demon, hiding in the doorway
You may not specialize in (or prefer) anything related to the demonic—who would? But, the fact of the matter is, it's a reality that's all around you, and pervades much, much more of your life than you can possibly know; and, when it comes to demons, what you don't know can and will and does hurt you.
So be in-the-know—or, least be prepared to be in-the-know; it's only prudent to acknowledge what you see in front of your face, and take whatever action makes sense.
To that end, I've continued working on ways anyone and everyone can find demons in their home or elsewhere, and have come up with three decent methods which employ nothing more than an iPhone 5s and GIMP (or Photoshop); now, no one has any excuse—especially persons who purport to be employed as or skilled in a vocation and field parallel to the demonic socio-exobiological sciences.



Wednesday, December 24, 2014

METHOD #2 | Finding hidden demons in digital media | Differentiating consecutive still frames

This isn't a post about some new picture or video showing yet another demon, nor is it about the fact that I obtained a lot of them, showing hundreds upon hundreds of new demon varieties; rather, it's about how I obtained them, and, more importantly, how you can obtain them for yourself.

As I recently found out, there are scores of creatures everywhere—not just in my clothes, house, appliances, toilet, toilet paper and wherever and whatever else is in my immediate vicinity—and that it's just a matter of finding the right means of discovery.

[once you find them, where to look section]...

[ex 1: on your person, and at different angles]...
Believe it or not, I saw the demon before I recognized who he was possessingTo better visualize the possessing demon, I doubled the canvas size (see above) and mirrored and rotated a duplicate of the image (shown right)Unlike my eyes, this demon's eyes are open, revealing his snake-like pupils

Rotating the photo reveals my profileThe original still frame from which the enhanced versions (above) were derived

Is someone you know possessed by a demon? Believe it or not, most people are to some degree; but, the futility of convincing them of this fact notwithstanding, proving it is extremely difficult and unlikely, as you can see from the elaborate requirements that must be met and steps that must be followed in order to maybe catch a shoddy glimpse of a possessing demon.

—at least until today.

Getting a clear image of a possessing demon just got easy with my chroma-masking script; just wave your iPhone video camera over your or someone's face, and the script

In Identifying demon-people assailants via chroma-facial signatures, I posted a Python script that processes dark and nighttime video, both making visible what was otherwise invisible [see Automating mapping of demons hidden in digital media] and bringing to light that which is covered in shadow. It decodes 1080p videos into a sequence of PNG files, then applies a procedure in GIMP that masks natural light, leaving only chroma (color noise); then, it encodes the PNG files into a new video. To aid in following the path and/or flow of chroma, and for identifying any shapes resembling cloaked demons, people and objects, not only is the chroma in each frame mapped, but so is the transition between still frame pairs.

Since posting the script, I've run it on a few random videos in my collection, specifically, some of those made during periods of high demonic activity, but that produced little to nothing significant. There are scores of such videos—ones where the camera is panning here-and-there-and-everywhere, at nothing in particular, in a vain attempt to capture a smidgen of the demonic activity occurring around me.

I'm glad I kept them, anyway, and I'm really glad I processed them with the script, as the latter led to a major discovery, specifically, that, with an iPhone or other HD (1080p) video camera, demonic possession is easily detectable by panning the camera across the object or person to be scanned, and the running the chroma-masking script.

The following still frame is a good example; it was taken from an otherwise embarrassingly insane-looking video, showing nothing but embarrassing insanity, and then was processed by the chroma-masking script:

Two chroma-masked still frames combined with the depth merge filter (in GIMP) reveal a possessing demonThe original still frames (133 and 134), also combined into a depth merge composite, for comparison
Comparing the difference between the chroma-masked still frame and its original source, and considering the way possessing demons appeared in all of the other "inner demon" pics and videos posted to this blog, where a possessing demons face is shown overlayed with the possessed, it stands to reason that, by removing the natural light illuinating the possessed altogether, while leaving only the chroma...


Top: Series of chroma-masked still showing possession; bottom: original still frames for comparison
Top: Series of chroma-masked still showing possession; bottom: original still frames for comparison


Still frame from a video showing the midpoint of the transition from man to demonThe first of two original still frames, blended to create the composite shown left, for comparison


Chroma seems to splash into my face (from right), washing away the man, and leaving the demon in its wake
Original still frames (128 through 131) for comparison

Just like in video made over the past three years, the chroma-masking filter gets the best results from the panning-camera/subject in-motion effect; it does a better job, too—much better. That's because the procedure in GIMP blends two frames together with such precision that, even when the difference between the two frames is vast, the result is still at least twice as good (in short, more image data, as gathered by two frames instead of one, means more to work with in terms of adding color, brightness, density, etc.)

Monday, December 22, 2014

BIBLE | The Study Notes of a Demoniac [Proverbs 17:5]

Sometimes, when I introduce my blog to people, they ask if I'm affiliated with Satanists (or, worse, whether I get off on demons), while others suggest it is an obsession or infatuation with them. Well I could go on and on about how stupid this is – not to mention how lazy it is – I'd rather focus on the fact that none of them accuse me of being a Christian.

The pornos don't help me much in that regard, I grant them; but, this blog is about what happened, and where the action was, and not about my holiness or righteousness. I regret all my transgressions, but the facts must be told completely.

Since it's obviously an issue that won't go away, even by appealing to common sense and logic, I will attempt to balance the picture regarding my personal life by posting my notes that I take while studying my Bible. Insodoing, those concerned will get a clearer picture of what goes on in my mind on a daily basis. Actually, make that a minute-to-minute basis. as God is always on my mind– Even when I messed up (especially then, in fact).

The notes we published once every Sunday, just to make sure this blog does not get weighed down by anything other than posts related to its topic of interest: the demonic plague.

Having said all that, here is the first Bible-study note from my collection; it's God's take on making fun of people who have fallen on hard times, who people think got their just desserts:
Whoever mocks the poor reproaches his Maker, and he who is glad at calamity shall not be held innocent or go unpunished. [Job 31:29; Prov. 14:31; Obad. 12.] (‭Proverbs‬ ‭17‬:‭5‬ AMP) 
If God inflicts hunger and poverty as a means to guide and teach someone, or correct and reprove them, He does so in the best interest of His will, and as an act of love for that person. It is a display of concern and care on His part for them, even though it is painful for both. 
When you mock someone who has fallen on hard times, you are mocking God's choices [actions] and will [love]; moreover, you are denying yourself an opportunity to imitate Christ, who not only commands you to provide for the needy, but who will judge you according to that very standard. 
If everybody got what they deserve, everybody would die. There is a such a thing as a man acting righteously, but there is no such thing as a righteous man apart from Christ. Neither praise nor honor is due anyone but Him in this count. 
In sum: mock the poor, mock God; deprive them of their needs, sin against Christ.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

TECHNOLOGY | Identifying demon-people assailants via chroma-facial signatures

What I knew two years ago...
Long before I knew as much about chroma as I do now (over two years ago), the most I could say about it is that it tended to concentrate in people around the face, which had the benefit of revealing the inner demon of someone possessed [see PHOTOS | Underlying demon revealed in video in motion], and of producing illusory masks of a kind for those with the know-how [see VIDEOS | Demonic chroma masking (real-life Halloween masks)], but that it was otherwise problematic, in that it saturated digital images with excessive color noise.

...what I know now
Even though my understanding of chroma hasn't increased much in those two years later, I've learned to make prodigious use of it when it's present with a digital camera and GIMP or Photoshop, even though chroma is the culprit in every bad digital image made. For example, since chroma lights up demons, so to speak, I can capture them with my iPhone when they are cloaked and in the dark after applying basic scientific imaging techniques to the images; I've also developed a way to detect demonic activity through the analysis of digital images that were made in the presence of chroma.

Newly discovered use for chroma
This post adds yet another way chroma can be used to your advantage during periods of high demonic activity, specifically, face-tagging demon-people assailants, whose use of demonic weapons and possession by and/or interaction with demons expose them to high levels of chroma, which concentrates around the face—just like I noted two years ago—allowing for the creation of a facial signature from the assailant's face from far away and in the dark, even when the source image is shows no distinguishable facial features at all. What's more is, all of this can be done with just an iPhone and GIMP or Photoshop.

A facial signature, by the way, is a graphical representation of the imprint a chroma-saturated face makes on a digital image sensor. They can be obtained from very far away, and while they don't look exactly like the person—rather, more like a caricature—the signature will always be unique to that person, and consistent across multiple images. Once you've matched a facial signature to the person's actual face, you can identify them using off-the-shelf, readily available consumer electronics and free image-processing software, even when your own eyes can't make out who they are.

Following is an example of the facial signature a demon person, who, in the early morning hours, launched a demon into my building in order to attack (at, of course, the behest of the Voices Demons, and, of course, during an anger management ritual):
The facial signature of a demon-person assailant (below) looks like a cartoon version of a drunken souse
Not impressed? Then wait until you see what this was made from:
Source video from which the demon-person assailant's facial signature was derived (above
This is the portion of a surveillance video in which the assailant is shown guiltily looking up at my apartment as he slinks past my bathroom window on the second floor in the wee early morning hours, and from which the facial signature shown above was derived:
Location of the iPhone making the video (second-floor, rear of building), and the location of the assailant (sidewalk)
It is not his face that is reconstructed in GIMP; it's the image data created by the iPhone image sensor as imprinted by the EMF radiation emitted by the culprit. The imprint is influenced by the man's face, but is not a perfect replica of it, and is not related in any way to normal light that would reflect off his face, if there were enough of it.

In other words, there are two faces reflected from this man: one made of reflected EMF radiation; the other, natural light. What's interesting to note is that the lack of normal light sufficient to illuminate his face is what allowed decent imprint of the EMF radiation; that's because it's weaker than normal light, which, if stronger, would have washed out the facial signature, and revealed only his natural face:
The dopey-eyed boozer in a fishing hat on the left and the shadowy assailant on the right are the same demon person
So, in essence, chroma allows for identification of demon-person assailants in the dead of night, from far away, in the dark, which is a real boon for anyone interested in knowing who's working as an agent of the anti-Christ, and carrying and deploying invisible deadly weapons.

Chroma image-mapping by filtering natural light
In both GIMP and Photoshop, you can filter out natural light, leaving only the image data left by chroma (or the EMF radiation therefrom) by blending (or overlaying) the difference of differences between two consecutive video still frames.

Here's what that looks like in GIMP, where frame1 and frame2 are the two consecutive still frames:
Blending the difference of differences between two consecutive video still frames filters natural light (shown in GIMP)
Here's what that looks like in Photoshop:
The blending modes and stacking order of layers made from two consecutive still frames for filtering natural light using Adobe Photoshop
With one exception, the procedure for visually isolating chroma from natural light between two stills frames is the same—the exception being how layers are combined to produce a single composite layer. In GIMP, two (or more) layers can be combined by creating a new-from-visible layer; in Photoshop, two (or more) layer copies must be merged, and, if desired, the original layers either disabled or deleted.

With those differences in mind, here are step-by-step instructions for producing an image like the one shown above in GIMP (Photoshop instructions available upon request):
  1. Create a new image with two layers using two adjacent video still frames, chronologically
  2. Duplicate both layers
  3. Invert both duplicates
  4. Set the blending mode of the duplicate layers to Difference
  5. Create a new-from-visible layer
  6. Set the blending mode of the new-from-visible layer to Difference
  7. Disable both the original and copy of the second still frame-layer
  8. Create another new-from-visible layer
  9. Stack a copy of the second still frame-layer over the new-from-visible layer
  10. Set the blending mode of the copied layer to Overlay
  11. Flatten the image
The layer stack should look identical to the one shown above, and the results approximately the same. The degree of color noise from the chroma imprint on the digital sensor will vary, but even the slightest shift in position by the subject between the two frames should produce very noticeable results.

Detecting motion of invisible demons, other entities in video
Following is a GIMP Python-Fu script that applies the procedure above to each still frame in a video, which enables detection of cloaked (semi-invisible) demons, demon people and objects in transit in front of the camera. While the process may not render them readily distinguishable as such, their general shape, size and path will be easily discernible:

This script processes a PNG-file sequence made from a video using Adobe Media Encoder, placed in a folder named test. Simply change the path variable to the directory containing your PNG or JPG file sequence.

There are scores of such videos in my collection, waiting to be processed by this script; they will be posted as soon as they are ready, so be sure to check back. In the meantime, here's part of one, made from the video used in the example in this post:

NOTE | I just now finished the script [5p, 12-21-2014], so the wait will not be much longer.
Tools for building videos from image sequences
An alternative to Adobe Media Encoder CC for building video files from a series of processed images is the open-source ffmpeg software package; with it you can convert your video files into a sequence of PNG files for processing by the GIMP script:
Using ffmpeg to convert a video file made on my iPhone into a sequence of PNG files for processing by the GIMP script posted above
After you've run the GIMP script on the PNG files, you can reconstruct the video file using mencoder:
Using MPlayer to encode a video file from a sequence of processed images
ffmpeg and mencoder are fast, efficient, and worked when Media Encoder would not.
NOTE | Soon, the GIMP script will be updated to use ffmpeg to decode video files into a sequence of individual images, process them in GIMP, and then reconstruct a video file using mencoder all in one step.
The GIMP Plug-in
GIMP users can install a plug-in that performs the mask-light/isolate-chroma procedure shown in the example video above:
My plug-in can be used in other GIMP scripts by calling python-fu-list 
It installs a Process menu, and is called Mask Light:

Click Mask Light on the Process menu to use the GIMP plug-in
You can download it from Google Drive; to install it, place it in /opt/local/lib/gimp/2.0/plug-ins/ or equivalent, and grant executable permissions (i.e., chmod +x

Coming up: image filters to improve nighttime video footage
To enhance facial-signature capture, image filters for improving nighttime video footage is in the works. This still frame taken from the video used in this post shows the results so far:

Other than a little sharper, improved contrast and somewhat brighter, the difference doesn't look like it amounts to much; however, adjustments made to dark footage must be carefully calculated so that any change in light levels does not cause dithering, banding, or out-of-gamut distortion.

Here's another iteration of the night-time video enhancement script:


Thursday, December 18, 2014

DIGEST | (TECHNOLOGY) Tips and Techniques for Processing Demonic Digital Media to Save the World

For the past three years, this blog has provided cutting-edge tips and techniques for processing digital media showing demonic activity with Photoshop, After Effects, GIMP and the like, that you won't learn anywhere else. It has pushed the envelope of forensic and scientific imaging, allowing nearly two million readers to discover and uncover and explore a hidden world they never knew (or would have ever known) existed.
Unedited still frame, blurred by a moving camera and fast-walking subject (me), suggests the presence of another faceGIMP-enhanced still frame (right), revealing possession of my body by someone or something other than myself
It has produced one-of-a-kind images showing never-seen-before demonic activity from nothing less than the darkest and blurriest of videos and photos, from its collection of the world's first clear images of demons possessing humans to those making visible for the first time in history otherwise invisible demons.

From the acquisition of its extensive media library of a wide variety of sentient life, it has identified all special considerations for successfully acquiring digital images of demons and related activity, such as optimum light levels and the camera type and proximity relative to each and every species, variety and type of demon and demonic activity encountered to-date, and has led to the development of specific techniques to capture demons that move faster-than-time, those that camouflage or disguise themselves as common household objects, and those that lurk in total darkness.

With all the wonders and awe that exploration through the eyes of a digital camera have brought, it has also made known a formerly clandestine agenda of evil in our world by which humans are killing humans on behalf of and at the behest of demons—and that by torture and maiming in the most sinister and egregious manner known, as excruciatingly slow as possible, leveraging and applying millennia of experience to each victim towards the goal of crippling them mentally, physically, emotionally, financially and socially, using technology and equipment and abilities incomprehensible by the human mind. Without the ground-breaking discoveries and innovative methodologies credited to this blog, victims will never be found, never even be known as victims, and will never get their justice due, as solutions could never be set in motion without seeing and knowing their once-hidden plight.

To address the urgency created by the discovery of those in dire straits, this blog empowers its readers with the ability to quickly and easily capture demonic activity using common and readily available digital camera equipment and off-the-shelf software, and to automate the process of enhancing photos and videos via image-editing software scripts.
ECMAScript that applies a Photoshop Action designed to enhance the visibility of demonic activity to each frame of a video made during a period of high demonic activityPython script that automates a technique for enhancing the visibility of demonic activity in each frame of a video showing such in GIMP
It also describes how to use these for detecting demonic activity and weapons-fire, and for finding dangerous demons and their peopleand their weapons—in hiding, while lead to ways of building and maintaining safer homes and a safer environment.

This digest compiles a list of all relevant posts pertaining to acquiring and processing digital media showing (or suspected of showing) demons and demonic activity as described above, sorted by topic; these are posts that contain information essential to humanity's survival—not just so humans will live, but so humans will grow (the dual nature of survival).

[incomplete and unsorted list follows; check back for updates]

TECHNOLOGY | Detecting (real) demonic activity in digital media
Enhancing demon faces made anywhere, at anytime, from anything
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Comparing demonic activity in light and shadow
Enhancing nighttime outdoor images showing demonic activity with GIMP 2.8
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TECHNOLOGY | Capturing and revealing hard-to-see sucker demons in a digital photo
TECHNOLOGY | Photoshop action for revealing demons in the dark (or not)
TECHNOLOGY | Highlighting demons possessing a human as shown on video
PREVIEW | Unedited screen recordings show procedure for enhancing blue-light demon photo
TECHNOLOGY | Enhancing photos of demons (and the like)
Video/Photo Editing Tip: Apply cross-hatch filter to images of demons and specters for contrast, depth

Monday, December 15, 2014

PICS | Torture by sucker demon

New images are being added to this post as they are acquired and enhanced. Demon problems are high right now, so things are slow—and may not even happen. I'm not sure how many pics you need to see of demonic worms torturing a man to death to get the idea I'm trying to get across. Since I'm not describing a single attack, but countless and constant ones (i.e., ongoing and non-stop), my guess would be that a lot would serve me best. I could indeed begin at anytime to flood this blog with such pics; however, I would rather skim video made of other activity for sucker-demon stills, and use only what I stumble upon, and only what is noteworthy above the rest.

This post contains a few snapshots of much of my life these days, namely, torture by sucker demons, which are placed on my body—everywhere—around the clock, for days-on-end, non-stop. From there, they either burrow just underneath the skin, raising a high enough line to notice, or they plant themselves like hairs, sticking straight up from the skin, and even assuming the appearance of your own hairs (or pretty close).

But, while they might look like real hair to the human eye, a digital camera sees them differently due to the EMF radiation emitted by the sucker demons' cloak, which leaves a heavier imprint on the digital sensor than regular light.

Accordingly, they no longer look like hairs—at least not in the digital image—but something much closer to what they would look like if they were not cloaked, albeit grainy and saturated.

Two ultra-contrasted highlights to the original still frame taken from a video of a sucker (and other) demon attack (from bottom) show tendrils of cloaked matter emanating from my sweatshirt and into my jaw bone [see VIDEO | Bone-killing demonic weapon used on jaw in attack at demon person's home] and either sucker demons speared into the side of my head or residual cloaked matter from piercing by cloaked tentacle from another demon (click to enlarge)
About the pic (above): Two ultra-contrasted highlights to the original still frame taken from a video of a sucker (and other) demon attack (from bottom to top) show:
  1. Tendrils of cloaked matter emanating from my sweatshirt and into my jaw bone [see VIDEO | Bone-killing demonic weapon used on jaw in attack at demon person's home].
  2. Either sucker demons speared into the side of my head or residual cloaked matter from piercing by cloaked tentacle from another demon, which has a sucker-demon-stuck-in-your-skin feel upon touching, but frays when pressure is applied, and, of course, doesn't wriggle.
In another recent pic, sucker demons are shown caked all over my hands, where they stiffen joints and age the skin, eventually making it too painful and difficult to even zip up my pants; they can also be seen on my scalp, where they work to deform the skull:

My fingers are literally crawling with cloaked sucker demons, as is the rest of my body; one of many culprits can be seen slinking away in the background
I try to remove them; but, it is a futile effort, particularly when they are thrown back on my demons and their people (see background). It also would be an all-day, all-night effort to do so. I'd corner a demon person, if I thought they knew how to take care of the problem; but, I know better, as evidenced in this close-up from the above pic:
Note the sucker demons spiked along the scalp, starting from the forehead, back
Other pics showing demon people unknowingly being harmed by their own demonic weapons are shown in Comparing demonic activity in light and shadow.

Not all sucker demons resemble worms
Whenever I've used sucker demon on this blog, I was always describing a worm-like entity, varying in color, length, thickness and, sometimes, shape (from cylindrical to a flattened-taper) used en masse in attacks in and on the body; however, insodoing, I have neglected a wide variety of other demonic entities that seem to always accompany them. These do not resemble the sucker demon in any respect, except that they are used jointly in attacks, and for the same purpose.
NOTE | In past posts, I've mentioned eye spider demons, which are still very much a part of the overall sucker demon attack regime; in the image below, you ca see several congregating around the larger, yet-unnamed demonic entity.
Here's an example in a one-of-a-kind image of such a demonic entity, uncloaked, and caught very much by surprise:

A demonic entity used in concert with sucker demons in attacks, which antagonizes targets by burrowing its long tail under their skin, creating a distraction from the damage done by their bodies, safely attached elsewhere on the body
While sucker demons usually nest and degrade body tissue, this particular entity antagonizes its targets with its long tail by using its long tail to dig into your skin. While you try and dig it out, its body, which looks kind of like a spiky variety of sea corral or a conk shell, is attached at a safe, unnoticeable distance somewhere else on your body; and, there, it does who-knows-what to it.

If you manage to locate it with your hand, it feels like very soft fur that, when you try to grab, seems to bend out of the way of your hand.

More coming up...
Processing pics like the above require constant, round-the-clock effort, but more are coming up. In the meantime, be sure to watch a video of sucker demons pouring out of my eyes like tears in Sucker demons swarm eyes, face to blind, disfigure, keeping in mind that this post is an update companion to that one, plus any others describing sucker demon attacks.

PIC | Penile mutilation inadvertently discovered in video

This post shows images portraying nudity, and should not be viewed by anyone under the age of 18 or who does not consent to viewing such material.

Facing an amputation nightmare? Listen to Your limb is torn what?

When I first saw this, I said to myself, I hope this isn't as bad as it looks:

A clearly-defined border between my once-severed penis and the skin to which it is attached is revealed in the first few frames of a video made during a recent period of high demonic activity, a border that is not there right now, and has never been seen before
When I said it, I was wide-eyeing that clearly-defined border between what is obviously my once-severed penis and the flaps of skin to which it has been reconnected. The contrast in color between the two is equally striking; my penis looks red in the face—much like my own right now—like it's been holding its breath for too long—much like I have been ever since—while the rest of my body casts its usual ghostly pall, typical of demoniacs who don't like demons.

All of this indicates recent surgical reattachment. Following the trail of logic, that means there was a detachment prior.

This wasn't discovered on purpose; I didn't notice it at the time the video from which the still frame above was made, nor the still frame itself until skimming the video weeks later in order to uncover evidence of the demonic possession of and weapons-fire by my sex partner, with whom the video was made.

Regardless, its discovery is clearly the result of that prayer of mine that God answers every time I pray it, even at times when I am so clearly unworthy. Even still, it should be no mystery as to why a wretch like me should stumble upon yet another piece of evidence indicating demons' and their peoples' clandestine surgical experimentation on victims they herd on their turf given what is known of God's mercy and grace:
And you He made alive, who were dead in trespasses and sins, in which you once walked according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air, the spirit who now works in the sons of disobedience, among whom also we all once conducted ourselves in the lusts of our flesh, fulfilling the desires of the flesh and of the mind, and were by nature children of wrath, just as the others. But God, who is rich in mercy, because of His great love with which He loved us, even when we were dead in trespasses, made us alive together with Christ (by grace you have been saved), and raised us up together, and made us sit together in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus, that in the ages to come He might show the exceeding riches of His grace in His kindness toward us in Christ Jesus. For by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God, not of works, lest anyone should boast. For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them.
Ephesians 2:1-10 NKJV
Whether that applies to me and this situation, even in light of the particulars of the time, place and activity, is irrefutable in my mind; and, if asked how I could possibly think that God would allow bad things to anyone in His favor, I would answer this way:
My grace (My favor and loving-kindness and mercy) is enough for you [sufficient against any danger and enables you to bear the trouble manfully]; for My strength and power are made perfect (fulfilled and completed) and show themselves most effective in [your] weakness. Therefore, I will all the more gladly glory in my weaknesses and infirmities, that the strength and power of Christ (the Messiah) may rest (yes, may pitch a tent over and dwell) upon me!
2 Corinthians 12:9 AMP
NOTE | To clarify, it is Christ who is in God's favor, and it is that favor that is extended by Christ to we who believe. It would be blasphemy to say I have the favor of God when I am not yet a part of no loyal, faithful and true congregation of believers, and for having yet to surrender all of my will to God.
The evidence is contained in only the first couple of frames of a video, captured by a camera made sluggish by exposure to heavy concentrations of chroma and repeated and prolonged contact with the cloaked flesh of the phalanx of demons and people that lined the sidewalks on my walk to my host's home, visible only in the portions recorded while the camera made its initial, split-second lens and aperture adjustments upon recording:

The border made by the flaps of skin stitched to a once-detached penis are only visible in the first few
To see it, you must skim the video frame-by-frame; during playback, it appears only as a split-second flash of brightness. Skimming just a few frames past, and the border and color difference completely disappear, and cannot be seen at any point in the remainder of the video:

As the camera lowers the exposure, the distinction made by formerly detached skin fades, and sucker-demon stitching starts to appear
Demons and their people established a plan for my penis a very long time now, at least since 2006, which was revealed in a secretly recorded conversation between two persons then in their employ. it is the center of their focus in all they do and say during every period of high demonic activity. They claim to have their reasons, even while common sense contraindicates such an extensive investment of time, energy and money into something that doesn't put food on the table, make money, provide shelter or afford safety. But, this is Silicon Valley, where, during the tech boom, these same people took investors' money to start companies that made no sense, giving absolutely none of it back, yet somehow got away with that.

All I mean by that is, even while people here have long operated in a way above and beyond my knowledge and understanding, all of my concerns of infrugality have always been mitigated by this fact: they enjoy a consequence-free history in spite of crimes unspeakable, as well as unmatched wealth.

That tells me that sense might be made of their unabated and unabashed obsession with my penis, which, by the way, is somewhat well-documented on this blog, and which you should become familiar with before continuing with this post:
Past evidence of body mutilation by demons
If you're new to this blog, you are going to agree that my penis looks weird in the above images, and that it's even more weird that it heals right in front of your very eyes; but, that's hardly a case for clandestine, non-consensual and unwitting penectomy by demons. Long-time readers will no doubt make the connection between what they see in these most recent images, and what they've seen and read in this blog over the years.

Regardless, it is a recent post that will best help you comprehend, visualize, and, hopefully, believe this one is VIDEO | Hole opens in left armpit, which shows a hole opening and closing in my left armpit in a very clean and clear video by which I inadvertently captured it. This is how I've personally witnessed demons enter the body and take things out and put things in, an account of which is graphically described in READER | Man admits to more than just a couple of random demon sightings; eyewitness recounts demon surgery in bathtub.

Body mutilation of demons can be seen in numerous images in my personal collection, too; but, it should be sufficient to read these if you're doubtful as to any claim made in this post:
How this could (and did) happen
How quickly demons can run up on you, knock you out, and perform the surgery—as perceived in our rate of time flow—can be seen in VIDEO | Demonic Time Traveler Attacks.

Other videos attesting to the speed and agility of a demon at close range and in close quarters can be seen in: