Monday, January 7, 2013

#483 - PREVIEW | What is a Tuzzo person?

Last night, as Voices Demons worked feverishly to cause me "anger management issues," another Voices Demon chanted this into the air: "A Tuzzo person is a mental patient that has been driven crazy by someone else." Being that it was said by a Voices Demon, one can reasonably assume that the act of inflicting insanity is (or was) intentional, especially considering that this statement was made to other demons doing just that to me, and that that act was committed by demons.
NOTE | Read Demons attempt to induce insanity... for more about the acts involved in inducing insanity.
And, because it did not appear to be an answer to a question that I could hear, and because it was spoken in the same ceremonial tone I've heard many other Voices Demons use when conveying a message of importance or prefacing an act of great power, one can also assume that it was a form of rallying, even though the particular Voices Demon that spoke it came across more as a rowmaster than a cheerleader, in that he wasn't doing any work that I could see (or hear) at the time like the other Voices Demons. Because it was not spoken to me, but, rather, to the Voices Demons working around me (and, possibly, the humans working with them), it would seem, then, that the chant was probably intended to keep demons and people alike focused on the task at hand. After all, I'm sure no one was unclear on what they were doing, and had learned that term long before last night. So, why else would he be chanting the obvious into the air as they worked?

Tuzzo first introduced over six years ago, referred to name of demon horde
What "Tuzzo" means has long been one of several unanswered questions that have remained unanswered since the Voices Demons first made themselves known in 2006, when they first introduced the term. At first, it seemed to be their name; but, as they started using it in other ways, I doubted that it was the true meaning. Getting an answer to that question, however, was impossible all those years, as no one in the City of San Jose nor the Voices Demons would tell me what this word meant, even though it was clear thousands of them knew, having said to (and around) me during every period of high demonic activity for the past six years.
NOTE | Demons in San Jose are so common, they almost blend with the human population; but, the number of people in league with them is even more astounding.
Finally, I got my answer while reviewing a recording made during last night's attacks, which happened at my apartment at 2967 Sherbrooke Way in San Jose,  California.

Other terms usages
In addition to their name, the Voices Demons have long used tuzzo as an antonym to the word cogent; together, they are used in tandem to identify two disparate groups, which translate roughly to victims and perpetrators, respectively.

For the audience to which they use these words, mostly, human collaborators, who are "cogent people" only if they do what they are told to do to victims, the Voices Demons have expanded that definition to mean victims that deserve punishment for "pedophile tendencies," and, for perpetrators, they mean those "who have something in line for them," or "people who know how to deal with them," and people who are righteous in their "cause," and should be supported whenever asked, however asked, and on-the-spot.

NOTE | Everybody is victimized by Voices Demons, even the cogent people that help them; however, this is the pretext used to solicit participation by people in these demons' schemes.
However, in another conversation among Voices Demons overheard in a recording made as they harassed a guest to my apartment, they used these words to qualify the label "pedophile," which, apparently, is how I am referred to by the Voices Demons [see ]. Specifically, they called me a cogent pedophile, instead of making the distinction between me and them by calling me a Tuzzo person and themselves cogent people [read the transcript of this conversation at [see also AUDIO | Voices Demons harass visitor to my apartment].

Tuzzo not only found in demon speech, but in mass media, too
The word is used this way in dozens of songs, too; but this more recent definition (i.e., a driven-crazy person) is not eluded to in any of their lyrics; rather, the songs invariably imply that it means a group of demons and human collaborators that "hem up pedophiles."

All meanings obfuscate truth behind demonic involvment with people
The real reason for making somebody crazy, however, is so that any other number of things can be done to that person (many of them, scientific experimentation, Nazi-style) without much interference or concern from others.

Here's my conversation with someone so beleagured by demonic attempts to make him insane, who, simply put, is in too deep to be of help to himself, or to allow help from others:
More on all of this later...