Monday, June 22, 2015

PICS | Demons grow bolder, prolong appearances

This post begins a question of great importance, specifically: What is the relationship between light, gravity and demons that opens doors to the Universe for them? It's an important question because knowing the answer will also open doors for humans. All of them, in fact; each and every desperate one of them. So, during periods of high demonic activity, pay attention to what you see when you see it, making right and useful observations based on your knowledge and understanding of what's important for you and your people.

 Here are mine to that end.

Perhaps its my widely-known policy of non-aggression and retaliation; or, maybe its my curious foray into the lives of who-knows-how-many different demon cultures and species, due in part to this blog; or, maybe demons are getting more powerful, and less caution is needed in vulnerable moments, like when a demon is possessing something tangible to us, such as this one possessing a shirt lying on the floor:

A crumpled shirt, lying on the floor, stretched to form the face of a demon taking possession of itIts mouth agape, the demon possessing this t-shirt stretches its head upward, as if gulping air for the first time in a long time
Whatever the reason for their recent unusual proximity to me when appearing (and for the increased duration they appear), I'm always pleased to see the rest of the Universe—the parts of it hidden from me for so many, many years—as close up as I can.
NOTE | My enthusiasm in this regard is not unknown, and could also be part of the reason. I've been told that it's not my fascination at each discovery are unusual per se, it's an honest and sincere spirit of joy from new discovery that you can cut with a knife, and that in spite of ill-treatment by many (now also quite known). They say it comes across as naive at first (or worse—crazy), until a demon hears the reasons for my interest.
After all, there's much to learn from them and about the places they come from, and I love learning, which, unless you're a victim of Voices Demons' tyranny, is a good thing. Even demons have no qualms against the acquisition of knowledge by humans; after all, not even they want to live and work among stupid monkeys all day, anyway.

So, what have I learned from this particular encounter? In combination with other images, some posted, some not yet, it is this: that the glare of light reflecting from a flat surface is part-and-parcel to portal creation and transfer; and, that portal transfer happens in opposition to the center of gravity that dominates the space the demon enters (i.e., why demons enter from the ground, and exit sideways or up).

I know, that's a big leap and vague; but, I'm pretty sure I've got a right start here, if anyone does, and that these are the right interpretations of things I've seen.

There have been tons of media posted to this blog that support these assumptions over the years, from the recent VIDEO | What a portal through a mirror looks like post, which makes the light-glare/portal connection by showing an open portal in a mirror vis-a-vis a video processed by a special image-processing filter, to the far-back VIDEO TIMELINE | Maskless Hobgoblin Demon Springs From Floor, which shows a demon adjusting to a shift in momentum due to a sudden shift in the strength of gravity between its origin and its destination as it rises from a portal in my floor (you gotta look close and slow; but, the video of it says all that). SCIENCE | Hobgoblin demons defy gravity to conceal themselves among humans tells me that the gravity connection is indeed related to portal transfer, in that its clear demons, as a general rule, are not subject to gravity otherwise.