Saturday, April 21, 2012

Grandma, Long assign blame for others' demonic behavior

Grandma never gave a lick about Scratchen's welfare before (nor mine); but, she certainly found a way to use her when it suited her and the demonic agenda, which was to assign blame to the problems they cause or allow to perpetuate and deflect focus from the resulting needs. Two days ago, I received this e-mail from her:
I read your blog about Scratchen being [possessed]. If you think that, [then] why didn't you let Long keep her[?] You are probably scaring her to death. She has been through enough stuff already. 
The video she is referring to is in Newly discovered demonic activity in months-old Scratchen video, which has since been butchered by those who do not want others to see it (repairs are underway).

Even though this type of behavior is par-for-the-course for her and others since my troubles began in 2006 (but not once, before), I am still stupefied, especially considering that, in the movie that she is talking about, I am there, too; and, in all the other movies like it, I'm the one being knocked cold, bleeding, and am otherwise being scared to death; but, I've never heard a word from her on that—just like every time I was physically battered by one of the gang-stalkers or after a suicide attempt.

Instead of acknowledging a single injury or crime committed against me since this resumed in 2006, she implies in her e-mail that I am not in danger, but that I am placing someone else in danger by willfully and intentionally exposing them to demonic activity that I somehow am responsible for and have control over.

My grandma is not a stupid woman. So, what's the explanation?

After all, I am not safe, and I have said nothing but that I am not safe. I have a recorded phone conversation with grandma, saying as much (forthcoming). This blog says that, in that it is not about my state of bliss; but rather, about physical and mental torment at the hands of demons and their human collaborators. And, if you're not picking up on that, the videos, audio recordings and photos alone should raise some flags.

And, speaking of videos, if the video causing concern for Scratchen is any indication of what Scratchen's life is like, then here's what it says about mine, too:
  • if Scratchen is possessed, then I am, too. I'm not the Exorcist, and am otherwise no match for demons. If demons do something, it gets done according to their wishes. I have no control and am i no way to blame. Is this not common sense? And, by the way, this is a town-wide problem—not a personal one, like crabs. Am I to blame for that, too, now that I've blown the lid off this town's dirty little secret? I didn't wallow in whatever filth they did in order to attract this problem; and, I seem to be the only one fighting it, too; so, I'd say there are those who are willing; but, it should be clear to anyone reading this blog that I am not.
  • if Scratchen is being scared to death, then I am, too. The demons aren't after Scratchen, per se; rather, they are after me. No one has expressed an interest in that fact yet. Certainly not my family.
  • if Scratchen has been through enough, then I have, too. I've said that on many occasions. I have begged my family to help me get away from those intent on hurting me; instead, they've done nothing but facilitate harm.
  • if Scratchen should be with Long, then I am a monkey's uncle. Long is no better off than me; in fact, he's worse, in that he cooperates with the demons plaguing him and has been working with them for many years prior to their appearance to me. In fact, just this morning, he pulled the same shenanigans as grandma did in her e-mail by fishing for a way to blame me for my roommates' police encounter last night.
Long also indicates his allegiance to the demons with an identically themed and positioned spate of text messages, which we exchange just this morning:
Long Cao (9:18 AM): I don't knw why any toilet u lived flooded
Me (9:19AM): It was broken when I moved in.
Long Cao (9:20 AM): How broke
Me (9:22AM): Who cares?
Long Cao (9:22 AM): What? Call landlord let him knw
Me (9:23AM): He knows. He just hasn't responded.
Long Cao (9:25 AM): Call ur roommate let him knw
Me (9:26 AM): He knows. The police arrested him last night.
Me (9:27 AM): I need to go to MetroPCS. My cable is not working.
Long Cao (9:29 AM): Wat? He went home last nite and police came to arrested him? Wat happen
Me (9:30 AM): He broke the door and toilet, and was screaming and yelling.
Me (9:32 AM): No. I didn't fight him. The neighbors saw him and complained.
Me (9:33 AM): I stayed in my room, playing toys with Scratchen, as usual.
Long Cao (9:32 AM): U guys fighting each other? And u call police?
Long Cao (9:34 AM): Why he yelling?
Me (9:35 AM): Not sure. Apparently, he was very high.
Long Cao (9:36 AM): He lived there for long time with no prolem til u moved in he has arrested
Long Cao (9:38 AM): He did drug or only weed? How about his dog nw
Long Cao (9:45 AM): I saw him very clean and neat guy but I don't knw wat happen
Me (9:50 AM): Actually, after last time you talked to him, you complained about how rude he was.
Long Cao (9:53 AM): Wat door he broke? How he broke toilet?If he broke toile the landlord not responsibility
Long Cao (9:53 AM): Wat door he broke? How he broke toilet?If he broke toile the landlord not responsibility
Me (9:54 AM): He came home and kicked it.
Me (9:54 AM): He didn't say anything. He just kicked it open.
Long Cao (9:54 AM): U can feed dog for him.
Me (9:54 AM): No, he is home now.
Me (9:55 AM): It is very sad.
Long Cao (9:56 AM): He has not mad with u at all?
Me (9:56 AM): I don't know. He didn't say anything.
Me (9:57 AM): He just burst into the apartment.
Me (9:57 AM): He acted very weird on the day that you said he was very rude.
Long Cao (9:58 AM): He arrested why he home nw? If he broke toile he has to fix not u
Me (9:59 AM): What happened was this: I was washing my dishes, and decided to wash his, too, to be nice...
Me (10:00 AM): ...and later, he tells me that I have to be more clean.
Long Cao (10:00 AM): I don't think u guys get along
Me (10:00 AM): No, I don't think we are.
Long Cao (10:01 AM): I don't think u guys get along
Long Cao (10:02 AM): Only u live alone ur own place
Long Cao (10:05 AM): Yeah if u live with roommate with clean guy u have to more clean bath and kitchen too
Long Cao (10:10 AM): I already knw that not last long if u live with roommate
Me (10:22 AM): I've never had any roommates before.
Me (10:22 AM): Also, I haven't caused any problems.
These pictures are of my former home, which I opened to Long Cao, free-of-charge, for nearly eight years; they are intended to provide you with a reference to my cleanliness:

Anyway, this is not my first rant on this topic, and I bet it won't be my last. I've complained about my family's suspect maneuvers through this problem before—most recently, in Family stalls plan for respite, in spite of injury and suffering at hands of demons, in which I provide a little background on my family's foreknowledge and involvement in my dilemna, as it pertains to the gang-stalkers and the demons since 2006, and between the ages of 5 through 8. In the past, I have explicitly accused them of outright participation in some of the crimes committed against me. That accusation was made with the support of much evidence, none of which is more damning than the combination of e-mails such as this latest one, and the recorded phone calls I have acquired. Their own words condemn them, and otherwise do nothing to disprove any accusation that they are complicit in the acts I've complained of.

The biggest question is though is what this callous e-mail and those text messages portend for my future. If past experience is any indication, these veiled accusations and insinuations will be brought up again in a setting in which they can hurt those most, such as in court or a given social services agency. It thrills the demons to no end to take a well put-together individual, and put him through situations and through places he would consider a nightmare to be put through, and then calling it comeuppance—which invariably is as far from the truth as one can be. Also based on past experiences, I know that trouble looms in the future, in that a spate of oddball e-mails and other statements like the above, as made by those in collaboration with my particular demons, always precipitate hard times. My guess is that Scratchen and I will be separated soon.

It could also be related to any other threat made in the past, some of which are described on this blog in:
There is also the 2006 version of "The Sunnyvale Knock" web site, which is now offline, and which speaks only on this topic, plus the theft of all my property, as well as the loss of my home (see photos, above) at the hands of gang-stalkers.

But, as I've told them before, just as will I tell anyone else: Hell will fail. They have been repeatedly trounced by unwanted public exposé via the Internet and other distribution media, even if they have succeeded in many ways in complicating my life. But, as the Book of Job shows us, no matter what or who you are—or even how good you are—the devil, in the blink of an eye, can take it away. So, credit for any longevity goes solely to God, as does my gratitude.

The history of my existing relationships with those prior to the attack by the gang-stalkers and demons hasn't yet been presented on this blog, so many readers will be confused by some of what I've posted so far; but, as it becomes relevant, such history will be explained in future posts, and should answer any questions.

VIDEO | Flailing leg of an eye spider demon

Much better footage of an eye spider demon was captured, after pulling one from a crop of hairs off the back of my hand.

In this video, the decloaked leg of an eye spider demon flails between my fingers, right before vanishing into thin air:

An eye spider demon looks similar to a daddy-long-leg spider, but without the joints in the legs and without any visible midsection (rather, it appears that the hair-like legs, which are curled just like arm hair when resting, simply meet at a single point.

VIDEO | Eye spider demon traveling under my skin

After feeling the tell-tale signs of an eye spider demon traveling somewhere on my head or neck, I use my cellphone camera to capture a better picture of it. Doing so has been nearly impossible, in that they can cloak, as well as dive into your body; and, they sometimes emit a type of radiation that interferes with a camera.

But, even without all of that, they are lightning fast, and generally to quick for a cellphone camera—unless they are under your skin, that is.

The following video is of an eye spider traveling up my back and over my shoulder, while underneath my skin. Because the camera is moving in the opposite direction, the sighting is brief; but, you can hear the sound of it moving under my skin quite readily, if your volume is turned up.
Based on a multitude of encounters with this particular demonic entity, I have learned much about the limitations of the cloak used by demons. One is that, although there is barely any tangible mass at first when touching a cloaked demon, the longer you touch them (and more pressure you apply), the more tangible they become. Eventually, the cloak will collapse. If they move under their own power, their cloak collapses even faster.
NOTE | You may need to play the video more than once to see the very brief part where something is raising my skin where it is moving, and you will have to raise the volume in order to hear what that sounds like.
This particular eye spider could not stay cloaked because he was moving and my innards were touching him.