Saturday, April 28, 2012

VIDEO TIMELINE | The Spectre of Death

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The silhouette of the Spectre of Death, inadvertently captures himself on video

Use Quicktime Player to see clearly what media-sharing websites, such as YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook, render virtually unwatchable by compressing video files stored on their servers.

A demon that looks like Death flew into my apartment while I slept in order to turn off my cellphone video camera, which I left on overnight to catch such activity.

In the video, all you can see is its shroud; however, in person, its face looks like a skull, but with thin, white skin stretched over it.

BIBLE | Fear should not be a factor for you

God's message about fear and moving forward in life, as delivered by Joyce Meyer, could not have come at a better time in my life today, particularly, as it would seem that I have plenty to fear.

After my roommate locked me out twice today, on top of the five times this past week, my mother, who had agreed to send rent for the coming month, said that she wasn't going to send it, and made up a lie to excuse her rescinding of our agreement (i.e., that I had not paid rent in three months, even though a court ruled that I had paid rent on time, every time). In this letter from my former landlord, he cites pending repairs as the reason for the eviction—not failure to pay rent:
Letter from Landlord

And, in this order from the Superior Court, a judge essentially states that the landlord owes me three months rent—not the other way around:
Prefiling Order Granting Plaintiff Permission to Proceed in Suit Against Landlord for Relocation Expenses

She has not only lied like this many times since the demon-led gang-stalkers first attacked in 2006 to anger and otherwise upset me, but she has also stolen property to achieve the same. In fact, in 2008, the Superior Court of California awarded me $7,500 in a judgment against her for stealing computer equipment from me, which contained evidence against her and others of her acquiescence and participation in the crimes committed against me at the hands of the gang-stalkers, and which was intended to be used in a pending federal suit against the same.
Judgment Against Defendant Kathy Bickel
Computer equipment and evidence wasn't the only thing stolen; but, this is the only issue I had pursued, as I intended to allow time for forgiveness, and to give everyone an opportunity to make amends, and to stop capitalizing on the catastrophe I have suffered.

Unfortunately, instead of making the most of this, they have decided to relegate me to homelessness, after just having relegated me to a substandard, illegal apartment (see below), while simultaneously starving me half to death, ignoring the injuries I sustained while being brutalized by demons; and, all of this after having been falsely incarcerated for nearly three years, and after having subjected me to funny business such as my mother putting her signature on my arrest report, instead of the officer's:
Police Officer's Signature Substituted by Mother's
It reads, "Kathy Bush," (her former last name), instead of the police officer's name.
A perfect example of demonic involvement before I knew what was going on. Imagine how confused I was at the time.
This document from the City of San Jose states that the apartment they rented for me was not only illegal, but was a slum:
City of San Jose Compliance Order
NOTE | Page 4 of the above document from the City of San Jose supports the judge's conclusion that I am owed three months' rent.
This document shows that the landlord doesn't even own the property anymore, and therefore is not even a real landlord:
Transfer of Deed of Trust from Khoa Nguyen to Theresa Ziemkowski

That's not all that's going on; but, you get the idea: as my future stands, it looks like I will mostly dealing with issues of survival and in a near-constant state of fighting.

Anyone would fear that future, I think; and, they would be reluctant to stir up trouble in a camp of people with such an evil past, and evil intentions.

But, if I let that be the case with me, I'd be giving in to my childhood programming by the devil, which has consisted of a lifetime of fear of moving forward, and a lifetime of punishment for moving forward in life (it's the very same program that the demons I face now constantly attempt to take advantage of). I think he has always wanted it to be easy for him in my adulthood to hold me back, simply by deploying a couple of indicators that portend trouble on the horizon, so that he can stop any future plans without much effort.

Joyce Meyer believes so, and she starts off her message to me and other like me in Finding Fear and Finding Freedom like this:
I just want to encourage you tonight: you don't have to be afraid. You may feel afraid; but, you don't have to be afraid.

There is a big difference in feeling afraid, and being afraid. You can keep going forward with your knees shaking, and your mouth dry, and your heart pounding—and you can just say, "God is with me; He will never leave me nor forsake me. And, I am going to do everything that I need to do—and I will not fear. What can man do unto me?"
Here are some of the points in her lesson that stood out the most to me, in that they are things I think, believe, and are affirmed and comforted by:
  • On the consequences of dreading anything:
The more we're afraid of the pain, the worse that it gets. And, it's that way in any area of our life. Anything that you fear, the fearing of it is going to make it worse. If you know you're going to have to go through it anyway, then it's totally useless to fear it. What you need to say is, "God is going to give me the grace—when the time comes—and I can do whatever I need to do through Christ who strengthens me." [Philippians 4:13]
  • On our ability to overcome difficulty:
Life is not easy—we all know that; but, God has equipped us with the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit to do difficult things with a smile on our face and joy in our heart. 
We are anointed by the Holy Spirit for 'hard.' We don't have to have everything easy; we are not wimpy—we are full of the Holy Ghost…warriors! We have the power of God in our lives to enable us to do great things. 
Without God, we're just natural; we can't do anything more than anybody else. But, we have the super! So, we can live supernatural lives, and we can do supernatural things. 
  • On inner peace—or lack thereof:
Jesus could not have spoken peace to that storm had he been upset. [Mark 4:35-40] 
You can't speak peace if you don't have peace. What we do a lot of times is, we've got an upsetting situation [that] we let it upset us, and then our upset just makes the upsetting situation worse—we actually compound our problems, and make them worse; but, when you remain peaceful, the devil does not know what to do with you. It absolutely gives him close to a nervous breakdown when he throws everything at you that he knows how to, [yet] you continue to remain in peace, to walk in love, and to keep praising God.

VIDEO TIMELINE | Sucker Demon Flys into Apartment

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The sucker demon can be seen as fast-moving, white streak flying behind my back
Use Quicktime Player to see clearly what media-sharing websites, such as YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook, render virtually unwatchable by compressing video files stored on their servers.

This is my first video of a sucker demon, which had recently begun harassing me while in my bed. As it turns out, these creatures have been with me my entire life; but, only now am I able to catch them on video, and ascertain the nature of their purpose and existence, which is to perform the biddings of demons.

In short, a sucker demon can come in all shapes and sizes, but only white, black and red. They are invariably longer than they are thin, and range in length and width from that of a firehouse to a loose thread.

My original description when I first posted this video read:
A worm that sucks blood—small enough to hide in the tread of my shoes, while strong enough to pull them together in order to trip me up while I'm walking—flys into my apartment just as I turn my back.
These "sucker demons," as N.Y. Times Best-Selling Author, Joyce Meyer, calls them, do exactly what she says they do in her radio podcast, T.V. and radio show, "Enjoying Everyday Life."
I'm not sure if she meant these particular creatures, literally; in her show, she described them as black, and the one in this video is white; but, I have also seen them in black, as well as red (rare).

VIDEO TIMELINE | Sucker Demons Flee Scene of Red Horde Attack

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The sucker demons can be seen as fast-flying, white streaks around the shade on the lamp
Use Quicktime Player to see clearly what media-sharing websites, such as YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook, render virtually unwatchable by compressing video files stored on their servers.

This clip from a video of the aftermath of an attack by the Red Horde shows sucker demons illuminated by the glare from the nearby lamp as they flit past it in the air. They look like fast-moving, white bugs, but are actually hair-like strands of demonic filth.

VIDEO TIMELINE | Oliver Conceals a Sucker Demon

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A sucker demon leaps from the floor and into Oliver's backpack (near Oliver's hind-end)
Use Quicktime Player to see clearly what the compressed version available on media-sharing websites, such as YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook, render virtually unwatchable.

In the video clip that has generated so much of their ire, a grayish sucker demon slithers into Oliver's backpack from the floor, while Oliver nervously watches me, hoping that I don't see him. Fortunately, my camera was on, and I caught the entire scene.
NOTE | Backpacks are ideal for concealing sucker demons, as they can match—from a distance—the color and shape of a backpack strap; only their movement gives them away.
The sucker demon comes from under the shoe on the floor, which is behind Oliver, and then slithers along the groove in the tile. Once it reaches the pants on the floor, which Oliver is straddling, it flattens into the shape of a backpack strap, and then leaps into the air, and into the backpack.
TIP | You can follow the path of the sucker demon more closely if you play the movie frame-by-frame.

READER | Should I communicate with spirits using a Ouija board?

Hannah Gutierrez demonstrates a spiritual maturity rarely found in young people by asking for advice before endeavoring in communication with spirits in her message posted to the Facebook group, PARANORMAL:
Hannah Guiterrez wants to communicate with spirits using a Ouija board
In her post, she states that she wants to get a Ouija board to communicate with the spirits in her home:
Hannah Gutierrez
April 24th, 2012
I Want To Get An Ouija Board!! & Communicate With The Spirits In My House Easier!
Although it is not clear how many of members of this group have actually communicated with spirits in this way, it seems like some are encouraging her, even while warning her of the dangers at the same time:
Rosie Owen
April 24th, 2012
When you decide to do that Please Please have a Experienced Person there Hannah you do not want to open pandoras box Get a person there with you that is experienced in that Like a Medium
What is clear, however, is that spirit communication is the hottest topic right now among those interested in the paranormal. Hannah's post drew over 20 responses in just two days, compared to the average of less than one response to any other post in paranormal-related groups on Facebook; and, in spite of a plethora of videos showing actual demonic entities, posts that describe things that demons have said to me or others, such as Stalkers from Hell: The Psychology of the Voices Demons, rank fifth among readers as the most popular, and generally garner more readers than any other type of post, except for posts related technology, crime, religion, and injury—which also don't show any videos of actual demons, in-the-flesh.

Hannah initially resisted the multitude of warnings in her next post, which illustrates the reason why many take an interest in spirit communication, specifically, curiosity:
Hannah Gutierrez
April 28th, 2012
You Can't Make Peoples Decisions! They Have To Make Them There selves!! I Need To Do It My Self In Order To Find The Truth Out!! Maybe A BUNCH Of Evil/Negative Spirits Are Just Around You, & That's Why You're Experiencing More Extreme Stuff...
Hannah Gutierrez
April 28th, 2012
Have Any Of You Guys Used It Before? If You Didn't You Don't Actually Know WHAT Will Happen! You Can't Just Go By What Other People Say! You Need To Experience It For Yourself, Before You Can Actually SAY All These HORRIBLE Things Happen!!! Plus Not Everybody Tells The Truth!!...
In defiance of its popularity, the encouragement of others, and Hannah's determination to communicate with spirits, other members explicitly stated that communicating with spirits is a no-win proposition:
Robert Nuelrich
April 28th, 2012
those things can bring dangerous things out that can do a lot of damage psychologically and even sometime physically. not worth the chance.

Edgars Freibergs
April 28th, 2012
To tell you the truth.. As University Trained Anthropologist with a minor in Para-Psychology and as Pagan and Witch for 25 years. We did not mess with Ouija Boards unless under EXTREME Spiritual Protection, Protective Rituals and such.. Its a very Serious matter to mess with one.. and if not done properly.. Well your just begging for trouble. To use the analogy of your home. Using a Oujia board is exactly like unlocking all your doors and windows and putting out a welcome mate “Free to enter” The spirit world is just like ours you have nasty spirits and good spirits. And ALL of them will hear your invite. The problem is you don’t know nor do you have control over who steps over your threshold and into your house as a guest. Oh sure its fun to have someone accept that invite and stop by. BUT you have NO WAY of knowing their intent. .. That way your own spiritual beliefs are IMPERATIVE you have to throw up some protection and be very careful about who shows up. Literally there are being out there in the astral that literally feed off of the negative emotions, such as fear, anger, hate and yes even violence.. And if they are the ones that show up.. They WILL manifest that energy in your earthly lives.

Jeetendra Butters Persaud
April 28th, 2012
hey a word of warning using that way of communication to talk to spirits can really be dangerous because of the fact that u invite them in that doesnt mean they will leave when u want them too they can sometimes stay as long as they want and make your life a living hell be careful k...........
My response was biblical, as should all things spiritual be:
James Bush
April 28th, 2012
Jeetendra is exactly right! Have nothing to do with spirits in any way, shape or form. Pray to God instead. He's the only spirit you need to talk to, and the only spirit who can help you if you get yourself into the kind of mess you will be in if you get into trouble.
It seems that, eventually, Hannah partially agreed:
Hannah Gutierrez
April 28th, 2012
Yeah, I Hear The Warnings About Ouija boards & How Bad Things Could Happen, But If I'm Already Experiencing Weird Things, Why Would It Be Extremely Bad? The Spirits That Are With Me Aren't Really Mean/ Or Aggressive Towards Me! I Just Want To See If It Tells me It's Name & Communicate With It More!! (To Know More About It/Them) & Show The Rest Of My Family That These Things are Real!! My Mother Used an Ouija Board When She Was A Teenager With Her Family!..But Then Again She Didn't Hear Voices Or Experaince The Same Things I Do! But I Want To Get It, :b So Confusing!

Hannah Gutierrez
April 28th, 2012
Ok,I Won't! It's Different For Different People! So I Won't REALLY KNOW Unless I TRY! ( NOBODY Knows UNLESS THEY TRY!!! ) My Mom Did It When She Was a Young Teenager, & Nothing Extremely Bad or Even BAD Happened To Her!!! I Asked Her! Something Did Answer her questions Though But Nothing else happened!! So It Vary's From Different People & The Spirits That Are With Them!...maybe it's Not even something new, maybe it's just something that's been there but no one had experanced anything until they got the board! because the spirits probably realize NOW they can talk through it!
But, what Hannah and others like her need to do is get in full agreement with God: 
Do not turn to mediums or seek out spirits, for you will be defiled by them. I am the Lord your God … I will set my face against the person who turns to mediums and spiritists to prostitute himself by following them, and I will cut him off from his people.
Leviticus 19:31, Lev. 20:6
Let no one be found among you ... who is a medium or spiritist or who consults the dead. Anyone who does these things is detestable to the Lord, and because of these detestable practices the Lord your God will drive out those nations before you.
Deuteronomy 18:10-13
When men tell you to consult mediums and spiritists, who whisper and mutter, should not a people inquire of their God? Why consult the dead on behalf of the living? To the law and to the testimony! If they do not speak according to this word, they have no light of dawn.
Isaiah 8:19-20
If she does not, the results could be just as bad as those who warned her said they would be:

Besides, no spirit needs a Ouija boards to communicate, anyway. They can speak aloud, and normally, just like people.

There are, of course, the ones that speak too high or low, too fast or too slow, such as the demon in this audio recording:

But, just like the one in this recording, I promise you, any demon is as evil as the day is long; but, the ones that don't (or can't) speak your language or can't easily be heard by the human ear will hurt you physically.

So, the rule of thumb in practice is: any spirit who requires the use of a Ouija board will hurt you. And, the more you communicate with them, the stronger your tie will become.

VIDEO TIMELINE | Little Man Around the Be(n)d

The original, uncompressed version of Little Man Around the Be(n)d has been added to the Demonic Activity Video Timeline calendar on January 21st, 2012, at 9.51 PM.

Use Quicktime Player to see clearly what the compressed version available on media-sharing websites, such as YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook, render virtually unwatchable.
In this video, a small demon, which looks like a baby doll with an adult face, jumps out of my bed onto the floor. After seeing himself in the mirror, which I placed on the floor to capture such activity with my cellphone video camera, he drops to the floor.

This hiding maneuver is standard among all such demonic entities, which is why they often congregate near piles of laundry or bed sheets. Once covered and concealed, they can then disappear.