Thursday, July 24, 2014

PICS | Demons carve faces in bark, not just leaves

This blog is replete with images and videos of demons who have recreated their faces out of leaves, whether those faces be dragons [see VIDEOS/PHOTOS | Dragons in the trees (and curtains)] or skulls [see VIDEOS/PHOTOS | Demons sculpt tree into skull, use street lamps for eyes] or mere outlines of more human looking faces [see Giant demon faces make usual appearance during demonic attack].

Now, however, and even while this trend continues, as shown more recently in PICS | Scratchen's-eyes illusion (again); metal prongs hook, stretch face; tree demon, demons are carving their faces in bark, as shown in these two still frames taken from videos I made two months ago:

Just over my shoulder, in the bark, the face of a demonThe original size of the still frame
I believe it's part of the demons' intent to better "hide right in front of [our] faces," to put it in their words, and that not just because of the new trend in blending with bark instead of leaves; but, also, because to find them in the usual spots these days, you sometimes have to flip an image upside down to see where they're at:

The pointy-helmeted, snarling demon profile, made of leaves and grass, was only visible after flipping this still frame upside-down (use your imagination, if you have to)
What makes this newness of this trend more obvious is the apparent difficulty demons are having at blending with bark. In this image, you can see half the side of a face starting to appear in the bark, located in the upper-left corner of this still frame; it's not perfect, but it's clearly an effort by demons to come through in this new way:
Half a demon face, starting to form in the bark (upper-left corner)
Don't enlarge this image or you won't be able to see the half-formed face very well. Distance is key to all demonic blending; they don't intend for you to see their faces blended with an object from every distance, every angle.

A perfect example of this is the time the Spectre of Death recreated his face out of clothes hangers, hanging in the closet in which he made his first appearance to me, as described in VIDEO TIMELINE | The Face of the Spectre of Death. To see that properly, you had to be looking up at a certain angle, with the lights off:
With the lights off, the skeletal face of the Spectre of Death, in the very same closet he first appeared to me...
With the lights on, even at the same camera angle, all you see are clothes hangers:
...turn out to be clothes hangers artfully arranged, and quite coincidentally, too
That's how demon art works.

Coming up...
Demons are also making it harder for them to be spotted by hiding in pure shadow. In the next post, you'll see images of the needle-fingered, spike-gloved demon posing as my own shadow, and a sucker demon hiding in the shadow of my own shoelaces, spotted only as it elongates to over four times the length of my actual shoelace.

Get ready for all of this by reviewing old posts pertaining to demons and shadows, such as VIDEO | Shadow demon revealed by inability to cast beer bottle's shadow.