Monday, March 7, 2016

VID | How demons attack your heart

This post shows what it looks like when a jellyfish-shaped demonic entity crawls up your shirt while you're in bed, digs its tentacles into your arteries and/or veins, and then uses it bell to pump blood in the opposite direction of your heart in order to damage it (or, at least what it looks like when it does it to me). As I've said in previous posts, such as TECHNOLOGY | Filtering video for unseen demonic activity in real-time, demons are the cause of aging, injury and disease in humans, except in rare cases of gross negligence on the part of humans. Smoking, drugs, stress, high cholesterol, etc., may all be contributing factors to heart disease, but, alone, they are never attributed to an early death by heart attack by those in-the-know. If you are experiencing heart problems, you are about to identify your culprit, and how it is causing your condition.

Although demons have been threatening to give me a heart attack for the past several years now, it is only today that I can show them carrying out that threat. A four-second segment of a video made just a few hours ago shows a demonic entity about the size of a field mouse attempting to pump blood in the opposite direction as my heart. By creating a pressure against its natural blood flow, the heart will suffer stress, and that can cause damage to its valves or the circulatory system similar to the way in which high blood pressure can.

The capture was inadvertent, happening only as I rapidly panned my camera in and around my bedding, looking for the attacker I felt slither under my sheets (to explain its brief appearance). You can see the entity underneath my T-shirt (just underneath my armpit and towards my chest, and right above my heart), pumping like a heart (the clip plays four times at different speeds):

Like most cloaked demonic entities that crawl in and out and on people and animals [see Demon people steal secret recordings; see also The sinus infection from Hell], I only saw this one after watching the video; however, like most demonic entities, I could feel it (eventually). I'm assuming it is formed, in part, like a jellyfish (many sucker demons are), and used its cloaked tentacles to enter my body and veins, and then one of its "bells" as a pump; but, if that's not its usual shape, it probably looked no different than the scores of worm-like sucker demons shown on this blog, albeit morphed into a new shape.
NOTE | Sucker demons are known to stretch, funnel into themselves, compress, and even undulate to propel flight. I'm assuming if they can do those things, they can probably morph into a basic pump-hose configuration.
What I also didn't see is the entity entering my body. That could have happened in at least two ways: either by opening a cavernous hole in my side or by sinking beneath the skin as if it were made of water. Both means are shown in other videos posted to this blog at: