Monday, June 26, 2017

Stalker posts bond on 4 obscenity charges, trial date set

An update to the case against my stalker, who was arrested by the FBI a few years back, and who was arraigned shortly thereafter for having, among other things, sent a death threat by mail with a bullet taped to it.

A letter finally acknowledging me as some kind of victim in the case against my stalker
He taped a bullet to a death threat he sent me by mail—U.S. Postal Service mail. The FBI credited me with his capture. Yet, I have yet to receive a subpoena to my stalker's trial in October, apparently, since I've been classified as a potential witness [see below], and not a for-sure witness:

Until last week, the District Attorney had no more contact information for me other than my phone number
Confused? Were I not the world's most-famous (or infamous) demoniac, maybe; but, still—a bullet...that's kind of a lot. I mean, do I actually have to be shot [see Night of the Gun Chase] to get noticed?!

Bleak prospects of becoming a full-fledged victim
According to the Victim Specialist I spoke with on the phone last week, until then, the only contact information the district attorney had for me was my phone number. I don't need to be a victim, per se; the stalker got Judge Davila—he's going bye-bye. Although, I think keeping better records of your potential witnesses makes more sense than not. Many scumbags have walked due to overconfident or overcautious prosecutors, who often think falsely why overshoot the mark when this one is in the bag or too much evidence opens the door to too much defense.
Case summary per the Victim Notification System
I just don't think either of those absolutely idiotic ways of thinking are going to afford the prosecutor any leeway in criticism from my end of things if this is indeed how they think. This stalker is serious; he's not going to give up. He's learned nothing, I guarantee. We're talking Heaven and Hell, and demons, for crying out loud. That's not your run-of-the-mill psycho.
My stalker faces 4 counts of mailing threatening communications
For all I know—for all anyone knows—this stalker is not crazy as he is sloppy. He might actually believe he is on a mission from Hell. I could be dead by this time next year: gunshot wound to the head.

Summary of letter
In all, the letter states that my stalker was released from custody on bond (i.e., he bailed out), although this after having spent only a month behind bars. A voice message was left with Yvette Baird, Victim/Witness Specialist for the U.S. District Attorney's Office, which protested the violation of my right to attend and be heard at any hearing pertaining to the release of the defendant. In my message, I (rightly) stated that the contact information used by the office to contact me last week was the same prior to and at the time of the December 23rd, 2014 hearing in which the defendant was released. I stated further that I would have vehemently protested his release for obvious reasons, which are made all the more poignant by a reoccurrence of the problem (harassing emails, etc.).