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TECH | Planetary Hour Calculator/Calendar App

I wrote an Objective-C class that calculates the planetary hours for the current day and night based on the location of an iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch, and returns the data as a source to any iOS app for display in a custom view or format:

The video below shows an example implementation of calendar events being added for each planetary hour in the Calendar app on iPhone using the class-supplied data:

It is just one way apps can repurpose and otherwise distribute the data generated by the code. It could also be displayed in a collection or table view, or a custom clock face or chronograph. My original intention was to display the data on an Apple Watch Series 4 via a complication using ClockKit; I think a time graph that encircles the clock face and counts down each hour would be nice. Now that I have a working planetary-hour data provider, it should just be a matter of supplying ClockKit with the data for the various complication templates it provides [watch Developing Complications …