Quora post bests blog traffic 3:1; fight against evil inspires poetry in readers

Talk about a blood bath in the ratings...from hellraiser to bar-raiser...and all that...

In just one week and one answer to a man's question on Quora, I garnered over 1,250,000 eyeballs on my definition of what constitutes right thinking and right action when witnessing heinous acts. That's nearly three times more eyeballs on just one Quora post than over 1,000 posts in my seven years of blogging:

That's only the first of three surprises, though. Next, was the difference between the expected level of interest in one topic relative to the other was just as great. My answer pertained to a man who rescued a dog from apparent cruelty, and this blog is about the source of the world's most pressing problems (old and dusty as it may be).

Then, there's the not-so-surprising but ever-so-pedantic appearance by demon-allied people, who posted comments in mass shortly after my post became popular, all pretending to think I was the questioner (the man who saved the dog), and pr…

TECH | Knock-out video-processing techniques for turning night into getting the daylights knocked out of you

Sorry if the heading reads a little funny; I haven't been the same since being knocked out cold by the group of belligerent demons that invaded my home to hurt Scratchen, Fish and the Other Fish a couple of nights ago during the latest period of demonic activity (I'm confident everyone on earth knows of which I speak).

Thanks to the demons who did this, you can see the aftermath of the assault on video. In the clip below, I'm being dragged from underneath my bed by demons, and then laid in front of the camera with my head arranged so it's facing towards it by a pair of arms. After a little brightening, you could easily see my stunned face and wide-eyed, frozen-faced empty stare that evidences every assault committed by the demonic weapon specifically used to cause what is literally a temporary death:

This isn't the first time demons have borrowed my video camera to commemorate such an event; there are at least three other similar occasions documented by this blog.…

Lunar phase calculator supplements planetary hour app

Because the phase of the moon has been associated with specific types of demonic activity [seeIs there a correlation between demonic activity and astrology? and Demons, portals most active during specific moon phases], I created a view that displays the moon's current phase, which I'll (eventually) include in my planetary hour calculator app:

The source code repository is available at GitHub.

The two make a natural pair, as planetary hours have also been associated with specific kinds of demonic activity [see 'Planetary hour' determines strength of demonic weaponry]:

NOTE | These posts are a little outdated, but the observations noted in them are, of course, valid, and they still lead to a generalized conclusion that specific variations of demonic activity occur at specific times based on the planetary hour and moon phase, and can therefore be predicted. Since that time, not only are the derivates more accurate and complete, but have been supplemented by other observat…

Emblem of evil resurfaces in Quora user's profile pic

Recently, a second person made themselves known as an associate of a horde of violent and malicious demons that sport the following emblem (or insignia), which has been firmly established as a positive identifier of their presence and mayhem:
These earlier posts explain how I uncovered the association between the symbol and the demons who sport it:
About Quora and the Life of a Demoniac
Since becoming a content partner with Quora, my exposure as experienced with demonic incursion has skyrocketed, garnering nearly 400,000 additional readers since January of 2017:

Partners are selected according to the number of users who read their answers and on the rating given by users' based on their perceived quality or usefulness.

Following is an example of the type of questions posed to me, and the format of my typical answer:

Scratchen faces off with Death, loses life #2 of 9

Of course on the day Scratchen has an unexpected, untreatable and uncontrollable seizure...

...I find out that, in just one dose of iodine-131, her hyperthyroidism could have been cured. I'm not sure if that's what led to her present condition...

...but, I doubt it helped.

Around 7:55 AM EST, Scratchen arrived at the same emergency clinic that treated her for congestive heart failure [seeThe Door, The Cross and The Cat]; less than an hour later, she was transported to another clinic, IndyVet, for a neurological examination.

Presently, the clinic is pressuring me to spend more and more money, and is delaying the treatment I've already paid for pending my acquiescence to more expenditures.

Update | 9:02 PM
$2,700 later, Scratchen still lives, in spite of the treating veterinarian's recommendation that I "put her to sleep." When I visited her tonight, she had regained some awareness, although she saw extremely lethargic...

Long couldn't bare the thought of h…

VIDEO | An exhibition of the comparative qualities between molecules groups by disparate time and space

The following is an addition to my collection of notes describing observations of the differences between cloaked and non-cloaked molecules when they retain enough of their separate qualities to be distinct from each other, but share enough of the similar qualities to be observed simultaneously...

Cloaked molecules relative to surrounding molecules not only differ in translucency, but also in their comparative rate of time flow. They are no different fundamentally, but they form a group that limits their interaction with non-cloaked molecules.

Molecules can temporarily transition from one group to another without changing into different molecules. Even though they are the same, they look different, just like gas molecules in a light bulb excited by heat from a filament. It's the same gas, whether the bulb is lit up or not; the difference is how that gas reacts under two different circumstances. That's not necessarily the same difference between cloaked and non-cloaked molecule…

The Door, The Cross and the Cat (or, "Scratchen gets it")

The following post is about Scratchen, my cat. Before you ask something stupid like, WTF does this have to do with demons?!—like one person in a Facebook group to which I post links to this blog, in fact, did—consider how you'll look to those who made a remedial effort to know WTF where you made none: lazy, pointless, hate-filled and uncompelled by a world-sized factory of motivation.
Point being is, read all the posts about Scratchen, and figure it the F out before you open your F mouth, MF.
Second point: Scratchen and I are fine, thank you for asking that first, you hateful piece of S...
Third point, while I'm on a roll: until your cat traverses time and space for you, I'll decide WTF is and WTF isn't.
On Friday, October 19th, at 10:30 PM, Scratchen was admitted to a local animal hospital with symptoms of congestive heart failure, specifically, difficulty breathing, loss of appetite, severe lethargy and muscle weakness. Although a tumor near her heart has not been ruled…