Wednesday, July 11, 2018

The (Multilingual) Life of a (Monolingual) Demoniac

A few weeks back, I took a pop quiz to test my bilinguality via Busuu, an app for iPhone that purports to teach people new languages and to expand their fluency in foreign languages already known. Demons have periodically taunted me for having once claimed to be bilingual on my résumé, saying that I can't honestly make such a claim after so many years out of practice (I studied German from 6th grade to 9th grade, and from college freshman to college junior, but never again since). So, when I recently saw an ad for the app via a recent Apple WWDC 2018 promotion, I decided for scheiße und kichert to settle the argument by testing my skills.
I scored a Level 18—about 18 levels higher than any of the demons with which I exchanged loud obscenities as I took the test thought I'd score, and about 10 levels lower than I could have scored were I not shouting, Fick dich, dämonischer Schmutz, while trying to interpret the words of the German speaker, the part of the test overshadowed most by our arguing.

Anyway, that level rates me as an intermediate-level speaker; basically, that means that, even as Hell and high water do their worst, I can ask for and understand directions to nearby grocery stores to buy milch in Germany; unfortunately, it also means that if I needed help finding, say, juice, I could potentially be out of juice.
NOTE | That's fine with me, though; juice has too much sugar, whereas milk has a lot of protein. I prefer milk over juice any day of the week, so long as its extra fresh and ice cold (odorless, snowy white).
Unfortunately, even were I an expert German speaker, knowing the exact Schimpfwörter for any given moment dämonisch wouldn't be nearly enough to make things work for this blog.  Just because the subject matter addresses the single most pressing concern every man, woman and child has doesn't mean an automatically growing audience that makes its own effort to discern and apply that information:
    Applicants to The Life of a Demoniac | Indonesia Facebook Group are asked a series of questions in their native language prior to group membership in order to identify those with a legitimate interest in the group's topic and entertainment-seekers
    Without specifically asking people from foreign nations in their language whether they have a demon problem–and without having a means to interpret their answer and to offer help—this blog would have in no-wise any relevance outside its home borders, and would alienate itself from over half of its readership:
    Using translation software (such as Google Translate) enables me to identify and prioritize the needs of a diverse, world-wide audienceIndonesian, Hindi, Italian and Spanish are the top four non-English languages by which I communicate with readers of this blog
    Nearly half of the 750,000 readers in the past year hail from 178 non-English speaking countries, the languages spoken ranging from Hindi (the largest) to Quechua (the smallest, but by no means insignificant):
    A brief but vigorous and comprehensive ad campaign targeting India several years ago continues to pay off today
    That number is expected to double in a year's time, if the rate of yearly growth remains steady on other, non-social media venues, such as Quora:

    A relatively minor year-long effort to establish and maintain a relevant presence on non-social media venues such as Quora have been disproportionately successful, forming a well-founded basis for estimates pointing to exponential growth in exposure in the near-term

    Being able to communicate in my audiences' native tongue is essential to grow it and to be of consequential help to it; being able to do both serves the purpose of this blog: to provide vital information to as many people as possible.

    Extending an invitation to poke your own nose in the business of foreign nationals worldwide is made easy by the extensive reach of social media and with the help of translation tools, such as Google Translate
    Shortcomings of translation software
    No matter how accurately a language is translated by any given app, it will never be sufficient to fully assess a victim's situation. Demons routinely lace their daily conversation between themselves and their victims with idiomatic phrases that, even though perfectly translated will make absolutely no sense to even native speakers who are not familiar with this style of speaking.

    Knowing what a demon is saying about or to a victim could mean the difference between life and death. For example, in English, anger has at least five variations in meaning, which cannot be deciphered or inferred by the traditional definition of the word. Per the Factoids page on this blog:
    The word, anger, when used by demons and their people within the context of the culling of the human population (The Exclusion), means killing or death. It is most commonly used in these ways: an anger management ritual involve a mobbing of victims by both demons and their people, who bombard them with demonic weapons in a public setting for days on end; a demon or person with anger issues for a victim implies the means, the intent and the consent by their peers to injure the victim in ways that will eventually, if not immediately, lead to their death; anger management concerns label and warn of actions that the victim may have at their disposal to either protect or defend themselves, or retaliate, in like form; stupid people make us angry is a threat (with the ability and intention to carry it out) to cause debilitating brain injury to a victim, and then to kill them slowly using demonic weapons, as well as by conventional means. 
    Anger also is used to describe the signs of physical and mental injuries caused by demons and their people as a part of The Exclusion. Someone who looks angry means someone who bears the marks of specific types of inflictions of injuries; when a demon or person is said to have anger for someone or has had anger for someone, it means that they have and intend to use (or had and used) the types of demonic weapons and other means provided by demons to inflict injuries that leave marks recognizable by others. When a demon or person says they're not as angry as they want or need to be, it means they intend (or wish) to acquire such weapons and/or means in the future, and already have in mind a specific target. 
    We don't mess around is another idiom used by demons that it is also associated with killing and death, but is used in quite different contexts. Anger is always associated with the joint effort by otherwise disparate groups of demons participating in a combined campaign of wide-spread and systematic murder, i.e. The Exclusion; by contrast, not messing around pertains to the (usually) murder of a single (or few) individual(s) by a given group for the purposes of the group, which may involve planning, but never preplanning, and is often justified as a response to a perceived provocation, such as an offensive act or violation of arbitrary and contrived (or an arbitrary and contrived violation of) turf law. To an adversary or victim, it is a veiled death threat or warning of a pending but certain attempt to kill; to all others, it is either a masked confession to murder when used while recounting a past event, or a declaration of intent to murder a third party when discussing any future plans or expectations.
    To see what the problem is, try to convey the differences between the various meanings in any other language besides English; or, try interpreting those differences from another language to English. Unless you know how something is said in that language, you miss the meaning. What is translated as, "My demons said they are angry at me" could really mean "Demons have stated their intent to kill me."

    Banter has value
    The following conversation may not look all that productive; but, it is, in that banter with foreign audience members lets them get to know you on a more personal level, which is a bare minimum requirement to get a stranger from, say, Italy, to open up to you about a problem many consider more personal than shared:
    A seemingly non-productive conversation with an admirer of this blog's media collection has made foreign audience members more likely to share their experiences and knowledge than not down the line

    So, it's never a waste of time to spend time with anyone expressing an interest in the blog's subject matter no matter where from or how interested

    Friday, June 29, 2018

    Camouflaging and cloaking, combined

    A still frame from a video made during period of high demonic activity several months ago, showing at least demons in possession of a clutter of objects on my deskAnother still frame captured just a few days ago, which shows the same demon trio (plus more), this time in possession of a clothes ironWithout cropping or positioning, the curves in both images matched precisely when overlapped, as did the borders of the frame; these demons accomplished that in 1/3 of a second–while the camera was moving
    One of the very first posts to this blog (about seven years ago) featured an image showing the most artistic death threat ever made. The threat was from the Spectre of Death (no less), and was made out of a set of empty plastic closet hangers. Apparently, while I was slept, he crept into the apartment–or, should I say, flew into my apartment—and skillfully arranged the hangers to form the near-perfect likeness of his skull-like face.

    It was an illusion made out of the shadows each hanger cast onto the other. By tilting each one at just the right angle, he controlled how dark the shadow was, and how much area the shadow covered an the adjacent hanger.

    That alone would have been enough to put the scare into me; but, the Spectre of Death went one amazing step further: he arranged them so that his head could only be seen from a very specific vantage point–one that I would normally never be in, specifically, on the floor, looking up at the closet. Perhaps I dropped something—I don't recall; but, I do know that it wasn't part of my routine, and it wasn't convenient or necessary for any reason to be where I was when I saw his "art."

    His foreknowledge of the angle I would be in the future (when I would eventually view it), knowing that I wouldn't rustle the hangers first or turn on a light closer to the closet, was chilling. His message was simple, even though words were not exchanged: I got you coming and going.

    The Spectre of Death's face, made out of artfully arranged clothes hangers (2011); it could only be see from a certain angle and in dim light Raising the lights in the room and viewing from even a slightly different vantage point ruined the optical illusion created by the coat hangers and shadow
    About the newer images, above
    I relayed the story about the Spectre of Death to point out that demons are actually as capable and talented as the images at the top of this post suggest. I could relay—and show–many more examples of this same thing; but, this should suffice to prove that I have a long history of encounters similar to these, and can verify as fact my claims made about demons' ability to create their likeness out of objects in your bedroom in a third-of-a-second.

    That's the amazing thing about the newer images; in the first still (left), at least three demons even their bodies on vertical axis while facing the camera right along the z-axis, all in a third-of-a-second. They did this while in possession of various objects on my desk; and, they knew ahead of time how fast and in what direction and at what angle I would pan my camera to capture them on video.

    What's more, is they did this twice in a row, the second time, a few months later (while in possession of a clothes iron). Their formation and approach was so perfect, the curves in each image aligned perfectly when the two were overlayed and joined at the frame edges.

    NOTE | I should mention the purpose for their visit, lest someone think they were welcome at the time:
    A still frame from a video made during a demonic attack, (probably) showing either my head coming off or being put back on [see decapitation]

    Tuesday, June 26, 2018

    Using insignia to identify the unidentifiable

    If the shoe fits, you could say.

    To the layperson, many varieties of demonic species don't look cognizable as such. Take, for instance, the demon shown in these two images:

    A demon, captured in a still frame taken from a video made during a period of high demonic activity, specifically, during an attack by same and othersThe same demon, captured approximately 1/3 of a second prior to the still frame shown left, most likely still in the process of possession, having yet to settle into final form
    That's why demonic insignia is so important to find; by matching insignia to the markings on any object suspected of demon possession (here, it is an iron), demons that stray far from the more recognizable humanoid from can't hide as easy:

    The demonic insignia given me by a demon-allied human, as more fully explained in Demonic insignia, authenticity confirmedIn spite of having yet to possess the iron completely, as made evident by the differences shown by the still frame shown left, the insignia aligns perfectly
    NOTE | Since the time of the first post making a connection between insignia and the demons shown in my photos, my collection of insignia has skyrocketed, as have the number of matches between the insignia shown above. More to come...
    The following video shows a technique that uses an edge-detection filter to make finding insignia-to-demon matches easier and faster, particularly for demons with a foreign shape and highly complex lines and curves:

    A "sketch" or edge-detection filter reduces the number of curves and lines in an image to only those that border a transition between color or luminosity values that cross a specified threshold
    Color from the original image (or a portion of thereof) can be reintroduced
    to help identify the demon itself and its connection between the overlying insignia 

    The original, unedited image, with and without the overlying insignia
    Insignia also serves a second, equally important purpose, in addition to identifying strange, new life: it tells you what that life is up to.

    Thursday, May 31, 2018

    Demonic insignia, authenticity confirmed

    A demonic symbol sent to me by a member of a paranormal-topicized Facebook group combined with a still frame from a video made during a period of high activity, for which a special technique was applied that is required to capture such activity in digital media
    There are many symbols ascribed to the demonic by humans, but none confirmed as authentic by demons until today. The following still frame was taken from a video made during a period of high activity using the high-duration exposure technique:

    Elements in this still frame match most (if not all) of those in the insignia below; not only are the lines and curves the same, but so also are the angles
    I immediately recognized a match between it and a symbol sent to me several months ago by a demon person with membership to a Facebook group that focuses on the paranormal:

    This is the first piece of solid evidence in my collection presented on this blog that confirms human-demon collaboration, not just knowledge. An insignia would not be given a human by a demon absent a partnership beween the two parties.

    A still frame taken from a video made during a period of high demonic activity, which shows a demon fashioning itself from items in its immediate vicinity, but not yet formed into a cognizable entity; even still, it is sporting perfectly matched the angles and curves of the insignia
    The still frame shows a conglomerate of demons, each stacked one on top of the other. This is called a totem, which is done for at least two reasons:
    1. to assist each other in the "transit" from one realm to another, demons form a chain of sorts; this allows "syncing" of a demon's molecules with that of the destination realm by syncing with that of a demon with one foot in his realm and one foot in ours when unable to do so alone or when requiring a faster transit than otherwise possible on their own;
    2. in order to maintain a stronger presence in the destination realm, e.g., greater tangibility and visibility, while maintaining the benefits inherent to their own realm.
    In other words, these demons aren't just here to look around; they are here to leave a mark of some kind; and, given the use of an insignia, and considering the egregious circumstances under which this insignia was given me, I'd say that mark is not intended to be a good one.

    A perfect match between a still frame taken from a video made earlier this year and the demonic symbol
    Following is a video also made during a period of high demonic activity, showing many matches between the insignia and the demons (or what-have-you); most are near perfect:

    Tuesday, February 27, 2018

    DemonCamLite | Finding demons quickly, easily and free

    What used to take two iPhones, a paid subscription for the use of higher-end video-editing software and at least an hour now takes 37 seconds at no cost. That's what the app I started developing last Sunday delivers today—videos just like those shown on my YouTube page, in which almost every frame shows multiple demons or varying species, some easy to find, others a challenge—regardless, always a reward.

    The following video demo shows the first half of the app in operation, specifically, the camera capturing images using the long-exposure duration and split-frame techniques, which 1) allow more of the light reflected from cloaked (invisible) demons to enter the aperture, while blurring natural light in order to create a clear distinction between the two, and 2) join to make whole the halves of demons, who were positioned near the fringe of the aperture when it captured the image (light enters the aperture's edges more concentrated than it does in between (light "backs up" like water when it hits something, becoming thicker or deeper as it flows over the edge of something, and more light means more picture data to render the image):

    The results are the same as without the app: the demons come out crystal clear, the non-demon objects are blurred into obscurity. Those two characteristics makes the perfect image of demons and other demonic activity.

    I have literally thousands upon thousands of brilliant images of things never seen before by humans—scenes from other worlds, beings more exotic than anything you've seen in science fiction films, breath-taking architecture and more—all by using the iPhone I carry in my hand.

    What's even better, is how easy and convenient it's been to find these things (wormholes open up anywhere and everywhere when they open up, which invariably happens whenever and wherever I go under that special circumstance I've mentioned a time or two on this blog). For example, this is what I found in and around a trash bag:

    A normal camera would just see a regular trash bag... 
    ...but DemonCam using the high-duration exposure and split-frame technique, see's more...much more
    If you were to ask: Why would I need an app that find demons? They're not a problem to me; why would I bother?

    I'd reply: Because the fire in your stove might be under control; but, the one in mine (and others) are ablazin'. So, stop asking callous, aloof and ignorant questions, and pick up a bucket of water to help me put it out! [see A Call to Arms | Your duty as a victim of demonic activity (or otherwise)].


    I hope to add the image browser over the next couple of days; most of its parts, which are scattered among several other projects also in the works, are already written. It's just a matter of bringing them together for this particular purpose.

    Update, one week later...
    It’s been a week since I started developing DemonCamLite, the demon-finding app for iPhone. This is where it is so far...

    Friday, February 23, 2018

    READER | Lost in time and space

    The gist of this post is this: a man gets lost in time and space, and wants to know WTF. In my reply to his comment to a post on Google+, I tell him: (by the way, this isn't just a man thing; it happens to cats, too; read

    By the way, this isn't just a man thing; it happens to cats, too [see Scratchen teleports through space (and, possibly, time, too) ].

    Check out my 

    A Call to Arms | Your duty as a victim of demonic activity (or otherwise) (IN-PROGRESS)

    If you are a victim of demonic activity in the manner described on this blog, you should consider it is as much your duty to fight the problem as you consider it your duty to protect others and yourself from any other kinds of harm; and, you must do so with the same intensity and sense of urgency you would for any other form of tragedy or crisis.

    Failing to do so endangers other victims—not just you. Like you, every victim is an asset to a well-established and tightly operated and controlled industry by both demons and humans (who are experienced, capable and well-trained). If you let the problem go unabated and unchallenged, or if you fail to take comprehensive and effective action, you inadvertently support that industry. It knows how to feed off your inaction, and it makes prodigious use of half-ass resistance (in fact, it encourages or otherwise provokes (and also depends on) your dislike of their treatment of you and the situation they place you in to create out of you the kind of product they aim to manufacture).

    It is one thing, then, to fail yourself; it is another to fail others, too. No one asks for that duty; no one hopes to find themselves in such an arduous, dangerous and taxing role. But, the fact is, it is what you must do when you are faced with this problem. You are derelict in your duty as a responsible member of the human community if you don't.

    There are victims I feel sorry for, and there are victims I don't. As to the former, I'm referring to all of them; as to the latter, none. I feel sorry for any human burdened by a problem like this. It is the end of a possibility of any life you dreamed of (although, you can have a good one—and, I'd say a much more respectable, wisened one than you ever imagined—but, it's certainly not what you thought it would be, and the initial sting of that realization takes a long time to stop having its startling and disconcerning effect).

    So, while I feel equally sorry for all victims, there are some I feel I should give more respect for than others: particularly, those who get up and fight with everything they've got. And, I would if I could find such a person. As of today, since the memory of my first encounter with the problem over 40 years ago, and since the problem became publicly visible and openly overt over 12 years, I have come to know only these kinds of victims:

    • those who fail to acknowledge that they are a victim;
    • those who think they can make (or are making) deals with demons or others in order to stay abreast of the problem; and,
    • those who think they never will be victims, and that there is no relationship with or connection between them and victims.
    NOTE | Soon-to-be-victims may not be victims in the present tense; but, as I see it, they will be soon enough—if not by the hand of the demons, then by mine. As the Door (or, Engine, as demons put it), I have the ever-ready power to force the issue—an issue I have the moral authority to force, even though I should not have to. Moreover, as a victim heaven-bent on eradicating this problem, it will be what I do (and have been doing), if I have to. Such persons will not ignore it or sit on the sidelines and passively watch it; it will be your problem, too, before I let that happen for long.

    How to fulfill your duty as a victim
    The first step in fulfilling your duty as a victim is making yourself known to other victims. This is the hardest step, and it is the one step that takes most victims far too long to take. The hindrances generally stems from shame and guilt. The pretext of demons' involvement in a victims life from the start is invariably based on those two emotions. They can and do create a new picture of the world around a victim, and one that portrays a highly critical and punishment-oriented society that is unaccepting and unreceptive to anyone who commits or has committed any kind of transgression (most commonly, drug use), and eager to harm or allow harm (even fatal) to such persons. On top of that, demons foster such a world out of the people they blind and harden, and otherwise render and keep ignorant; so, it's not just a perception, it's a reality in a lot of cases.

    The second step is to take hard and fast action, to put out the fire in your home so as to prevent it from spreading to other homes, so to speak. The following conversation between me and another victim describes what such action looks like. The lengthiness of my contribution to that conversation is a reflection of my respect for a victim who dared to take the first step.

    I haven't received the clip referred to by the victim; but, I hope to soon

    I start by addressing every misconception and possible misconception the victim presented;
    they are the most common among all victims

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