Scratchen faces off with Death, results pending

Of course on the day Scratchen has an unexpected, untreatable and uncontrollable seizure...

...I find out that, in just one dose of iodine-131, her hyperthyroidism could have been cured. I'm not sure if that's what led to her present condition...

...but, I doubt it helped.

Around 7:55 AM EST, Scratchen arrived at the same emergency clinic that treated her for congestive heart failure [seeThe Door, The Cross and The Cat]; less than an hour later, she was transported to another clinic, IndyVet, for a neurological examination.

Presently, the clinic is pressuring me to spend more and more money, and is delaying the treatment I've already paid for pending my acquiescence to more expenditures.

Update | 9:02 PM
$2,700 later, Scratchen still lives, in spite of the treating veterinarian's recommendation that I "put her to sleep." When I visited her tonight, she had regained some awareness, although she saw extremely lethargic...

Long couldn't bare the thought of h…

VIDEO | An exhibition of the comparative qualities between molecules groups by disparate time and space

The following is an addition to my collection of notes describing observations of the differences between cloaked and non-cloaked molecules when they retain enough of their separate qualities to be distinct from each other, but share enough of the similar qualities to be observed simultaneously...

Cloaked molecules relative to surrounding molecules not only differ in translucency, but also in their comparative rate of time flow. They are no different fundamentally, but they form a group that limits their interaction with non-cloaked molecules.

Molecules can temporarily transition from one group to another without changing into different molecules. Even though they are the same, they look different, just like gas molecules in a light bulb excited by heat from a filament.

By nature, the border dividing groups of cloaked and non-cloaked molecules is a sharp one; but, there are circumstances that permit a glimpse of entities made of molecules that are cloaked. The greater the wattage and …

The Door, The Cross and the Cat (or, "Scratchen gets it")

The following post is about Scratchen, my cat. Before you ask something stupid like, WTF does this have to do with demons?!—like one person in a Facebook group to which I post links to this blog, in fact, did—consider how you'll look to those who made a remedial effort to know WTF where you made none: lazy, pointless, hate-filled and uncompelled by a world-sized factory of motivation.
Point being is, read all the posts about Scratchen, and figure it the F out before you open your F mouth, MF.
Second point: Scratchen and I are fine, thank you for asking that first, you hateful piece of S...
Third point, while I'm on a roll: until your cat traverses time and space for you, I'll decide WTF is and WTF isn't.
On Friday, October 19th, at 10:30 PM, Scratchen was admitted to a local animal hospital with symptoms of congestive heart failure, specifically, difficulty breathing, loss of appetite, severe lethargy and muscle weakness. Although a tumor near her heart has not been ruled…

TECH | Planetary Hour Calculator/Calendar App

I wrote an Objective-C class that calculates the planetary hours for the current day and night based on the location of an iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch, and adds those as events to the Calendar app on any MacOS or iOS device:

Although the specific intent of the code is to supply a means for developers to add this data to their own apps, I've provided a few sample implementations showing the code at work.

Here's one for WatchOS:

The video below shows an example implementation of calendar events being added for each planetary hour in the Calendar app on iPhone using the class-supplied data:

Here's another iOS app that shows the coordinate of each planetary on a map in real-time:

Here's a similar app showcasing the ability to determine the coordinate of each planetary hour at a specific time of day (not just the current time), which was used to create a "fast-forward" of the progress of each planetary hour as they transit the globe over the course of a day:


BIBLE | Why God gets me, and why you should, too

The following is my definitive answer to Why all the pics of demons? It is an explanation for my perplexity at a lack of support, participation and interest one would reasonably expect from having made the world's hidden dangers visible—even without ever having to lift your gaze from your cellphone.

I can't think of a better solution to a problem or a better packaging of it. Can you? I don't get my sanity and worth to the world questioned as much as I used to, at least not since I started posting by the hundreds the most stunning images ever wrought throughout all of the world's history. These images—if not in and of themselves the most well-founded argument I could ever hope to proffer—handily beat down any notion that my time and effort in making them was anything but worthwhile.

Even still, I argue my case in my own words so as to provide encouragement to anyone who might follow suit in their own way and under their own set of circumstances, and to anyone who may h…

More intercepted demonic communiqué (or, Thing demons have said behind my back, Part Two)

The first installment of Intercepted demonic communiqué (or, Things demons have said behind my back)—which, originally, was meant to be the only installment—has been so popular with people and demons when I published it at the beginning of February that I haven't had to intercept a single communique to learn new words and phrases demons and people use in their communication (although, I have been doing that); rather, demons have been handing all kinds of new information to me directly, claiming that it's fun to watch people react to them. My (or should I say, their) explanations and stories tend to tell readers a lot more about topics I generally don't cover anywhere else on the blog, even though they sometimes still leave a lot unsaid.
NOTE | There are lots more words and phrases unique among demons and their people on the Factoids page. I call them, demon idiom. To make this post a bit more interesting, I've included a few more things I've intercepted (versus han…

TECH | Machine learning: Image classifier model automatically, instantly recognizes demons in images

But wisdom is justified of all her children.— Luke 7:35
Anything but another demon pic, every one of my Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Path, LinkedIn and Swarm followers have thought at one point or another–if not outright said. Are you obsessed with demons or something? all have thought—if not outright said.

I've always ignored these questions in the past, as they are so stupid to ask, and too stupid to answer; but, if I had answered them, I would have said, I hear ya, and, No, respectively.

Ironically, insodoing, I would have begged what I consider to actually be a valid question: Then, what's the deal?

I wouldn't have answered that one, either, though, until I finished that which is presented in this post. The answer would have sounded crazier than taking pictures of violent demons sounds; but, now that I am finished—and alive, thank you very much—I will answer that question:

Introducing the world's first and only machine-learning image classifier model for a…