Thursday, October 23, 2014

VIDEO | Orb of light, entering my face

A tiny orb of light flew up behind me, circled my jaw and ear, and then entered the side of my face. I don't know what it is or does (or, rather, did); but, I can tell you that it happened on the same early morning walk during which I was mugged by a telephone pole and his tree buddies [see VIDEO | Utility pole follows me on walk; see also VIDEO/PICS | Possessed utility pole strikes, tree demons attack during nighttime walk]. I can also show you what it looked like:

This is first time I've seen this, which I hesitate to call an orb. It's so much brighter, so much smaller and moves with much more precision than any of the hundreds of orbs I've seen.

I hope it is not one of the weapons I've been bombarded with non-stop for quite awhile now, weapons that may contribute to whatever happens in the future, about which Voices Demons say: You will write at a third-grade level.

Feedback on this post
Here's some (critical) feedback from a (cynical) reader, plus my desire for membership at a church loyal and faithful to Christ Jesus in the way herein described:

IN PROGRESS | Demonic Feng Shui

Summary: A demon's presence and physical power is tied to shadow and light, and chroma-saturated surface geometry and proximity. This post provides real-world evidence supporting this fact using information, videos and images from other posts on this blog; it then, by inference and implication, advises best practices for building, organizing and decorating homes and buildings, and for developing products that minimize or eliminate hyperdimensional portal and/or demonic activity. It also shows how these facts, as known by demons and their people, are used to create spaces deadly to their targets, namely, such as the apartments rented by them, which invariably contain all the elements of design for opening doorways and creating opportunities for demons and their handiwork.

Demons share power through conduits of shadow (a space bordered by a light source that is blocked by an opaque object, defined by a light level different from that beyond its borders) and certain kinds of reflected light (light that has changed properties in specific ways based on the material reflecting it), which is why people often see demons in shadows and in mirrors—or in the glare from a table or street lamp, examples of all of which are shown in various posts referred to herein. While this may be hard to grasp for ordinary folk, demon people know all about these things, and this post describes some of the ways they've applied this knowledge.

For example, demon people have discovered that putting a blanket demon or shirt demon or other cloth material-possessing demon over a lamp enables that demon to share and use its power with every other demon possessing any person or object its shadowy light reaches, including the demon possessing the demon person. Real-world examples of demons and their people sharing power are discussed and shown in Synchronized movements key indicator of joint demonic activity by demon-possessed and Joint demonic attack: two men combine powers to increase weapon effectiveness.

Even without the direct knowledge known to demon people, those ordinary folk I've just enlightened should have already made a connection between what I've said, and something they've already read, namely, Acts 5:15. To-wit:
Insomuch that they brought forth the sick into the streets, and laid them on beds and couches, that at the least the shadow of Peter passing by might overshadow some of them.
As you can see, the Bible also talks about power sharing (or use) via shadow; so, don't poo-poo the idea, even if you don't believe it's happening now, or that I've seen it.

Shadow spaces
Demons possessing objects can share power if their shadows touch, which is why demon-infested home are always found to be cluttered; it allows for shadows cast by demon-possessed objects to overlap. It's not so much that the residents can't tidy up, but their demons don't allow the time or energy for anything that may dissemble the power structure they enjoy.

A pug-nosed demon scowls at the camera, its face made of a red-, green- and white-striped comforter, wearing a pirate's hat of a sort, made from a stack of various black-colored objectsCluttered homes can facilitate such a strong demonic presence that demons can be seen in them without using the moving-subject/panning-camera technique [see also Scores of "Little People" demons found in the Jungle Homeless Encampment]
Light spaces [compiled from data in Childhood demon behind most recent attacks]
Just like some fish live in salt water, and some in fresh, some demons prefer spaces of light defined by contrasts going in the opposite direction of shadows: that is to say, spaces filled with reflected light that's different than its source, bordered by the unreflected light from its source. Primarily, that's two things we can see: the glare from a light source, which is light bouncing off dust in the air near its source (looks like rays of light) and, the glare of light as it bounces off a surface coated with or made of a material that transforms light in a way as to make it different from the light from the its source. It can also be light that is filtered first by passing through a semi-transparent material, then bounced off a reflective material, and then repassed through the semi-transparent material; that creates a very different kind of light, and therefore a space of light bordered by the light around it that did not pass through the semi-transparent material or reflect back.
NOTE | Basic light physics is not hard. Physics in a Classroom: Light Waves and Color (Lesson 1) demands no more than an hour of your time, and brings you up to speed on everything you need to know to make you useful to yourself and others when it comes to this aspect of the demon problem.
Demon people often coat the walls of their homes with a special paint that looks like any other kind of paint, but actually contains material that polarizes light that hits it. Polarized light is light emanating from a molecule that mimics the light that hits it. Insodoing, the light might look the same, but, it isn't. The result, then, is a new space made of polarized light, hovering just above the surface of the wall on which the special paint is applied; and, it is that space that creates an opportunity for a demon to materialize, as shown in Demon, demon on the wall [see also SCIENCE | The ethereal glow and semi-transparency of cloaked demons explained].
Two eyes, nose and upper jaw can be seen in a demon forcing its way into the space created by polarized light reflecting off the wall; although unseen by humans, there is a fundamental difference between the light hitting the wall and the light reflecting from it. The space created by that difference can be made home by demons.
A demon inhabiting the space of light defined by the rays from its source (a nearby table lamp) bouncing off dust in the air [see  Spectre of Demon Illuminated by Light Glare and in Spectre Illuminated by Light Glare resurfaces as matching drawer handles]
While special paints, metallic lampshades, reflective glass coating, glossy electronic casing and plastic bottles are the most inconspicuous places to put special reflective materials that provide unique light spaces for demons to come into and interact with our world, thin-film reflective surfaces also create spaces for demons to inhabit, and are even more easily concealed as such than the aforementioned objects because their function is to reflect light, and not just a matter of product-design or interior-decorating choice. In the home, these are mirrors; on a car, these are window tints:

A demon takes advantage of the space created by the light reflected by the tint coating on a car window, attacking as I pass itSame still frame as shown on the left, enhanced in image editing software for greater clarity [see Childhood demon behind most recent attacks; see also 'Spectre Illuminated by Light Glare' resurfaces as matching drawer handles
A demon uses the space created by a mirrored door, which is really ... from What it feels like when a demon possesses you]
Reflective coating on windows doubles battlefields for demons, their people; obfuscates return fire. Demon people corner or confine their targets into spaces with limited mobility and a high-concentration of reflective surfaces, such as a city bus or subway or light rail car to intensify their attacks, which consist of bombarding a target using demonic weapons. Such spaces prevent a target's immediate retreat, and confines them to a battlefield where demon people have doubled their numbers by and through their demon allies that occupy the mirrors (or highly reflective glass) as space, and launch their attacks from them.
NOTE | For example, a passenger riding the light rail in San Jose, where, for me, shadowboxing occurs on nearly every ride, is a fish in a barrel to demon-people pedestrians shooting from the sidewalks along the tracks; the large windows that line both sides and the full length of each car require longer concentration for targeting opponents—not to mention that mirrored surfaces provide an extra battlefield from which demons can fight, and the fact that, at night, targets outside are harder to see due to the internal lighting inside the light rail car and the amplified reflection.
Even if the target is proficient at shadowboxing—fighting person-to-person using demonic weapons—sitting behind reflective-coated glass is disadvantageous to the target because the reflection, which adds a new layer of opponents to those outside and inside the bus, etc., creates overlapping battlefields (the one in the reflection, and the one outside), and therefore overlapping opponents. This causes targeting failure for smart weapons that return fire to the source; if your line of sight to the opponent who fired their weapon is obstructed by a mirrored opponent, your weapon, when launched, will not fire at all.

Another advantage demon people gain by herding their targets onto public transportation comes at night, when the target is spotlighted by the vehicle's internal lighting. Demon people standing at bus stops, along trackways, and bus routes can easily see and fire upon a target as the vehicle passes them; by contrast, the target sees very little beyond the reflective coating on the windows due to the light inside the vehicle.

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Detecting demon-infested homes and rooms with digital video equipment
This video shows the effect of high-level demonic radiation on digital image sensors, and was made by rotating the camera 180° in an environment saturated by demonic entities to a significantly higher degree than normal:

Instead of the usual blurry motion trail as objects pass by the panning camera, the objects leave a stick-liquid, syrupy trail that doesn't fade as it stretches, but just stops when it reaches the next object in the camera's path.
And, it's why places that are dark for large periods of time, such as in closets and under beds [see Most Bay Area demons live in closets—just like biblical Asmodeus; see also VIDEO/PHOTO | Demon in the closet]; [see What it feels like when a demon possesses you]
Posts showing that demons work in, with and as shadows, include:
Similarly, a demon-possessed lamp can share power from its glare, enabling another demon to decloak, thereby making itself visible and tangible. Examples of this include:
Draping demon-possessed fabric over a demon-possessed lamp amplifies power-sharing even more so (plus, is a fire hazard).

Effect of interplay between objects' surfaces and geometry and light and shadow
Chroma, the red, blue and green "snow" that fills the air during periods of high demonic activity, is the stuff that hyperdimensional portals are made of (apparently), which is why it's always present wherever demons are passing to-and-fro between states. Just like snow, it drifts into piles, clinging to surfaces (walls, door frames), and becoming more and more concentrated as it collects; this higher concentration of chroma allows for demons situate portals. It's why most demons can be found near cornersinside closets or under beds, in treesclothes, and wherever multiple surfaces are close to each other (and, therefore, creating a high concentration of chroma). It's why Santa Claus uses the chimney to enter your home—chroma is funneled down the chimney (yes, it flows) and into a square box, i.e., your fireplace, making it the easiest place to create a portal. (How does he fit? Whenever transferring via portal, you become microscopic in size, even if your destination is another part of this world.)

Displaying IMG_1184.PNG Displaying FullSizeRender.jpg
Sticks, twigs, branches, and thin poles/posts, because of their shape (long, thin, round), and the fact that they are often found in close proximity to each other, facilitate portal openings, as shown here by a man-like face peering into our realm between two fence posts (top-left)The same image (left), enlarged to show a bearded, aged man's face, created with light and shadow and objects in the background, and bordered by fencing, similarly to the way blanket demons faces are created out of a pile of clothes
Demonic calendar system and biological clocks tied to light, shadow from sun, moon and stars, too
On another topic...

Old news
The above facts about light, shadow, astrology, and surface geometry and proximity were known to ancient people around the world, and help to explain the architectural choices behind such structures as the Pyramids and Stonehenge (in addition to the readily-available materials, population size and skill, environment, technology, and all the other factors that limited and shaped such structures).

Information about the builders' religions identifies the demonic influences of the time.