Tuesday, August 18, 2015

AIDS | Dr. Crapo lies, gets caught in same

Nobody prays for an extremely difficult personal problem with a solution that requires them to solve the same problem as shared by others; but, ever since having found such three years ago, I am surprised to find that I have never prayed for a way to end it, but for a way to defeat it—and, that, not just for me, but for everyone similarly afflicted. That's requesting more involvement, and on a grander scale, which seems very much opposed to logical thinking.

Anyway, more about that at the end of this post; but, first, God's answer to my prayer for a smoking gun, one which I acquired just today, and which consists of a video catching a doctor in a bold-faced lie with life-threatening consequences.

I should point out also the seriousness of this situation as perceived by the powers-that-be. Within a minute of acquiring the smoking gun of a video that is presented here in this post, Internet connectivity for all cellphones and all businesses in the area went out simultaneously:

The wireless Internet connectivity services provided by Taco Bell, McDonald's and VMC were simultaneously terminated within a minute of my acquisition of the videos presented in this post
I believe this happened solely because I wanted to upload the video because that's precisely the moment it happened. What should have taken only a few minutes to do (upload a video), took nearly an hour; I spent much of that trying to find connectivity, which is usually available in nearly all places. Eventually, however, I realized that everyone was down everywhere within two city blocks, and I had to wait to upload the video until I was out of the area.

All of that made me nervous; I really, really wanted this video out there. But, this has happened before, as shown, for example, by VIDEO | Demons (or other) hinder efforts to post to Facebook, so I took it in stride (at least best I could):

Yeah, I'd say it did...
Demons have near-complete control of the telecommunication industry, to name but one. When I tried to upload the video from my iPhone to YouTube, the wireless service for McDonald's, Taco Bell and VMC went out; so did Sprint's.

Yesterday, I micro-casted a micro-heads-up to my equally micro-audience, notifying them of my upcoming appointment at Dr. Crapo's office, and in regards to the prescription testosterone both demons and people have made active attempts to block—if for no other reason than simply to anger (and sicken) me—and which has now (once again) been successfully blocked:
A heads-up ad usually means I'm expecting a drama of some kind—an expectation handily met today
If you haven't read Demons/people rail against power blockade, you should, as well as all the other posts related to my prescription testosterone; and, you should also read the legal documents on my Scribd page relating to same. Finally, you should read all VMC (or Valley Medical Center) related posts to this blog. If you do, you'll make an easy connection between demons and my medical care, unlike this guy, who clearly read nothing but one post:
In my case, and in any other case where demons actually interfere with medical care of victims, testosterone has everything to do with them; many know that, and anyone reading this blog in its entirety on the subject would, too
I'm presenting the videos from today's appointment in reverse order; that's because the revelation of the lie only takes about 30 seconds, whereas it takes Dr. Crapo over four minutes to get to it. This way, the longer video will be more palatable to watch—and, strangely, more suspenseful, too, even though you know what's going to happen:

First, Dr. Crapo's lie, as revealed by a lab technician:

Basically, after having been presented with bogus test results by Dr. Crapo minutes earlier, I verified with a lab technician that the blood test in question was never taken.

Finally, Dr. Crapo's lie prior to being revealed by a lab technician:

Instead of proffering only the word of a lab technician, I present my online history of testosterone blood tests results:
MyHealthOnline, a site run by VMC itself, shows that no blood test was taken on the day Dr. Crapo said it was
What you're looking for is a blood test supposedly taken between 8/11 and 8/13; and, you're looking at the levels indicated by the last test, which are at the low-end of the normal range for an 85-year-old man.

The lie is actually provable without surreptitiously acquired video:
  • First, by stating the fact that the numbers simply aren't possible; my levels could not be 1347 after a single dose three weeks to one month prior. That is physically impossible.
  • Second, blood tests have shown that I do not produce the chemical that causes the production of testosterone:
This test from many moons ago shows that my brain does not tell my damaged testes to produce testosterone, and was (and is) available to Dr. Crapo; VIDEO/PHOTO | Smoke trails from head where demons burn insides shows how the damage to my pituitary gland may have occurred
  • Third, that I took a test at all when, in fact, I explicitly avoided it because I was expecting my medical records to show that I already taken the test that he wanted years ago—medical records that he admits that he did not even review, and states he will not even review, in spite of my efforts to acquire them (at his request!):
After six-hours of two transits to-and-from Elmwood Correctional Facility (but only a measly $5), I obtained the medical records Dr. Crapo requested, which he did not review, and subsequently stated he wasn't going to review
These medical records were intended to show that I already submitted to a battery of tests identical to those proposed by Dr. Crapo, and were provided in lieu of yet another round of health-diminishing cessation:

After obtaining the video of the lab technician, I returned to the lobby as requested by Dr. Crapo and his staff. While there, just like the one that stood silently behind a door during my appointment with the referring doctor, I was observed by a police officer, who stood some distance away, listening to an unsolicited conversation with a stranger interested in testosterone therapy:
Today, right after the Voices Demons tried razzing me about being arrested (for what, they could not say), a complete stranger out-of-the-blue "likes" a very old Facebook post—something I doubt was a coincidence, considering today's events; my, how demon people have a sense of humor
I waited about 15 minutes before letting a staff member know I was leaving, and would not be returning, ever.

I reiterated that intent during a subsequent phone call, which the same staff member initiated, even while requesting that some sort of prescription be issued, if possible, at least until my new insurance allows me to see another doctor at another hospital on September 1st:

For almost a third of an hour, I listened to a staff member explain that Dr. Crapo intended to review today's blood test prior to deciding a course of action—an option never discussed with me, and which sounded like a pretext of some kind; I spent about half that time asking what recourse a person has under the circumstances, other than to continue to beg for the medication he desperately needs
If there are any updates—which will have to be wholly initiated by VMC—I'll post them.

More about the logic of making things harder than they have to be
A surface analysis of Jesus' life makes him look like a bit of an eccentric, particularly in areas of the Gospel which recount His actions that appear to defy logic, such as:
  • Casting out demons and healing the sick (undoing or interfering with demon drama—sickness, possession, and the like—is a no-no to demons and their people, then and now; it is called not playing fair, and telling them that they are in the wrong, and that they made a mistake, which you should never do in their vernacular [Matthew 8:29];
  • Calling the bourgeoisie (the religious elite of Jerusalem) a brood of vipers in open public, at the height of His popularity, and when He would be the most heard and received—the most embarrassing time for Him to do it [Matthew 23:33];
  • Accepting the title of King of Israel—even parading down the street in a sort of coronation ceremony held by the masses—even while Jerusalem was under Roman rule, which meant certain execution [John 12:14];
  • Cleansing the temple by brute force, fashioning a homemade weapon and using it to commit assault and battery against any number of merchants doing business inside [Matthew 21:12; John 2:15];
  • Literally running to His own execution, claiming that God would raise Him from the dead in three days [Mark 10:32]; and,
  • Testifying to authorities in front of a people that would not have accepted Him even if they had known for sure who He was, that He was the Son of God, the Messiah, and rightful King of Israel, knowing that He would be executed for doing so [Matthew 27:11-13].
It was completely logical and sane to Him to choose to do these things because He knew the power of a man in right-standing with God; moreover, these were all things that needed to be done, and were handled rightly in the eyes of God. So, being fully aware of His sinless state, and having complete and total persuasion (faith) in His mind that God was on His side, He did them fearlessly.

In sum, the illogical, insane thing to do is sometimes the right one; so, you do it.

Similarly, I'm asking for a means from God as a man in such right-standing to handle a problem I know is not just my own; I've seen the poor, homeless, and migrant and jail populations underserved and mistreated in the same way for many, many years now. It only takes one corrupt doctor to do that to all those people, and I know God wants that to stop. Since it's happening to me, too, I may as well throw my hat in the ring [Matthew 11:12].

Anyway, I'll stop writing on this until I can flesh out the argument a bit with success (even though I think the presence of mind to record the visits, which I do with no other doctor or persons, led to the success of catching the problem red-handed—you can't deny it). I mean, I can see it now, knowing the way this county handles blowbacks from the atrocities it commits.

Undoubtedly, I'll be asked questions like these by a prosecutor or psychiatrist before you know it: Mr. Bush, do you think you have special abilities granted by God? Mr. Bush, do you think of yourself as a one-soldier army?

I'll just answer those now, if it's all the same: Yes; and, sometimes.