Saturday, May 5, 2012

READER | Young man's soul seeks relevance of Bible to demonic crisis

I greet criticism for all things biblical with enthusiasm; I see it as an opportunity to affirm my faith, and, if I'm lucky, set someone's thinking along the righteous path.

Here's my post that created such an opportunity for me by and through a couple of members of the Facebook group, Paranormal:
James Bush (2 days ago) Want to know my fears? Want to know what the Bible says about our ability to conquer fear? Then, go to:
Here's an excerpt from Joyce Meyer's take on fear:
Life is not easy—we all know that; but, God has equipped us with the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit to do difficult things with a smile on our face and joy in our heart. 
We are anointed by the Holy Spirit for 'hard.' We don't have to have everything easy; we are not wimpy—we are full of the Holy Ghost…warriors! We have the power of God in our lives to enable us to do great things. 
Without God, we're just natural; we can't do anything more than anybody else. But, we have the super! We have the super, so [that] we can live supernatural lives, and we can do supernatural things.
Want to see me do something supernatural? Then watch this video of my hand flying off my arm in order to grab my cellphone before a demon does at:
These are the comments that sparked my aforementioned enthusiasm, intermingled with my first response halfway through:
Phil Baughen (Yesterday at 2:38pm) the bible says many things, but most of it contradicts itself before the end.
Alex Nordman (23 hours ago) especially when you compare the old and new testaments to each other.
Phil Baughen (22 hours ago) even in the same book though they contradict lol
James Bush (19 hours ago) If that's the case, then I take comfort in it. After all, it would be nice to know that God is flexible in that way, particularly, considering that it appears that, in this lifetime, an intimate relationship with the person of my choosing isn't permissible.
Phil Baughen (13 hours ago) but then that would mean god isnt divinely perfect, which defeats the whole concept :S
Phil Baughen (13 hours ago) the thing i really dont understand is that your searching for answers (paranormal) and yet your not questioning your own beliefs, personally i think that would leave you open to bias thoughts. tell me im wrong.
Skeptics Vs Believers (9 hours ago) it is not what is written, but what you are capable to read
My response is a combination of my enthusiasm and experience:
James Bush (about an hour ago via mobile) I think you have me pegged in your mind as a hardline, close-minded Bible thumper, and I'll grant you it may certainly look like that; but, nothing could be farther from the truth. Rather, I am a very logical, practical man, in that, I don't care who wrote it, if I don't hear it, see it, smell it, taste it, feel it, or otherwise experience and live it, it ain't real. I don't want these things to be real. The simple fact of the matter is, however, they are real, and, as to the parts that I've mentioned so far, so is the Bible's authority on these matters.
Also, please remember—always—though, that I am not evangelizing; I'm simply telling things as I personally know them to be. You don't have to be in agreement with me or feel challenged by what I say. Instead, like all researchers or enthusiasts of things paranormal, you have to look at all of the data proffered by persons like me, and sift for what you think is useful, interesting, intriguing or entertaining to you or the science as a whole. The Devil doesn't pick only the best and brightest human minds to work his wares on; sometimes, he picks on the crazies and the fanatics, too. But, even those people can tell you the sky is blue (in other words, they can tell you the obvious); so, what trouble would they have in pointing to a ceiling-crawling demon on video and calling it scary?
Call me what you want, but this is scary by anyone's definition
As a crazy fanatic, I am saying that the things Joyce Meyer spoke of limited the knife slashes to my hand instead of my throat, as the Voices Demons have demanded others to do on at least two occasions (that is, slit my throat). Admittedly, how I got to the beliefs I announce on my blog is not well-explained, and I am not surprised by your comment. It's my fault, really, for coming across the way I do; but, it is a fault that I hope will correct itself over time via my future blog postings.
The reply to the above was:
Phil Baughen (8 minutes ago) actually im open to the bible its why i have read the different versions of it and compared it to other religions that pre-date it and share its beliefs or rather Christianity took these beliefs and altered the names.
Phil Baughen (6 minutes ago) the devil is one of the biggest contradictions.
The response to this post was:

Phil Baughen (1 minute ago) you are completely self righteous and deluded my friend, perhaps you require an exorcism because you are demonically possessed.