Saturday, May 5, 2012

READER | High school classmate offers prayers, garners my unending gratitude

Coco Ficklin is a former classmate from Indiana, who I first met at Southport Middle School (Indianapolis), and later graduated with at Southport High School.

In other words, she knows me well.

After looking at my videos and reading my blog, this is what she had to say:
Hey! I have been thinking about you so much lately. Praying for you as well. I pray about all these demonic spirits. I pray that you can get enough money somehow to move away from all of that. It isn't healthy. Have you ever bought sage and burned it in your apartment? Thinking of you....

Coco is a well-employed worker with impeccable ethic; she is also a devoted mother and wife. These facts alone make her sentiments meaningful to me; but, considering that she knows me just about as well as anyone else—and sends an e-mail like this—blows me away, and makes me very grateful to God for wonderful people like her.