Saturday, May 5, 2012

JUSTICE | Demons give people HIV to endanger, ostracize

According to the Voices Demons on multiple occasions, demons sometimes infect people with the HIV/AIDS virus, and then endanger their lives and/or cause them to be ostracized and ridiculed. Whether or not this is actually true is one issue, but another is what I'm going to do about it.

The first thing I did was attempt to sue a known demon collaborator, Dr. Dean Winslow, M.D., P.A.C.E. Clinic, who provides HIV/AIDS "care" to HIV-positive inmates at the Santa Clara County Department of Correction, the fifth largest correctional institution in California.

The second was to report to the Office of Civil Rights his wanton and blatant violation of the medical privacy rights of such inmates, by which he would disclose their HIV-positive status to anyone and everyone who would listen in both obvious and subversive ways.

The following letter was written by me to the Office for Civil Rights in re the violation of the HIPAA privacy rights afforded to inmates at the Santa Clara County Department of Correction by Dr. Dean Winslow, M.D.: Letter to the Office for Civil Rights for Violation of HIPAA Privacy Laws

The Office for Civil Right has denied my claim several times.

First, they said the P.A.C.E. Clinic was not covered by HIPAA rules. So, I proved to them that it was using the Privacy Notice, which is posted on this site.

Then, they tried to say that jails were different than regular medical offices. They are not different with respect to HIPAA privacy rules, and I proved to them they were one and the same.

So, after proving them wrong on every point of contention, they promised to "get back to me" with their intended plan of action, which was to formally cite the above-mentioned doctor, and to monitor compliance with HIPAA privacy rules going forward; however, neither a call nor an e-mail was sent afterwards.

Accordingly, I will continue to push the issue until inmates all across California are kept safe from this despicable practice, and are made safe by the rules of HIPAA.

P.A.C.E. Clinic is a unit of the Santa Clara Valley Medical Health & Hospital Systems, which I have linked to demonic activity three times in this blog:

In one post, I provided a photograph of an actual demon in the hospital emergency room:
The all-too-common black-cloaked, masked face of the kind of demon that operates on human bodies
Although I don't recall specifically seeing this demon, I (and many others) saw plenty of demons at VMC that day.