Saturday, May 5, 2012

JUSTICE | Demon doctor also endangers healthcare of HIV-positive inmates

As if disclosing the HIV-positive status to other inmates wasn't enough, Dr. Dean Winslow, M.D., P.A.C.E. Clinic, also refuses adequate medical care to HIV-positive inmates, and uses the Santa Clara County Counsel and VMC medical staff to get away with it. This criminal complaint made against them more fully explains the situation, and also highlights the kind of retaliation one encounters when making a complaint against a demon doctor:
Criminal Complaint against Neysa Fligor and MaryAnn Barry for Perjury

Comments on this post from the Facebook group, Paranormal:
Jin WalĂ©n (6 hours ago) I think that demon doctor is just a "normal" human, there are few things that can be as evil as humans because humans do things to their own kind that demons wouldent even do to others.
James Bush (5 minutes ago) Yes, he is a normal human. That is true.
This is also true: the evil of demons is more refined than the base crassness of the evil borne of a human.
What I should have done is simply say what I saw: this doctor speaking to demons, and doing what they say to do ‎(and, liking it).
Anyway, you can read about my efforts to stop his part in a demonic scheme to endanger and ostracize the very people demons claim to have infected with a deadly virus at:
You will find from the documents posted in that collection that my 'abnormal' observation has a very 'normal' solution, and that I enacted that solution 'normally.'
It's not all kooky upstairs, is what it is intended to show.

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