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Another iPhone, destroyed; another iPhone, purchased

The iPhone—specifically, my iPhone—has so continuously and tremendously altered the course of the demonic agenda throughout the past two years that demons are actually threatening (and planning) to tank Apple, even though they had nothing to do with anything I've done.

Now, whatever "tanking" Apple entails, I do not know; but, regardless, the sentiment reflects just how deep demons' resentment is over my use of this Apple product.

Hence, the most recent destruction of yet another one of my iPhones just a few days ago:

The (old) iPhone 5, crushed; the (new) iPhone 5s, reflected

This is the approximate path it took to its inevitable demise (if readers will pardon the pun), and the location of its "last call" (if demon people will pardon the pun):

The iPhone went on a little journey that I did not make while it was gone...
...before giving its last location signal at this location, just down the block from where I stay
A few days before its destruction, the iPhone was taken by someone, just as it has been in times past, such as the when demons borrowed it to take their own picture at a downtown library in San Jose, as described in PHOTO | Demons use my phone to take after-hours photo at library. In fact, I wrote about it to my Facebook audience, stating that my iPhone went into someone's car and into the bushes just outside the shelter I was in at the time before mysteriously being returned to me, all without me knowing until I checked its location history later:

I wrote that my iPhone went out without me a couple of nights before its destruction
Someone took the iPhone into someone's car (probably), after they had waited in the bushes
Destruction comparatively peaceful, painless
Thankfully, this time, the destruction of my iPhone was not accompanied by the same sort of violence that occurred in November of 2012, which is shown and described in CRIME | Flee from attacker all but destroys only valuable possessions.

Direct demonic sabotage not the culprit this time
Also, this time, it was not sabotaged by demons as was my Apple MacBook Air, as described in Demons attempt damage to laptop with water; rather, by a human borrowing the phone, who said the cops swarmed in on him as he headed down the street with the phone. He said they confiscated it and searched it, and then returned it to him.

Afterwards, thinking that I had somehow caused that issue, he destroyed the iPhone himself, thinking "it had collected information on [him] and his people," and would pass that on to police collecting such information.

The condition you see it in is the condition in which it was returned to me.

The problem with the iPhone
The problem with the iPhone, for those who didn't quite catch it by inference and implication, is that it tends to turn up in places where demons and their people don't want it to.

To see what I mean, you need only review any of the past posts to this blog; to see what the cops might want to see on the iPhone, read some of the documents at

Blog traffic doubles since iPhone's demise
To emphasize the importance of my iPhone to demons and their people, I proffer the following fact: that on July 12th, the day the iPhone was destroyed, traffic on this site doubled, and has stayed doubled since:
The day before the iPhone was destroyed only garnered a paltry 120 hits to my blog

The day of (and everyday since) my iPhone was destroyed yield more than double the usual hits

I guess a lot of people knew about it, and wanted to see what I would say and/or do (that was to buy a new one, like always, in case you wondered, too).
SEE ALSO | Cellphone drama goes back all the way to the beginning of this blog, as you can read about in Voices Demons play keep-away with cellphone.

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