Monday, April 23, 2012

GANG-STALKING | Night of the Gun Chase

Night of the Gun Chase (unfinished) is a preview of an upcoming series of posts that describe ways demons have used humans to carry out their nefarious agenda, which, in this case, was to murder me by gunshot; specifically, it depicts some of the events that transpired on the night of March 29th, 2006, at my first home in Sunnyvale, California, and where a demon-led attempt on my life was made by two individuals, with the acquiescence of crooked cops, and with the foreknowledge of family, former friends, and many others.
Night of the Gun Chase is viewable at six locations
This movie was made in 2007, and is part of an abandoned attempt to combine elements of recorded audio, official documents, eyewitness accounts and personal experience into a single, coherent story:

The reason why this could not be done at that time is only just now obvious: I did not yet know what was behind the avalanche of surreal and insurmountable problems that kept cropping up in my life for the first time ever. Every new piece of information begged at least half a dozen new questions. Overwhelmed, and strapped for resources, I gave up.

But now that I can definitively point the finger in the right direction, I intend to revisit the past, answering any leftover questions with my new knowledge, a fraction of which is posted on this blog.

And, it is on this blog that I will try to do this; so, for as long as it takes, I will provide a history of events, which started in February 2006 to until August 2006, and pertain to the demon-inspired gangstalkers, so that readers will have the requisite background in order to fully understand the nature and reason behind the demon attacks that are occurring now, and to otherwise make more clear the motivations of the persons and demons involved in my life and the lives of others.

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Following is the Night of the Gun Chase PDF, which includes commentary at the beginning that clearly indicates that I did not yet know the extent of what was going on. So, as you read this, realize that I knew nothing of what I know now—that demons were involved.

It corresponds to an unfinished podcast episode—the pilot, actually—which talks about an attempt on my life. The entire story is best read in the PDF; it contains documentation to support the claims I make in the narrative.

Neither the podcast or the PDF tell the whole story; it would be too unbelievable at this point, especially without key pieces of video surveillance footage and eyewitness testimony, which are missing, but are things I hope to acquire during the discovery phase of the related federal civil lawsuit.

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