Sunday, September 30, 2012

#418 - VIDEO | Demon(?) plays chicken with oncoming car

In three segments from a video made just outside my home, there appears to be a pair of glowing eyes, dodging an oncoming car
The two, side-by-side lights move in front of the tire of the car, implying more than just a reflection of headlights along the curbThe two lights move behind and between the two cars, in the opposite direction, in the absence of a passing car, once again negating the car as the sourceThe two lights trot off in the direction they originally came from, again, with no other source of light than themselves
In the first of three segments in which the eyes appear, it looks as if they belonged to a demon that cloaked a millisecond before the car would have impacted it.
NOTE | A cloak not only renders a demon semi-transparent, but allows them to pass through most materials, as well.
Following is the YouTube-compressed version of this video:
If this is the variety of demon that I think this looks like—a variety I have yet to name or mention—then it's bad business from here on out.

These have a Space Needle-shaped head (just the round top, not the tower it sits on), with two glowing eyes recessed into the ring around the middle. They are all brown, and their brown cloak falls straight the ground; their arms and legs, if they have any, are concealed under the robe. I have never seen them walk or move; they always appear instantly, and fade out shortly thereafter. The memory of your encounters fades into faint snapshots; most of the time, you can't even remember what you were thinking at the time you saw them. What lends me to believe that this is part-and-parcel to a meeting with this type of demon is simply that I do not have a problem remembering any other events in my life in this way. In fact, an encounter with a demon like this will be remembered exactly like a dream that you forgotten, and then, when somehow reminded of it, you can barely recall any details or draw any images in your mind.

My earliest memory of them was at 4326 East Stop 11 Road, in Indianapolis, Indiana, at or around the age of 5 (maybe younger?). A group of about 5 or 6 of them stood in our family room, talking to my mom. I saw them as I came from another room; before I entered, I turned around and walked away, saying nothing, and never telling of the incident until now (never even thought about it again, actually).

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