Wednesday, April 25, 2012

HOME | Locked out by new roommate five times in two days

My new roommate, apparently still unhappy about his encounter with police three days ago, following his obscenity-laced tirade over a locked front door, locked me out three times yesterday and once yesterday (read Demonic plan to oust me from new apartment backfires on roommate) for more about his near-arrest by police).
The chain lock was busted by my roommate when he kicked the door open last Saturday night
He did this by locking the deadbolt, knowing as many as four days ago that the key he gave me for it doesn't work. According to the landlord, who I called for assistance once I discovered this fact, my roommate hasn't given him a key to any of the locks at all since changing them.
Without a working key or the landlord's spare one, I had to spider-crawl up and over our decrepit patio fence, and then slink through the open patio door the first time.

The second time, he locked the patio door, so I had to trudge through the foliage planted alongside the building to reach my bedroom window, tear a hole in its screen, and then crawl through it.
For some reason, that was harder, but less dangerous. The other two times, I crawled through the window, as well.
On the fifth time, I beat the front door with my fist about five times. Apparently, it was loud enough to rouse a neighbor around the corner, get noticed by the Voices demons, who talked about it for an hour afterwards, and, luckily, my roommate, who had ignored my door knocks and phone calls all previous times.
During this, I was pretty surprised to learn how easy it is to break into my apartment. If it weren't for the horde of demons' constant presence and occupation of the place, I'd worry about burglars.